Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Music Arriving From The Lickerish Quartet, Significant Other and the James Clark Hangover

Former members of the bands Jellyfish and Imperial Drag have teamed up for a new album titled "Threesome, Vol. 1" from the band, The Lickerish Quartet. Their new four-song EP begins with the wonderful bass groove of "Fadoodle," which allows the band to be playful and fun with the melody of this nineties, alt-pop sounding song. The release continues with nostalgic, sixties vibe of "Bluebird's Blues," before closing their short, new album with the six-minute, rocker "Lighthouse Spaceship," which will take you on a sonic journey into the stratosphere. The new album from The Lickerish Quartet is due to be released on May 15th. To find out more about this new band and their upcoming EP, please visit facebook.com/thelickerishquartet.

Montreal-native Michael Wexler has begun a new path of his musical career with his latest solo project, Significant Other. The new album is titled "Kimberlite" and features only six tracks, beginning with album's lead single "Obsolescence," which simply glides along on a soothing, alt-pop melody, which just fits in perfectly with Michael's iconic vocals. The album continues with the bigger sound of "Downtime," as the song's repetitive beats are very addictive and hard to resist. Wexler closes his new Significant Other album with the beautifully gentle acoustics of "Fondly, Lonely" and the quiet, emotional piano ballad "The Shine Of Our Shadow." To find out more about the latest release "Kimberlite" from Significant Other, please visit facebook.com/sigomusic

Also recently released is the new six-song album from the James Clark Hangover titled "There's A Wolf On My Street." It kicks off with the big guitar driven rocker "It"s Alright Now," which starts the new album off with a blast of energy. The James Clark Hangover settle into a more melodic, classic rock sound with "No Way Out," before turning the volume (and energy) up once again with the steady pace of "What Do You Got To Lose." The album closes with the raw, guitar-driven power of "Holding Out For Love" and the post-punk, modern rock appeal of "Get Loose." To find out more about the James Clark Hangover and their latest release "There's A Wold On My Street," please visit facebook.com/James-Clark-Hangover

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