Saturday, April 18, 2020

CCR's Doug Clifford Finds A "Magic Window" & Harvey Dalton Arnold Tells Us "Stories To Live Up To"

Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer Doug "Cosmo" Clifford was cleaning out his garage last year and discovered the master tapes of his 1985 solo album "Magic Window," which was never released. On April 24th, Clifford's new release "Magic Window" will be available for the first time. It features ten tracks that carry that wonderful retro sound, as heard on the opening track "Magic Window." Everyone knew how great of a drummer Doug was, but now you can rediscover how good of a singer and songwriter his was. The album continues with the solid country-rock vibe of "Born On The South Side" and the full-on electronic eighties infused sound of "Somebody Love Me Tonight." The lead single "Just Another Girl" has a timeless quality, with an addictive pop/rock vibe laid upon an R&B-styled backdrop. Doug Clifford finishes his new album with the upbeat, new wave appeal of "Don't Let Go" and the gentle, emotional ballad "You Mean So Much To Me." To find out more about Doug "Cosmo" Clifford and his new solo album "Magic Window," please visit

Legendary guitarist for The Outlaws, Harvey Dalton Arnold recently released his new solo album "Stories To Live Up To." It features nine tracks that were written with the intent of "painting a picture or telling a story," according to Arnold. The opener "Stay Here With Me" is saturated in the blues highlighted by Arnold's great guitar work. He follows that up with the more energetic rocker "Early Bird," which has a raw, live feel; where every note (good or bad) is necessary. The sound of his guitar work on "What's On Your Mind" has a swampy, southern blues vibe, while "Poor Boy" carries a more melodic tone throughout the song's swaying rhythm and blues feel. Harvey Dalton Arnold finishes up his new album with the nostalgic, high-powered energetic rock and roll of "Gotta See Ya" and the thick guitar blue boogie of "Catfish Blues," as Arnold pours his heart into his performance. To find out more about Harvey Dalton Arnold and his new album "Stories To Live Up To," please visit

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