Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New Pulse-Pounding Metal/Punk Music From Lovebites, Trivium, Armored Dawn and Franck Racket

Japanese, all-female heavy metal band Lovebites has been heralded as the "Best New Band" at the 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards show and their much anticipated new album "Electric Pentagram" will be released on April 24th. The new twelve track release comes bursting right from the start with the intense, head-banging speed of "Thunder Vengeance" and "Holy War." Their voices are just mind-blowing, as they balance the intense heavy metal attack perfectly in songs like "Raise Some Hell" and "Today Is The Day." Their sound takes a progressive metal turn with the more melodic feel of "A Frozen Serenade." The album's lead single "Signs Of Deliverance" is a sonic blast of adrenaline, as the music just comes pouring through your speakers. Lovebites finish their new album with more of the high-powered attack of "Set The World On Fire" and the pounding rhythm of "Swan Song." To find out more about Lovebites and their latest release "Electric Pentagram," please visit facebook.com/LovebitesTheBand

Another highly anticipated release arriving soon, comes from heavy metal rockers Trivium. Their new album titled "What The Dead Men Say" is Trivium's ninth studio release and features ten tracks, beginning with the hypnotic opening melody of "IX," followed by the extreme thrash metal pace of the title-song "What The Dead Men Say." They keep the energy flowing through the intense, six-minute arena shaker "Catastrophe" and the deep, dark bass groove and explosive chorus of "Bleed Into Me." The shear speed of "Sickness Unto You" will make your neck snap, while "Scattering The Ashes" is pure metal radio gold with its addictive melody. Trivium close out their new album with the sonic blast of screams for "Bending The Arc To Fear" and the adrenaline pumping "The Ones We Leave Behind." To find out more about Trivium and their latest release "What Dead Men Say," please visit trivium.org. 

Brazilian Viking metal band, Armored Dawn recently released a new deluxe version of their album "Viking Zombie" back on March 20th through The Orchard/Sony label. It features fourteen tracks (11 original album tracks and 3 new songs) that will make you stand up and take notice of this heavy metal band. The song "Ragnarok" appears twice on this new deluxe release of the album, first as the original head-banging rocker and again later on as an unplugged version. Both appear great in their own way and display the stellar songwriting within the band. Another track that appears twice is "Animal Uncaged." This pounding track is amazing and even more intense on the live version that closes out this new release. The one other new track included on this new deluxe edition of the "Viking Zombie" album is "Skydiver Of The Light." It is filled with chugging guitar riffs, a motoring rhythm and growling vocals that make this one epic Viking metal piece of music. To find out more about Armored Dawn and their deluxe release of the "Viking Zombie" album, please visit facebook.com/ArmoredDawn

Finally, from France comes the latest release from the garage punk duo Franck Racket. Their new album "Screaming Skull" features ten tracks that are a raw blast of energy, beginning with the grunge-rock delivery of "Lost And Found" and the swift pace of "Artificial Intelligence." The duo bring a nostalgic, early-era punk sound to songs like "Fight Back" and "Tuff Luv," while also looking to knock you back in your chair with the shear-power of "Sick Sad World" and "Plastic Souls." To find out more about Franck Racket and their latest release "Screaming Skull," please visit franckracket.com

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