Thursday, April 30, 2020

Power Up Your Day With A Pair Of Aggressive Hard Rock Albums From Mantric and Currents

Arriving on April 24th is the third full-length release from the Norway rock band, Mantric. Their new album titled "False Negative" features ten tracks soaked in nineties industrial metal with a clean modern polish on them. They start their new album off with the rapid fire of "Polyanna," as Mantric instantly grab your attention with their energy and updated rock vibe. They settle into the mainstream sounding "Itching Soul," which sound like it was perfectly created for alternative rock radio. They showcase their more aggressive side with the hard rock attack of "Queen Fatigue" and the high-powered energy of "Blame The Beggar," before simmering with the right opportunity to strike with the synthesized, nu-metal sound of "Darling Demon." Mantric close out their new album with the nearly nine-minute, atmospheric adventure of "Starmonger," which sums up the band's sound perfectly into one song. To find out more about Mantric and their latest release "False Negative," please visit

Next, we fast forward a month for the June 5th release of the sophomore effort from the metalcore band, Currents. After establishing their position in the heavy metal community with their 2017 debut album "The Place I Feel Safest," they come roaring back with this new set of eleven hardcore metal anthems titled "The Way It Ends." After a short, emotional opener ("It Was Never There"), Currents come bashing down your door with the aggressive pounding of "A Flag To Wave" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Poverty Of Self." They find the perfect balance of intensity and melody with the power of "Monsters," which is an undeniable hit song in my book. The screaming vocals of "Origin" showcase the passion and emotion that Currents pour into their music. They finish their new album with the slower, but equally powerful strength of "How I Fall Apart" and another mainstream modern metal gem in "Better Days." To find out more about Currents and their latest release "The Way It Ends," please visit

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