Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Myrath Combine Heavy Metal Music With Middle Eastern Influences Together "Live In Carthage"

The Tunisian metal band, Myrath are preparing to release their first ever live album "Live In Carthage" on April 17th through earMusic. The CD/DVD features twenty tracks overall (17 appear on the CD and 19 appear on the DVD), which try to capture the best of the band's entire twenty year career. Myrath were one of the pioneers of desert metal music, mixing a progressive metal sound with Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies to create a unique, but promising sound.

Their new live album actually begins with a new studio recording of their song "Believer," which includes Don Airey (Deep Purple) on keyboards. Then the show begins with the Middle Eastern drumming introduction of "Asl," before blasting into the huge sounding "Born To Survive," which gets the audience worked up into a frenzy. They keep the energy flowing with "Storm Of Lies" and the addictive melody of one of Myrath's classic songs, "Dance." Their sound gets even more intense with the high-powered guitar riffs and pounding drums of "Wide Shut" and "Get Your Freedom Back," which will certainly turn you into a fan (if you are not one already). This new amazing live release from Myrath wraps up with the full-charm of the Middle Eastern sounds during "Tales Of The Sands," along with the progressive metal appeal of "Beyond The Stars," which closes the show with power and excellence. To find out more about Myrath and their latest release "Live In Carthage," please visit

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