Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Jazz Arriving From The Paul Shaw Quintet, J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band and Schapiro 17

Jazz drummer Paul Shaw is preparing his latest studio effort "Moment Of Clarity" for its March 27th release date. The new seven-track release is entirely written by Paul Shaw and performed by the Paul Shaw Quintet. The album begins with the perfect introduction piece "Heartland," which allows space for everyone to get in a solo. The swinging rhythm of "Shapeshifter" opens the door for an amazing trumpet solo from Alex Sipiagin, while "Song For Everyone" brings the energy tone down and allows pianist Gary Versace to take the lead. The nine-minute bluesy jazz appeal of "Peekaboo" will certainly find its way into your musical heart with its undeniable melody. The Paul Shaw Quintet finish off the album with the wildly exciting jazz romp of "Showdown," as everyone gets in one last solo to showcase their stellar skills. To find out more about the Paul Shaw Quintet and their latest release "Moment Of Clarity," please visit

Next, we move to the big band music of J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band and their new upcoming release "New York Moment," which will be released on April 10th. This new eleven song set gets the energy moving right from the first notes of the opening song "Beguiled." The music has that showtune feel with the big band blues of "One Of Those Days," while "We Can Change The World" quickens the pace back up with its swinging rhythm. J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band slows everything down for the slow, swaying ballad "Oh, Kitty!" and the sultry style of "Sublime Beauty." The band wrap up their new release with the fun, exciting sounds of "Lulu" and a return to the blues with the steady beat of "The Children Will Lead Us." To find out more about J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band and their latest release "New York Moment," please visit

Also arriving April 10th is Schapiro 17's tribute to the landmark jazz album, Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue." The new two-disc release titled "New Shoes: Kind Of Blue At 60" is a mix of originals and reinterpretations of songs from Davis' "Kind Of Blue" album. Composer/conductor John Schapiro leads his 17-piece orchestra through a dozen tracks that not only makes Schapiro 17 one of the premier jazz acts in the world, but will also make you appreciate the influence of the "Kind Of Blue" album.

Schapiro 17 kick things off with the nearly twelve-minute, exploratory sound of "Boiled Funk," which allows the music to just find it way, without the need of expectations. Their first Davis composition is the classic "So What," which they extend past the fourteen-minute mark, as the full orchestra gives the music an extra punch of power and energy. The original "Boiled Funk 2: Dark Of Night" showcases a more graceful side to the orchestra, before finishing the first disc with the mild, floating melody of "Blue In Green."

The second disc kicks off with the quick, swift pace of "Boiled Funk 3: Worth Your While," before reaching the equally exciting movement of Davis' "All Blues." The full 17-piece orchestra brings to life "Flamenco Sketches" with a fuller, more lush arrangement of this "Kind Of Blue" album closer. The final chapter of "Boiled Funk 5: A Smile" brings together a stellar piano piece that gets highlighted with support from all sides, before John Schapiro and his orchestra close out the album with a return to the first track "Boiled Funk: Theme" with the song's remarkable melody to finish off the album. To find out more about Schapiro 17 and their latest release "New Shoes: Kind Of Blue At 60," please visit

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