Thursday, April 30, 2020

Power Up Your Day With A Pair Of Aggressive Hard Rock Albums From Mantric and Currents

Arriving on April 24th is the third full-length release from the Norway rock band, Mantric. Their new album titled "False Negative" features ten tracks soaked in nineties industrial metal with a clean modern polish on them. They start their new album off with the rapid fire of "Polyanna," as Mantric instantly grab your attention with their energy and updated rock vibe. They settle into the mainstream sounding "Itching Soul," which sound like it was perfectly created for alternative rock radio. They showcase their more aggressive side with the hard rock attack of "Queen Fatigue" and the high-powered energy of "Blame The Beggar," before simmering with the right opportunity to strike with the synthesized, nu-metal sound of "Darling Demon." Mantric close out their new album with the nearly nine-minute, atmospheric adventure of "Starmonger," which sums up the band's sound perfectly into one song. To find out more about Mantric and their latest release "False Negative," please visit

Next, we fast forward a month for the June 5th release of the sophomore effort from the metalcore band, Currents. After establishing their position in the heavy metal community with their 2017 debut album "The Place I Feel Safest," they come roaring back with this new set of eleven hardcore metal anthems titled "The Way It Ends." After a short, emotional opener ("It Was Never There"), Currents come bashing down your door with the aggressive pounding of "A Flag To Wave" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Poverty Of Self." They find the perfect balance of intensity and melody with the power of "Monsters," which is an undeniable hit song in my book. The screaming vocals of "Origin" showcase the passion and emotion that Currents pour into their music. They finish their new album with the slower, but equally powerful strength of "How I Fall Apart" and another mainstream modern metal gem in "Better Days." To find out more about Currents and their latest release "The Way It Ends," please visit

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cherie Currie Rides Down The "Blvds Of Splendor" & The Dodies Are In For "One Hell Of A Ride"

Former lead singer of the all-female rock band The Runaways, Cherie Currie is ready to release her new solo album "Blvds Of Splendor" with the help of some friends. The album was produced by former Guns N Roses and The Cult drummer Matt Sorum and sees Currie working with the likes of Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Slash (Guns N Roses) and even actress Juliette Lewis.

Cherie kicks off her new release with the punk-like fury of "Mr. X," which features the blazing guitar work of Slash and a steady bass drive by Duff McKagan, as the album comes blasting right out of the gate. She adds a more rock and roll swagger to her new album with the classic seventies romp of "Roxy Roller," before the edginess of "You Wreck Me" is burst of raw energy that is the perfect setting for Cherie's vocals. She takes a step back from her hard rock attack for the more melodic feel of the title song "Blvds Of Splender," which has Billy Corgan's influence slathered all over it. One of the outstanding tracks on Cherie Currie's new release is an updated remake of Tommy James' "Draggin' A Line," which feels like an anthem for Cherie approach to her new musical endeavors. She finishes her album with the aggressive hard rock attack of "Breakout" and the acoustic bluesy ballad "The Air That I Breathe." The digital release of the album includes three bonus tracks, including the big guitar sounds of "What Do All People Know?" and the simple, effective punk energy of "Gimme." The final track is "Queens Of Noise," which features Juliette Lewis, Brody Dalle and The Veronicas, paying tribute to late Runaways drummer Sandy West. To find out more about Cherie Currie and her latest release "Blvd Of Splendor," please visit

Garage rock duo, The Dodies have recently released their debut album "It's One Hell Of A Ride" with the help of former Guns N Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, who produced the album. It features thirteen tracks, beginning with the quick, hard-hitting punk attack of "Boiling Point," as the duo's raw sound is youthful and exciting. The energy continues through the alternative, grunge appeal of "Sold Out," while the song "Suleyman" has a deep rooted blues vibe that flirts into heavy metal territory. After showcasing the more melodic feel of "Circles," The Dodies get right back on the fast moving train with aggressive punk "Pussy Riot" and the more mainstream appeal of "Stuck." They finish their new album with the stark, acoustic poetic ballad "Goodbyes," which is a nice way to close out their debut release. To find out more about The Dodies and their latest release "It's One Hell Of A Ride," please visit

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Stoll Vaughan Has "Desires" To Fulfill With A New Album & Then "Keep On Running" With Joe Edwards

From the blue hills of Kentucky comes the latest release from singer/songwriter Stoll Vaughan titled "Desires Shape." The album was released on April 17th and was supposed to be followed by a tour of the southern states with the Allman Betts Band, which has rescheduled to late summer. His new ten track release, begins with the gentle, stark, emotional folk ballad "Put It Back Together," which will have you following his every storied word. The album's lead single "Weather In Kentucky" is a ode to his home state, as Stoll emulates more confidants in his delivery of this song. Songs like "Oklahoma" and "Rosie" are calming and relaxed, that make you feel as if you can listen to Stoll Vaughan's songs all day and night. He also brings a little bit of blues into his acoustic delivery to the songs "Entertained" and "Maria." To find out more about Stoll Vaughn, his tour dates and his latest release "Desires Shape," please visit

