Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Check Out New Music From Jack Hues (Wang Chung), Living Dead Stars, Conway and Psycho Village

Music artist Jack Hues has been a part of the business for almost forty years, since attending the Royal College Of Music in London. In that time, he was a member of the 80's pop band Want Chung and co-wrote the hit song "Dance Hall Days," worked on movie scores for "To Live And Die In LA" and "The Breakfast Club," and toured around the world with artists like Tina Turner and members of Genesis. Now, Jack is taking some time for himself and recently released his solo debut album "PRIMITIF."

This new double album release features sixteen tracks, beginning with the steady pace of the nostalgic sounding pop of "Look Of Love." Next, he builds up the intensity with the constant pounding rhythm of "Whitstable Beach," as Hues recites lines of poetry during this Bowiesque sounding rocker. He balances that with the slow-moving, acoustic blues of "A Long Time" and the nearly ten-minute epic progressive rock number "Winter," which shines a bright light on Hues stellar songwriting talents. Jack tells us stories with the wonderful acoustic tales of "Diamond Ring" and "Margate Train," before the soulful melody of "You Are The One I Love" is powered by the song's rock and roll swagger. Jack Hues closes his new release with the rockabilly swing of "You Will Kill The One You Love" and the dark overtones and raw buzz of "Video Games." To find out more about Jack Hues and his latest release "PRIMITIF," please visit jackhues.com.

Another recently released full-length debut album arrives from the Huntington Beach, hard rock band Living Dead Stars. Their new self-titled album was released on April 3rd, through Pavement Entertainment and features ten tracks, beginning with the intense, melodic sounding rocker "Redeem Ourselves." The energy picks up with the pounding beats of "Nightmare" and the aggressive, chugging guitars of "Killzone," before arriving at the album's powerful lead single "In Pieces," featuring Max Georgiev (Escape The Fate) on lead guitar. Living Dead Stars take their foot off the gas for the ballad "Hopeless," before blasting right back with the heavy metal riffs of "Fallen." They finish up their new album with the quiet, acoustic strumming of "Northern Star," which allows you to focus on their sweet harmonies. To find out more about Living Dead Stars and their new self-titled release, please visit facebook.com/livingdeadstars.

Arriving April 10th is the new full-length album from the Chicago-based alternative rock band, Conway. Their new album titled "Something Wicked" is the band's Pavement Entertainment debut and features ten tracks, beginning with the fun, energetic blast of "Missed Me." They add a bit more modern, post-punk sound to "Suicide Party," which gives the song an addictive quality, while "High Tide" carries a more nostalgic alternative pop sound. The high-powered rhythm of "Too Dead To Care" and "Julianna Take Me Home" displays the band's youthful energy, before wrapping up their new album with the alt-pop gem "Varsity Ruse" and the raw energy of "Surprise Me." To find out more about Conway and their latest release "Something Wicked," please visit facebook.com/conwaychicago.

Finally, arriving next week (April 17) we get the new album from the Austrian rock band, Psycho Village. The band has had three top ten singles on the Austrian charts and toured alongside bands like Puddle Of Mudd, Nothing More and Saving Abel, and are now ready to invade the U.S. with their new album "Unstoppable." It includes ten tracks, beginning with the sonic blast of "Chasing The Sun" and the electronic hard rock assault of "What Was That." The trio continue to incorporate electronic beats into their overall sound with the steady beats of title-song "Unstoppable" and the more melodic sounding "Broken Hearted." Psycho Village come roaring right back with the intensity of "Foxrain" and the more aggressive attack of "Half Caste Symphony," before finishing their new album with the pop sounds of "It's Okay" and the final hard rock pounding of "Can't You See." To find out more about Psycho Village and their latest release "Unstoppable," please visit facebook.com/PsychoVillage.

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