Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New Music From Indie-Artists Anthony da Costa, Little Misty, Kinley, Seth Anderson and Quietype

Independent folk artist Anthony da Costa will be releasing his much anticipated new album "Feet On The Dashboard" at the end of the month. Anthony da Costa has been sharing the stage with a number of great folk artists (Loretta Lynn, Joy Williams, Big Thief) and has continued to grow his fanbase with each show and each new album. This latest release features eleven tracks, beginning with the title-song "Feet On The Dashboard," which contains a nostalgic vibe, which brings up comparisons to a young Bob Dylan. The album continues with the up-tempo rocker "Sooner Than Later," before slowing down for the up-lifting reggae groove of "Dreams." The six-minute, slow blues of "Thanksgiving" has moments of energy, but mostly stays quiet. He taps a pop vein with the addictive sound of "You're Free Now," while "Ordinary Man" is pure folk emotions. Anthony da Costa closes out his new album with the gentle flow of "Next To You" and the slow, country sway of "Waltz." To find out more about Anthony da Costa and his latest release "Feet On The Dashboard," please visit anthonydacosta.com.

Next up is the self-titled debut album from the Canadian folk band, Little Misty. Their new nine song release starts off with the gentle acoustics of "Old Ghosts," as you begin to get familiar with the innocent sounding vocals of Katheryn Samman. They adds a slow, swaying blues vibe to "Keeper," before showcasing their progressive side with the tempo changes of "The Path." The lyrics of "Jimmy Boy," feel as if is was meant for the sixties psychedelic era, while "The Diner" picks up the tempo with the steady pace that lay the groundwork for the song's storied lyrics. Little Misty finish their new album with the six-minute progressive folk journey of "Helen" and the light, airy feel of "Drifting," which simply explodes with energy in the middle of the song. To find out more about Little Misty and their new self-titled release, please visit facebook.com/littlemistyband.

Another new release recently arrived from Canadian singer/songwriter Kinley. Her new self-titled album features eight tracks, beginning with folk-pop melody of "Run With You," which starts the album off strong. Her sweet sounding vocals shine through on "Tuesday's Child" and "Take It From Me" is pure pop gold. Kinley's sound gets even bigger with the alternative rock approach of "The Quiet One," before she closes out her new album with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of "Washington" and the beautiful, emotional acoustic ballad "I've Got Money Coming In." To find out more about Kinley and her new self-titled release, please visit kinleymusic.com.

Fellow singer/songeriter Seth Anderson recently released his new album titled "We Could Be." It features eleven songs filled with full band rockers and quiet, acoustic gems, beginning with high energy of "Drive Alone." He follows that with the stark strumming and playful lyrics of "Finding Bliss" and the bluesy feel of "Don't Stop." Seth finds the perfect balance of melody and emotion on the country pop addiction of "Highway Lights." He finishes up his new album with the punk-like rocker "Life Without The Fight" and the uplifting, acoustic folk ballad "All We'll Ever Need." To find out more about Seth Anderson and his latest release "We Could Be," please visit sethandersonmusic.com.

Finally we arrive at the new release from the Toronto rock/pop trio, Quietype. Their new self-titled EP features seven tracks, that showcase the band's talents for blurring the lines between R&B and rock music. They begin their new album with the slow-moving blues of "Island," followed by the more upbeat, pop swagger of "Caroline." Quietype deliver "King Street," which sounds like an outtake from The Black Keys, before they close out their new album with quiet, smooth R&B vibe of "Always You." To find out more about Quietype and their new self-titled EP, please visit facebook.com/quietypemusic.

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