Arriving about a month later on May 22nd is the debut solo release from U.K. based singer/songwriter Joe Edwards. His new album "Keep On Running" was recorded and mixed in Nashville by Juno award-winner Steve Dawson and features eleven tracks that look to capture the essence of Joe's small hometown of Wiltshire, U.K. The album begins with the sweet, soft melodic touch of "Beth's Song," before adding a bit more swagger to his sound on "Capital Blues." Joe drowns himself in the swampy blues of "Cross The Line," before quieting down for the storied prayer of "The Gambler" and the inspirational folk ballad "Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down." Joe Edwards wraps up his new album with the steady, country swinging rhythm of the title-song "Keep On Running" and the final calling from the blues during "Mine Oh Mine." To find out more about Joe Edwards and his latest release "Keep On Running," please visit

Monday, April 27, 2020

Jazz It Up With New Music From Dave Stryker & The Collaboration Of Jana Herzen with Charnett Moffett

Jazz guitarist Dave Stryker is preparing to release his new studio album "Blue Soul" on June 5th through Strikezone Records. On this album, Stryker teams up with musician/composer Bob Mintzer and the WDR Big Band for this new set of covers and originals. Dave Strkyer begins with the smooth jazz flow of Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man," as he quickly portrays his work on the strings, leading the way for the band to follow. Stryker also takes on another Marvin Gaye classic, "What's Going On," in which Mintzer lends a hand in the reconstruction of the song. The energy picks up with a pair of swinging original compositions "Came To Believe" and "Blues Strut," before plucking his way through Prince's "When Doves Cry." Dave Stryker finishes his new release with another great, upbeat original piece titled "Shadowboxing," which will get the juices flowing, before closing with the steady romp of Stanley Turrentaine's "Stan's Shuffle." To find out more about Dave Stryker and his latest release "Blue Soul," please visit

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/guitarist Jana Herzen has teamed up with world-renowned jazz bassist Charnett Moffett for a new album of covers and originals titled "Round The World." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the smooth, sultry, smoking jazz groove of "Sweetheart (Waitress In A Doughnut Shop)," before opening up to the sweet, light-hearted melody of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now." The first original that appears on the album is "On The Outside," which allows Jana to pace the song with her stellar guitar work, supported by the steady bass work of Moffett. The duo try to jazz up the famous Beatles' ballad "Blackbird," before returning to more familiar ground with built-up excitement of Jana's original "Bali Dream." They finish of the album with the beautiful grace of "Part Of The Wild" and the emotional cover of the children's classic "Rainbow Connection." To find out more about the newest collaboration between Jana Herzen and Charnett Moffett, please visit

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Relive Classic Live Shows From Todd Rundgren's Utopia With "Benefit For Moogy Klingman" Release

Back in the late 1970's, guitarist/singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren left his solo career behind to create the progressive rock outfit, Utopia. They had a top 40 hit in 1980 with the song "Set Me Free," before disbanding in 1986. One of the original members of Todd Rundgren's Utopia was musician Mark "Moogy" Klingman, who also played on a number of Rundgren's solo albums.

Back in January 2011, Todd Rundgren reunited Utopia for a benefit show at New York's Highline Ballroom to help "Moogy" Klingman with his surmounting medical bills. As Kingman's health began to deteriorate, Rundgren felt it necessary to perform another benefit show in November of that same year. Unfortunately, "Moogy" Klingman passed away days before the band's November 18th performance at the Peekskill Performing Arts Center. On May 1st, a six-disc box set featuring video and audio from both of those shows are being released through Purple Pyramid (Cleopatra Records) as "Benefit For Moogy Kilingman."

Each show contains many of the same classic Utopia songs like "Set Me Free," "Freak Parade" and "Another Life," but the synthesizer magic of Moogy Klingman is definitely present in the January show. Song's like "Moogy's Boogie," "Lady Face" and "Sons Of 1984" showcase Klingman's talents, as he adds his own special touch to each and every song he performed. Highlights from each show is the extensive jam of "Utopia Theme," as the band comes together on this nearly fifteen-minute prog-rock opus. Another great musical piece from each night is the intense build-up of "Freak Parade," which fully showcases even more of the band's progressive side. Their raw, energy fueled a cover of "Do Ya" which is a must hear, as the full-on rock and roll power of Todd Rundgren's Utopia is felt in the band's passion for this live performance. The set closes with Utopia playing one of Moogy's favorite songs, "Just One Victory," as Rundgren puts all his passion for performing into this emotional defining moment. To find out more about this new "Benefit For Moogy Klingman" from Todd Rundgren's Utopia, please visit

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rediscover The Classic Sound Of The Limits With New Reissues Of "Garage Nuggets" & "Songs About Girls"

The Allentown, PA rock band, The Limits have been called by many the "quintessential American garage band," since forming in late 1964. The Limits flew under the radar of pop music of that era with their raw, blues/rock vibe, which made them an underground, cult sensation. After only a few years together, the band broke up in the late sixties, before reforming once again in the eighties behind the leadership of original band member Rick Levy. Levy also performed and helped manage such sixties acts as Herman's Hermits and Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon and more currently performs with The Box Tops.

