Monday, March 16, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Close-Out Game Theory Reissue Campaign With Unreleased Gems

On March 20th, Omnivore Recordings will close out their latest reissue campaign on the 80's rock band, Game Theory with a brand new compilation titled "Across The Barrier Of Sound: Postscript." It features a collection of 25 unreleased recordings of the final line-up of the band between 1989-1990. Only 14 of the tracks appear on a new LP version of this release, while all 25 will be available on CD.

The songs range from home demos to live recordings to studio session work that have never been available to fans of Game Theory until now. Many of the tracks are in different stages of completion, like a nearly finished, band version of "Free Ride" to a raw, grunge-sounding run through "The Second Grade Applaud." The sound that this band capture with songs like "Idiot Son" and "Rose Of Sharon," showcase that they still had more great music to offer, before members of the band decided to move on to other projects. Some of the special gems in this new collection is a home demo of The Beatles' "All My Loving," a live version of Naked Eyes' "Door Into Summer" and what sounds like a spontaneous run through of  a song titled "Scott Back Of A Car." The new Game Theory release finishes with a short, post-punk sounding live version of "Sword Swallower" and a bonus, rough recording of an alternate version of "When She's Alone." To find out more about the closing word on this chapter in the history of Game Theory, please visit

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