Sunday, April 19, 2020

Omnivore Recordings Gives Us "Old Forgotten Altars" Demos From Singer/Songwriter John Stewart

Arriving May 8th from Omnivore Recordings is a new, uncovered treasure from singer/songwriter John Stewart. Stewart was a member of the Kingston Trio and wrote hits= songs for others like The Monkees and Rosanne Cash. He will finally receive a compilation of his early work with the new release "Old Forgotten Altars: The 1960s Demos." The collection was compiled from Grammy-nominated producer Ron Furmanek and overseen by his wife, Buffy Ford Stewart.

The new nineteen-track compilation begins with the raw, acoustic folk strumming of "Livin' That Way" and the more emotional ballad "When You've Been Away For A Long Time." The innocence of John Stewart's vocals in songs like "One More Chapter Is Gone" and "Children Of The Morning" make you believe every word he sings. The compilation includes demos of songs that will eventually be recorded by the Kingston Trio, like "Lock All The Windows" and "The Spinnin' Of The World." Buffy Ford Stewart also appears with John on three of the tracks, "The Pirates Of Stone County Road," "Big Sur" and the album closer "She Believes In Me." The CD also includes a bonus track which features one of John Stewart's earliest recorded demos, the 1959 banjo strumming of "Hay Sarrey." To find out more about John Stewart's "Old Forgotten Alters: The 1960s Demos," please visit

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Mitch and Kathy Finley said...

I'm wondering where the title "Old Forgotten Altars" comes from. A John Stewart song? Or where?