A collection of songs from The Limits have created the sets "Garage Nuggets '65-'68" and "Songs About Girls," which features their work throughout the 1980's. These two compilations have been recently re-released by Cleopatra Records, in conjunction with Rick Levy's new memoir "High In The Mid-'60s: How To Have A Fabulous Life In Music Without Being Famous."

The "Garage Nuggets '65-'68" features 22-tracks that showcase the band's raw, youthful energy, especially on their covers of "Suzie Q" and "King Bee." Their sound may be described as "grunge," as the recordings were not smooth and polished and felt more like it captured a moment in the recording studio in only one or two takes. Songs like "I'm Alive" and "He'll Make You Cry" showcase the band's attempt at a pop sound and the harmonies are quite outstanding on their ballads like "The Key" and  "I Lost What I Need." The Limits early years may be highlighted by the way they turn songs like "Little Red Rooster" and "Respect" into one of their own with the band's "garage" like delivery.

When The Limits reformed in 1979, their sound became slightly more polished with more of a post-punk/new wave appeal, as displayed in the songs "I Look So Good" and "Take Your Heart Away," which appear on the compilation "Songs About Girls." The band still have that raw energy, as shown in the addictive quality of "Don't Steal My Heart" and "Can't Stop Looking," while also showing grace with the melodic ballads "Holiday From You" and "I Won't Tell." Re-discover the treasure of The Limits with these two new reissues of "Garage Nuggets '65-'68" ( and "Songs About Girls" (

Friday, April 24, 2020

Ruthie Foster Performs "Live At The Paramount" With Her Big Band On Her Latest Release

Grammy-nominated jazz artist Ruthie Foster is preparing to release her brand new live album "Live At The Paramount" on May 15th through Blue Corn Music. It features Foster, along with her Big Band, performing at Austin's 105-year old Paramount Theater back on January 26, 2019. The night mixes together Ruthie Foster originals with some special covers which created a magical night of music.

After a sweet introduction by Ruthie's daughter Maya, Ruthie Foster and her Big Band dive right in to the soulful, spiritual opener "Brand New Day," followed by the upbeat melody of "Might Not Be Right." She adds heart, soul and grace to the country classic "Ring Of Fire," before bringing the tempo back up with the exciting "Stone Love," which brings the spotlight right on Ruthie's strong, stellar vocals. Ruthie and her Band come roaring back with the big blues vibe of "Death Came A Knocking' (Travelin' Shoes)" and then they bring us to church with the swinging gospel feel of "Woke Up This Morning." She finishes the evening with the emotionally powerful "Phenomenal Woman" and the fun, playful covers of "Fly Me To The Moon" and "Mack The Knife." To find out more about Ruthie Foster with her Big Band performing "Live At The Paramount," please visit

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Singer Marshall Chapman Performs A Set Of "Songs I Can't Live Without" For Her Latest Album

Independent music artist Marshall Chapman is preparing to release her 14th album titled "Songs I Can't Live Without" on May 15th. This new set of covers allows Chapman to add her own special touch to some of her all-time favorite songs, with the help of Will Kimbrough, Dan Mitchell and Neilson Hubbard (who also produced the album).

Five years ago, Marshall Chapman was at a crossroads with her music career, she "retired from making music" and turned to movies. She played a blues-singing mother of a gambler-drifter played by Ryan Reynolds in "Mississippi Grind" and was asked to perform a song for the soundtrack, which was being produced by Hubbard. It was then suggested by Hubbard to record an entire album together and the result is Chapman's new album, "Songs I Can't Live Without."

The album begins with the dark, bluesy vibe of Leonard Cohen's "Tower Of Song," which fits Chapman's weathered vocals perfectly. The delicate touch of Bob Seger's "Turn The Page" carries a country tone, as you believe every word that Marshall Chapman sings as if they were her own. She stays in the country mood with a quiet, gentle acoustic version of Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone," which is performed beautifully. Next, she pulls the blues out of "Don't Be Cruel," before finishing her new album with a raw, genuine cover of J.J. Cale's "After Midnight" and the traditional gospel sing-along "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands." To find out more about Marshall Chapman and her latest release "Songs I Can't Live Without," please visit

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Platinum-Selling "Once Bitten" Album Gets Stripped Away By Jack Russell's Great White

Arriving May 1st from Deadline Music (Cleopatra Records) is the new unplugged rock album from Jack Russell's Great White titled "Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes." It features Russell's remade version of Great White's 1987 masterpiece "Once Bitten" all done acoustically. The original album was a turning point for the band and made Great White into platinum-selling artists behind the hits "Rock Me" and "Save Your Love."

