Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Lovetones Return With "Myrid" & The Folsom Project Debuts "The Wolf & The Skull"

The psychedelic rock band, The Lovetones have returned with their first new album in over ten years. The new release titled "Myrid" became available at the end of February through Cleopatra Records and features eight tracks that tell the next chapter of the band's history. The album begins with the slow-moving build up of "The Circle Turns," as The Lovetones slowly re-introduce you to their matured, modern sounding music. The sound on "About A Girl" has a nostalgic feel to it, while "The Milkman Of Human Kindness - Caylus 74," carries an adult contemporary pop tone that is also very inviting. The Lovetones deliver the perfect mixture of tempo and chorus to make "Rescue" overly addictive, before finishing their new album with the classic sounding sixties pop vibe of "Walk Away" and the darker plea of "I'll Never Be That Guy." To find out more about The Lovetones and their latest release "Myrid," please visit cleorecs.com.

Also recently released was the debut album from multi-instrumentalist Romsam Malpica, who goes by The Folsom Project. His new five chapter, fifteen-song release is a concept album titled "The Wolf & The Skull." Romsam has used his experience of film scoring to tell a story through his songs. We are introduced to his "audible action thriller" with "Chapter 1 - The Wolf & The Woods," which begins the story with more questions of what comes next. The modern orchestral sounding instrumental "Awaken" brings you further into the story, before meeting "Dr. Schmidth" in this exciting, alternative-pop gem. The Folsom Project story continues to delivery great, cross-genre music, like the addictive beats of "Chapter 2 - The Lady In The Water" and the acoustic strings of "The Wolf." Romsam's The Folsom Project closes the album with the dark, marching rhythm of "Chapter 4 - The Ballad Of Death" and the ever-growing, intense sound of "Chapter 5 - Year Zero." To find out more about the complete story behind The Folsom Project's "The Wolf & The Skull" release, please visit thefolsomprojectmusic.com.

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