Monday, April 20, 2020

Discover The Dark Heavy Metal Sounds From Hell & The Industrial Noise Collage From Sterileprayer

Horror-based metal band, From Hell return May 22nd with their latest concept album titled "Rats & Ravens." Through ten tracks, From Hell tell the story of a corpse that wakes up in hell and finds that he must go back to earth to retrieve his soul from another body and bring it back to hell. The band kick things off with the deep, dark riffs and pounding rhythm of "They Come At Night." The lyrics come bleeding out, as singer/guitarist Aleister Sinn delivers the perfect vocal tone to this evil story. From Hell keep the intensity on full blast with the aggressive attack of "Lilium," before quicken the pace of the album with the high-powered roar of "The Witch." Their sound turns toward doom metal on the screams of "Don't Cry For Help," while "Room For One" carries a classic, British Heavy Metal sound that flows into the same vein as Judas Priest and early Iron Maiden. From Hell finish their new album with the nearly nine-minute heavy metal epic "Body Rats" and the chaotic conclusion of "Am I Dead." To find out more about From Hell and their latest release "Rats & Raves," please visit

Arriving April 24th is the full-length debut album from Gothic/Industrial Metal artist Sterileprayer. The album it titled "Accepting The New Normal" and features nine tracks, beginning with the collage of beats and noise to create the atmospheric piece "Blindfold." The grinding sounds of "Reviled (Earth Sick)" will pound their way into your mind, while "Viviset" delivers a more electronic fueled feedback attack. Special guest Eugene S. Robinson (Oxbow) gives a spoken word story during the screeching backdrop of "Backward Infinite," before Sterileprayer closes with the quiet, ambient flow of "Painful Admissions" and the seven-minute sound experiment titled "The Oath." To find out more about Sterileprayer and his latest release "Accepting The New Normal," please visit

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