This new version features the exact same song line-up of the U.S. release, with "Lady Redlight" leading the way. Jack Russell's voice still sounds timeless, as the band bring out the energy through their acoustic instruments. This new seven-and-a-half minute unplugged version of their mega-hit "Rock Me" carries a more bluesy vibe than the original, which concludes with the explosion of hard rock energy. Even with all the electric polish stripped away, songs like "All Over Now" and "Livin' On The Edge" are pure rockers that show the songwriting talent of the originals, with great instrumentation supplied by Russell's new band. The album closes with the perfect acoustic setting for the power ballad "Save Your Love" and an outstanding unplugged cover of Led Zeppelin's "Babe (I'm Gonna Leave You)," which was always a staple in Great White's live show. To find out more about Jack Russell's Great White and their latest release "Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes" on CD and limited edition blue vinyl, please visit

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

New Highly Anticipated Releases Have Arrived From The Black Dahlia Murder And Cirth Ungol

On April 17th, Metal Blade Records unleashed the latest album "Verminous" from the death metal band, The Black Dahlia Murder. It is the band's ninth studio effort and features ten new tracks that will not let fans down. The Black Dahlia Murder come blasting down the door with the intense, aggressive opener "Verminous" that is sure to get your blood pumping. They quicken up the pace with the neck-breaking speed of "Godlessly," before delivering the more melodic metal attack of "Removal Of The Oaken Stake." The band mix tempos during "Sunless Empire" to showcase another dimension to their sound, while "How Very Dead" is pure power that allows The Black Dahlia Murder flex their metal muscle. They finish up their new album with the thunderous rhythm of "The Wereworm's Feast" and the rallied battle cry of "Dawn Of Rats." To find out more about The Black Dahlia Murder and their latest release "Verminous," please visit

A week later, on April 24th, Metal Blade Records with deliver the first album of new material in almost thirty years from the underground metal band, Cirith Ungol. Their new album "Forever Black" highlights their last five years since the band's reunion in 2016. This new nine-track release begins with a short, 64-second instrumental that sets the stage for what's to come from this timeless metal band. The album continues with the band's classic heavy metal attack of "Legions Arise," as they are just as exciting and powerful as ever before. The pounding rhythm of "The Frost Monstreme" and the progressive metal of "Stormbringer" display the many different sides of Cirith Ungol's historic metal sound. They finish their new album with the dark, doom metal appeal of "Nightmare" and the title-song "Forever Black." To find out more about Cirith Ungol and their latest release "Forever Black," please visit

Monday, April 20, 2020

Discover The Dark Heavy Metal Sounds From Hell & The Industrial Noise Collage From Sterileprayer

Horror-based metal band, From Hell return May 22nd with their latest concept album titled "Rats & Ravens." Through ten tracks, From Hell tell the story of a corpse that wakes up in hell and finds that he must go back to earth to retrieve his soul from another body and bring it back to hell. The band kick things off with the deep, dark riffs and pounding rhythm of "They Come At Night." The lyrics come bleeding out, as singer/guitarist Aleister Sinn delivers the perfect vocal tone to this evil story. From Hell keep the intensity on full blast with the aggressive attack of "Lilium," before quicken the pace of the album with the high-powered roar of "The Witch." Their sound turns toward doom metal on the screams of "Don't Cry For Help," while "Room For One" carries a classic, British Heavy Metal sound that flows into the same vein as Judas Priest and early Iron Maiden. From Hell finish their new album with the nearly nine-minute heavy metal epic "Body Rats" and the chaotic conclusion of "Am I Dead." To find out more about From Hell and their latest release "Rats & Raves," please visit

Arriving April 24th is the full-length debut album from Gothic/Industrial Metal artist Sterileprayer. The album it titled "Accepting The New Normal" and features nine tracks, beginning with the collage of beats and noise to create the atmospheric piece "Blindfold." The grinding sounds of "Reviled (Earth Sick)" will pound their way into your mind, while "Viviset" delivers a more electronic fueled feedback attack. Special guest Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow) gives a spoken word story during the screeching backdrop of "Backward Infinite," before Sterileprayer closes with the quiet, ambient flow of "Painful Admissions" and the seven-minute sound experiment titled "The Oath." To find out more about Sterileprayer and his latest release "Accepting The New Normal," please visit

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Gives Us "Old Forgotten Altars" Demos From Singer/Songwriter John Stewart

Arriving May 8th from Omnivore Recordings is a new, uncovered treasure from singer/songwriter John Stewart. Stewart was a member of the Kingston Trio and wrote hits= songs for others like The Monkees and Rosanne Cash. He will finally receive a compilation of his early work with the new release "Old Forgotten Altars: The 1960s Demos." The collection was compiled from Grammy-nominated producer Ron Furmanek and overseen by his wife, Buffy Ford Stewart.

