Friday, April 24, 2020

Ruthie Foster Performs "Live At The Paramount" With Her Big Band On Her Latest Release

Grammy-nominated jazz artist Ruthie Foster is preparing to release her brand new live album "Live At The Paramount" on May 15th through Blue Corn Music. It features Foster, along with her Big Band, performing at Austin's 105-year old Paramount Theater back on January 26, 2019. The night mixes together Ruthie Foster originals with some special covers which created a magical night of music.

After a sweet introduction by Ruthie's daughter Maya, Ruthie Foster and her Big Band dive right in to the soulful, spiritual opener "Brand New Day," followed by the upbeat melody of "Might Not Be Right." She adds heart, soul and grace to the country classic "Ring Of Fire," before bringing the tempo back up with the exciting "Stone Love," which brings the spotlight right on Ruthie's strong, stellar vocals. Ruthie and her Band come roaring back with the big blues vibe of "Death Came A Knocking' (Travelin' Shoes)" and then they bring us to church with the swinging gospel feel of "Woke Up This Morning." She finishes the evening with the emotionally powerful "Phenomenal Woman" and the fun, playful covers of "Fly Me To The Moon" and "Mack The Knife." To find out more about Ruthie Foster with her Big Band performing "Live At The Paramount," please visit

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