Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Anticipated Arrivals From Female Artists Leslie Mendelson and Crystal Shawanda

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Leslie Mendelson is preparing to release her new studio album "If You Can't Say Anything Nice..." on April 17th. It features ten tracks that were inspired by what was happening in society, prior to the current pandemic. Leslie not only recorded her new album in 2019, but also worked with the great Jackson Browne on a new composition and opened for The Who at Madison Square Garden, twice! She starts her new album off with the loud, attention-grabbing love song "Lay It On Me" that finally settles in a wonderful melodic blues/rock groove. Leslie follows that up with the beautiful piano ballad "Medication" and the high-powered, raw rocker "If You Can't Say Anything Nice..." Next, Leslie get political with the acoustic, protest song "Would You Give Up Your Gun?" and the more country/pop melody of "The Hardest Part." She finishes her new album with the quiet touch of "Flesh And Bone" and final lullaby of "My Dark Peace," which allows her voice to become the star of the album. To find out more about Leslie Mendelson and her latest release "If You Can't Say Anything Nice...," please visit

Also arriving on April 17th is the latest release "Church House Blues" from songstress Crystal Shawanda. Crystal had her rise to fame documented in the CMT six-part series "Crystal: Living The Dream" and is now ready to release her seventh studio album. It features ten tracks, beginning with the passion of the title-song "Church House Blues," as Crystal's voice steals the show. The tempo slow down for the deep blues romp of "Evil Memory," featuring guest guitarist/songwriter Tommy Stillwell. She looks to remove the chip on her shoulder with the emotional blues of "Rather Be Alone," before delivering a classic, swinging country vibe with "Hey Love." Crystal Shawanda finishes her new album with a return to the country roots with the powerful, gospel-like delivery of "I Can't Take It" and the swampy, stomp blues of "New Orleans Is Sinking." To find out more about Crystal Shawanda and her latest release "Church House Blues," please visit

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