The new nineteen-track compilation begins with the raw, acoustic folk strumming of "Livin' That Way" and the more emotional ballad "When You've Been Away For A Long Time." The innocence of John Stewart's vocals in songs like "One More Chapter Is Gone" and "Children Of The Morning" make you believe every word he sings. The compilation includes demos of songs that will eventually be recorded by the Kingston Trio, like "Lock All The Windows" and "The Spinnin' Of The World." Buffy Ford Stewart also appears with John on three of the tracks, "The Pirates Of Stone County Road," "Big Sur" and the album closer "She Believes In Me." The CD also includes a bonus track which features one of John Stewart's earliest recorded demos, the 1959 banjo strumming of "Hay Sarrey." To find out more about John Stewart's "Old Forgotten Alters: The 1960s Demos," please visit

Saturday, April 18, 2020

CCR's Doug Clifford Finds A "Magic Window" & Harvey Dalton Arnold Tells Us "Stories To Live Up To"

Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford was cleaning out his garage last year and discovered the master tapes of his 1985 solo album "Magic Window," which was never released. On April 24th, Clifford's new release "Magic Window" will be available for the first time. It features ten tracks that carry that wonderful retro sound, as heard on the opening track "Magic Window." Everyone knew how great of a drummer Doug was, but now you can rediscover how good of a singer and songwriter his was. The album continues with the solid country-rock vibe of "Born On The South Side" and the full-on electronic eighties infused sound of "Somebody Love Me Tonight." The lead single "Just Another Girl" has a timeless quality, with an addictive pop/rock vibe laid upon an R&B-styled backdrop. Doug Clifford finishes his new album with the upbeat, new wave appeal of "Don't Let Go" and the gentle, emotional ballad "You Mean So Much To Me." To find out more about Doug "Cosmo" Clifford and his new solo album "Magic Window," please visit

Legendary guitarist for The Outlaws, Harvey Dalton Arnold recently released his new solo album "Stories To Live Up To." It features nine tracks that were written with the intent of "painting a picture or telling a story," according to Arnold. The opener "Stay Here With Me" is saturated in the blues highlighted by Arnold's great guitar work. He follows that up with the more energetic rocker "Early Bird," which has a raw, live feel; where every note (good or bad) is necessary. The sound of his guitar work on "What's On Your Mind" has a swampy, southern blues vibe, while "Poor Boy" carries a more melodic tone throughout the song's swaying rhythm and blues feel. Harvey Dalton Arnold finishes up his new album with the nostalgic, high-powered energetic rock and roll of "Gotta See Ya" and the thick guitar blue boogie of "Catfish Blues," as Arnold pours his heart into his performance. To find out more about Harvey Dalton Arnold and his new album "Stories To Live Up To," please visit

Friday, April 17, 2020

Pam Tillis Is "Feeling" Good On Her New Album & Lisa Mills Visits "The Triangle" For Inspiration

Iconic country artist Pam Tillis is preparing to release her latest studio effort "Looking For A Feeling" on April 24th through Stellar Cat Records. This is Pam's first solo album in eight years and her first recording of original material in over a decade. These new dozen songs will prove that she has not slowed down one bit since her last solo albums and is ready to reclaim her place as one of the leading ladies of country music. The album begins with classic, mellow sounding country acoustics of the title song "Looking For A Feeling," and the rock/blues romp of "Demolition Angel." She slows down for the beautiful ballad "Better Friends," before paying homage to one of her idols with the spoken word lyrics of "Dolly 1969." Pam has the perfect voice for that nostalgic country feel, as displayed in her new songs "Lady Music" and "Dark Turn Of Mind" (written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings). Pam Tillis wraps up her new album with the bright, light-hearted pop feel of "Karma" and the quiet, acoustic country/folk appeal of "Burning Star." To find out more about Pam Tillis and her latest release "Looking For A Feeling," please visit

Soul/Blues artist Lisa Mills traveled the music belt of Muscle Shoals (Alabama), Memphis (Tennessee) and Jackson (Mississippi) to record her new album "The Triangle." Her new fourteen track release includes local and legendary artists from each area to re-create that classic sound that made these locations famous in musical folklore. Lisa starts off her new album with her version of Little Richard's "Greenwood Mississippi," which was recorded in the same location with members of Little Richard's backing band, in order to recapture that magic. The three other tracks that Lisa recorded at Muscle Shoals includes a blazing performance of "Tell Mama," the soulful, swaying rhythm of "Slip Away" and the slow, emotional blues of "I'd Rather Go Blind." Next, she moves to Nashville, TN and records an amazing version of Bobby Womack's "I'm In Love," along with a swinging, R&B rendition of Sam & Dave's "A Place Nobody Can Find." From there, Lisa's final stop is in Jackson, MS, where she delivers the blues romp of Buddy Guy's "Someone Else Is Steppin' In," along with the gospel sounding "Members Only." She closes out her new album with a special stop at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN for a simple, emotion-filled version of Johnny Ray's "Just Walking In The Rain." To find out more about Lisa Mills and her latest release "The Triangle," please visit

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Diane Schuur Is "Running On Faith" & Vanderlei Pereira Looks At A "Vision For Rhythm" With New Releases

Multi-Grammy Award winner Diane Schuur is preparing to release her new studio album "Running On Faith" On May 8th. It is her first recording of new material in over six years and features thirteen covers of songs that allowed Diane more freedom than ever to put her own stamp on these songs. She dives deep into the blues of "The Danger Zone," then jazzes up her new album with the swinging rhythm of Miles Davis' "All Blues." Diane pays homage to some of the greatest songwriters of all time with her gentle, sweet touch of Paul Simon's "Something So Right" and then takes her time to build up the gospel-feel of The Beatles' "Let It Be." The energy of the album is delivered with the jazz flow of "Everyone Looks Good At The Starting Line" and the funky flow of "Chicken." Diane Schuur finishes her new album with a beautiful rendition of Carole King's "Way Over Yonder" and an instrumental version of the traditional "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," which allows you to enjoy Diane's wonderful skills on the piano. To find out more about Diane Schuur and her latest release "Running On Faith," please visit

Brazilian drummer Vanderlei Pereira has been a part of the jazz music scene in the U.S. for over 30 years, recording with such greats as Toots Thielemans, Dom Salvador and Tito Puente. Now, Vanderlei has assembled a new band, named the Blindfold Test, as he prepares to release their first album together on May 22nd titled "Vision For Rhythm." It features twelve tracks with a Latin flair that makes you feel as if you traveled to Rio de Janeiro. The album begins with the rhythm-heavy energy of "Misterada," followed by the more contemporary jazz appeal of "Ponto de Partida." Vanderlei Paereira and his band keep the passion for Latin jazz flowing through the quick, swinging pace of "Chapeu Palheta," before stretching out their sound to the nine-minute mark on the exciting build-up of "The Cry And The Smile." The calming sounds of "Les Matins de Rixensart" allows you to catch your breath, before the album closes with the energetic, swift pace of "Alma Brasileira" and the two-minute drum solo "Vision Of Rhythm." To find out more about Vanderlei Pereira and Blindfold Test and their new release "Vision For Rhythm," please visit

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Anticipated Arrivals From Female Artists Leslie Mendelson and Crystal Shawanda

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Leslie Mendelson is preparing to release her new studio album "If You Can't Say Anything Nice..." on April 17th. It features ten tracks that were inspired by what was happening in society, prior to the current pandemic. Leslie not only recorded her new album in 2019, but also worked with the great Jackson Browne on a new composition and opened for The Who at Madison Square Garden, twice! She starts her new album off with the loud, attention-grabbing love song "Lay It On Me" that finally settles in a wonderful melodic blues/rock groove. Leslie follows that up with the beautiful piano ballad "Medication" and the high-powered, raw rocker "If You Can't Say Anything Nice..." Next, Leslie get political with the acoustic, protest song "Would You Give Up Your Gun?" and the more country/pop melody of "The Hardest Part." She finishes her new album with the quiet touch of "Flesh And Bone" and final lullaby of "My Dark Peace," which allows her voice to become the star of the album. To find out more about Leslie Mendelson and her latest release "If You Can't Say Anything Nice...," please visit

Also arriving on April 17th is the latest release "Church House Blues" from songstress Crystal Shawanda. Crystal had her rise to fame documented in the CMT six-part series "Crystal: Living The Dream" and is now ready to release her seventh studio album. It features ten tracks, beginning with the passion of the title-song "Church House Blues," as Crystal's voice steals the show. The tempo slow down for the deep blues romp of "Evil Memory," featuring guest guitarist/songwriter Tommy Stillwell. She looks to remove the chip on her shoulder with the emotional blues of "Rather Be Alone," before delivering a classic, swinging country vibe with "Hey Love." Crystal Shawanda finishes her new album with a return to the country roots with the powerful, gospel-like delivery of "I Can't Take It" and the swampy, stomp blues of "New Orleans Is Sinking." To find out more about Crystal Shawanda and her latest release "Church House Blues," please visit

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Music Arriving From The Lickerish Quartet, Significant Other and the James Clark Hangover

Former members of the bands Jellyfish and Imperial Drag have teamed up for a new album titled "Threesome, Vol. 1" from the band, The Lickerish Quartet. Their new four-song EP begins with the wonderful bass groove of "Fadoodle," which allows the band to be playful and fun with the melody of this nineties, alt-pop sounding song. The release continues with nostalgic, sixties vibe of "Bluebird's Blues," before closing their short, new album with the six-minute, rocker "Lighthouse Spaceship," which will take you on a sonic journey into the stratosphere. The new album from The Lickerish Quartet is due to be released on May 15th. To find out more about this new band and their upcoming EP, please visit

Montreal-native Michael Wexler has begun a new path of his musical career with his latest solo project, Significant Other. The new album is titled "Kimberlite" and features only six tracks, beginning with album's lead single "Obsolescence," which simply glides along on a soothing, alt-pop melody, which just fits in perfectly with Michael's iconic vocals. The album continues with the bigger sound of "Downtime," as the song's repetitive beats are very addictive and hard to resist. Wexler closes his new Significant Other album with the beautifully gentle acoustics of "Fondly, Lonely" and the quiet, emotional piano ballad "The Shine Of Our Shadow." To find out more about the latest release "Kimberlite" from Significant Other, please visit

Also recently released is the new six-song album from the James Clark Hangover titled "There's A Wolf On My Street." It kicks off with the big guitar driven rocker "It"s Alright Now," which starts the new album off with a blast of energy. The James Clark Hangover settle into a more melodic, classic rock sound with "No Way Out," before turning the volume (and energy) up once again with the steady pace of "What Do You Got To Lose." The album closes with the raw, guitar-driven power of "Holding Out For Love" and the post-punk, modern rock appeal of "Get Loose." To find out more about the James Clark Hangover and their latest release "There's A Wold On My Street," please visit

Monday, April 13, 2020

Guitarist Joe Satriani Incorporates Many Different Styles Into His New "Shapeshifting" Album

Guitarist extraordinaire Joe Satriani recently released his new studio album "Shapeshifting" on April 10th. Unfortunately, due to the recent worldwide pandemic, Satriani has had to reschedule his tour to a later date, but that only gives his fans more time to dive into his new solo release. Supporting Satriani on his new album is Kenny Aronoff, Chris Chaney and Eric Caudieux, with guest appearances by Lisa Coleman of The Revolution and actor/musician Christopher Guest.

Joe start off his new thirteen-song release with the title-song "Shapeshifting," which finds him locking into a sweet classic rock groove with a steady rhythm section giving him support in the background. He follows that up with a fatter guitar sound on "Big Distortion," which has a bit of rockabilly flair, while "All For Love" carries a slower, bluesy flow, filled with emotional guitar playing. The light-hearted country feel of "Perfect Dust" finds Satriani laying down an addictive pop melody swinging with energy and excitement.

The album's lead single "Nineteen Eighty" displays a sweet retro-rock vibe, as Joe Satriani pays tribute to early days of power rock, when lead guitarists were just as exciting (and more popular) that the frontman. He slows down for the R&B-flavored adventure of "Falling Stars" and the quieter, emotional soundscape of "Waiting," before finishing off his new album with the back porch country twang of "Yesterday's Yesterday." To find out more about Joe Satriani, his new album "Shapeshifting" and the rescheduled dates of his tour, please visit

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Prog-Rock Community Pays Tribute To The Late, Great Keith Emerson & Greg Lake With New Release

Back in 2016, the prog-rock world lost two of its biggest pillars in the community, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Lake was a founding member of King Crimson and formed the progressive rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer, along with Keith Emerson back in 1970. For nearly a decade, Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) dominated the rock scene with albums like "Tarkus," "Trilogy" and "Brain Salad Surgery." Now to members of the prog-rock community have joined together to pay tribute to these two artists with the newly release album "A Tribute To Keith Emerson & Greg Lake."

The new eleven-song set was produced by Billy Sherwood and starts off with guitarist/singer Todd Rundgren and keyboardist Brian Auger giving their all to the King Crimson original "21st Century Schizoid Man." Leslie Hunt's vocals on the ELP original "A Time And A Place" is pure magic, along with keyboardist extraordinaire giving the song the amazing solo it deserves. The quietness of "C'est La Vie" allows Yes vocalist/guitarist Jon Davison to showcase his skills, along side the synthesizer work of Larry Fast. Keyboardist Patrick Moraz does an outstanding job paying tribute to the late Keith Emerson with his rendition of the instrumental "Hoedown," before Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) adds her own special touch of emotion to "Still...You Turn Me On." One of ELP's biggest hits in the U.S. was "Lucky Man," which Martin Turner & Geoff Downes deliver on this new release with grace and respect. The album closes with Arthur Brown's special vocal style and keyboardist Jordan Rudess' wizardry on the magical ELP track "Karn Evil #9: 1st Impression Part 2." The CD also contains a bonus track of the "ELP Suite: Tarkus/From The Beginning/Tarkus (reprise)" performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. To find out more about this newly released "Tribute To Keith Emerson And Greg Lake," please visit

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Check Out The New Modern Funk Compilation From Austin Boogie Crew Records

Austin Boogie Crew Records (ABC Records) recently released a new compilation from their unique family of artists. The new album titled "5 Years Of Modern Funk" features twenty-one tracks that look to bridge the gap between the new wave of modern funk artists and the legends who brought upon the first wave of boogie funk.

The set start off with Diamond Ortiz and his bass-heavy track "Goodies," which was originally released in 2017, but sounds like it came straight from the disco clubs of the seventies. Next, Solar Shield gets in the act with a couple of compositions, the dance beats of "Reesis" will get your body moving, along with the nostalgic feel of "Beeturia." Soul singer Rojai lays down his full-on funk groove with "So Special," while Trailer Limon slows the tempo down for the R&B flavor of "Dancing With Somebody." The more modern sounding XL Middleton hits all the right marks with the addictive pop melody of "Nervous" and "Digital Devils."

The compilation jumps back in time with the exciting, addictive touch of "A Good Time" and "Just Want To Love Ya," as you'd think you went back in time to find these treasures. The electronic beats of "Closer" from Moniquea shows us the other side of manufacturing a funk sound, before the album closes with the jazzy feel of Jonny Tobin with "Sunrise" and the classic sounding funk of "Ear To Ear" from ABC Records founder Spence. To find out more about this exciting new compilation from ABC Records, please visit

Friday, April 10, 2020

Tesla Go Acoustic Once Again Thirty Years Later With New "Five Man London Jam" Release

Thirty years ago, American rock band Tesla did one of the most unconventional things, by recording and releasing an all-acoustic live show titled "Five Man Acoustical Jam." It helped catapult the band into super-stardom with their cover of "Signs" and their loose renditions of fan favorites like "Gettin' Better" and "Modern Day Cowboy." The album also inspired many other rock acts to play their songs "unplugged."

Now, in honor of that 1990 platinum-selling album, Tesla decided to record an updated version of that album at Abbey Road Studios and call it "Five Man London Jam." This new thirteen-song set brings back many of the classics from the "Five Man Acoustical Jam" album, along with songs from their more recent studio albums "Into The Now" and last year's "Shock" album.

They begin their new live recording the same way as the original, with the medley opener "Comin' Atcha Live/Truckin'," which sets the stage perfectly for what's to come from this new live recording. They dive right into the "Shock" album with an acoustic version of "Tied To The Tracks," which fits in perfectly, alongside their cover of The Beatles' "We Can Work It Out" and their spot-on rendition of "Signs." The acoustics sound simply magical on the vinyl version of this set, along with singer Jeff Keith's vocals which still sound timeless, even thirty years later.

The acoustic rendition of one of their newest song "California Summer Song" feels loose and free with a country vibe, along with a reworked version of "Miles Away," which still captures the energy of the original, with its thumping bass line. Two of the epic pieces that are must hears on this new album is their version of the beautiful ballad "Paradise" and the electrifying album closer "Love Song." I only wish there was more banter between songs, but the selections picked for this new album are perfect for this modern acoustic jam.

This new release is available now in a number of different formats, including CD, Blu-ray, vinyl and also as a limited edition red and blue colored double-vinyl set. To find out more about Tesla and their latest release "Five Man London Jam," please visit

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Discover What The "Birth Of The Cool" Is With This Newly Released Miles Davis Documentary

Arriving April 10th from Eagle Rock Entertainment and American Masters Pictures is "Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool." This new documentary will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally, all with bonus concert footage from Davis performing at Montreux. The film footage contains loads of classic clips from the Miles Davis Estate, directed by three-time Emmy Award winner Stanley Nelson.

The voice-over throughout the film is supplied by Carl Lumbly, as he speaks the words of Miles Davis. His raspy voice feels perfect for the role, as Davis' own voice contained a growl which was caused by a tumor on his vocal chords. This two-hour film does a excellent job touching upon major moments in Davis' life, from meeting and performing with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker to creating new plateaus in jazz music with the albums "Kind Of Blue" and "Bitches Brew."

Not only does the film show all of Davis' magic in the studio, creating timeless music, but it also gives us more of an insight, (more than any other film) into Davis' lifestyle outside of jazz music. Many fellow musicians, lovers and friends give exclusive interviews into what Miles Davis and his music had meant to them, including his early loves, French actress Juliette Greco and dancer Frances Taylor.

The eye-opening thing about this new documentary is how much he abused drugs, in order to cover his feelings. Miles' lifestyle was not easy, everyone wanted a part of him and his music, but he also had an attitude that he was better than everyone else. Miles Davis' playing was magical, as fellow bandmates Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter tell wonderful stories about playing and recording with Miles Davis.

Some of the best footage in this documentary, showcases Miles Davis' rebirth into modern jazz music in the eighties, as he plays alongside pop artists like Prince and Carlos Santana. The film carefully covers Davis' final days, performing with Quincy Jones at Montreux, before going into the hospital and passing from a massive stroke. This documentary is the perfect gateway into the wonderfully amazing world of Miles Davis' music.

As a bonus to this new film is a 75-minute "All Live From Montreux" DVD that features three different performances. It first starts off with the 27-minute, improvisational jazz piece "Ife" from his appearance in 1973, before jumping ahead a decade with two shows from the 1980's. Davis' 1984 and 1985 shows seem like he steps back into a more classic jazz performance, with a stellar backing band that follows his every move perfectly. To find out more about the new "Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool" documentary, please visit

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Myrath Combine Heavy Metal Music With Middle Eastern Influences Together "Live In Carthage"

The Tunisian metal band, Myrath are preparing to release their first ever live album "Live In Carthage" on April 17th through earMusic. The CD/DVD features twenty tracks overall (17 appear on the CD and 19 appear on the DVD), which try to capture the best of the band's entire twenty year career. Myrath were one of the pioneers of desert metal music, mixing a progressive metal sound with Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies to create a unique, but promising sound.

Their new live album actually begins with a new studio recording of their song "Believer," which includes Don Airey (Deep Purple) on keyboards. Then the show begins with the Middle Eastern drumming introduction of "Asl," before blasting into the huge sounding "Born To Survive," which gets the audience worked up into a frenzy. They keep the energy flowing with "Storm Of Lies" and the addictive melody of one of Myrath's classic songs, "Dance." Their sound gets even more intense with the high-powered guitar riffs and pounding drums of "Wide Shut" and "Get Your Freedom Back," which will certainly turn you into a fan (if you are not one already). This new amazing live release from Myrath wraps up with the full-charm of the Middle Eastern sounds during "Tales Of The Sands," along with the progressive metal appeal of "Beyond The Stars," which closes the show with power and excellence. To find out more about Myrath and their latest release "Live In Carthage," please visit