Sunday, May 31, 2020

New Jazz Releases From Bob Gluck And The Tania Grubbs Quintet

Jazz pianist Bob Gluck is preparing to release his new studio album "Early Morning Star" on June 15th. The album features eleven tracks, beginning with the gentle opening of "A Time Of Singing," which just takes off with the skat-style singing of Andrea Wolper, as she takes you on a journey through the seasons. Next, is the beautifully elegant delivery of the title-song, "Early Morning Star," before the excitingly experimental instrumental piece "Emerge-ency." The sweet piano chords of "For Today," showcase the talents of Bob Gluck, as he portrays emotions through his fingers. The energy picks up with the swift rhythm of "Here Now," before finishing the album with the playful duet between the clarinet and bass on the instrumental "Today, Today," along with the jazzy mash-up of the traditional Jewish song "Tsur Mishelo/Los Bilbilicos." To find out more about Bob Gluck and his latest release "Early Morning Star," please visit

Early this year, the Tania Grubbs Quintet released a new album titled "Live At Maureen's Jazz Cellar," as a tribute to her dear friend Maureen Budway, in which the Pittburgh establishment was named after. It features a dozen tracks, beginning with the upbeat swing of "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing," before adding a jazz pulse to Leonard Cohen's "Bird On A Wire." Tania's voice really soars on the Joni Mitchell original "Love," while the Quintet shines on Charlie Parker's "Ornithology." The two come together perfectly on the sweet swaying melody of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon," before closing their new album with lush ballad "Wichita Lineman" and a passionate performance of "Don't Take Your Love From Me." To find out more about the Tania Grubbs Quintet and their latest release "Live At Maureen's Jazz Cellar," please visit

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mark & Ingunn Invite You To Their New Album & VickiKristinaBarcelona Re-imagine Tom Waits Music

Co-founder of The Jayhawks, Mark Olson has once again teamed up with his talented wife Ingunn Ringvold for a new album titled "Magdalen Accepts The Invitation." The new ten song release centers around the couple's recent adventures together, as well as past adventures apart. The album begins with the loving melody of "Pipestone I Won't Be Back," as the duo duet on this gentle opener. Olsen's writing has a Ray Davies (The Kinks) quality, as displayed in "Excelsior Park," about visiting an old amusement park and wanting to go back to that time in his life. Mark and Ingunn tap into their pop side with the addictive sounds of "April In Your Cloud Garden," while showcasing their beautiful harmonies on "Silent Mary." They finish their new album with the enlightening tale of "Elmira's Fountain" and the honest, quiet folk ballad "Black Locust." To find out more about the latest collaboration between Mark Olson and Ingunn Ringvold, please visit

The New York-based trio of Rachelle Garniez, Amanda Homi and Terry Radigan recently released a new album titled "Pawn Shop Radio," under the moniker VickiKristinaBarcelona. This new ten track release takes the song of legendary singer/songwriter Tom Waits and re-interprets them to match the trio's sweet harmonies. The album kicks off with the Americana feel of "Cold Cold Ground," before adding a bit of spunk to "Jersey Girls," as you can't resist the ladies wonderful harmonies. VickiKristinaBarcelona bring on the blues of "God's Away On Business," then present the addictive melody of "Way Down In The Hole," with very little instrumentation. They finish up their new album with the deep, dark swagger of "Chicago" and the hymnal prayer of "Innocent When You Dream." To find out more about VickiKristinaBarcelona and their latest release "Pawn Shop Radio," please visit

Friday, May 29, 2020

Escape The Troubles Of Today's World With New Music From Nate Lee, Marin Patenaude and Gina Sicilia

Arriving June 12th is the latest release from International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award-winner Nate Lee. His new album titled "Wings Of A Jetliner" will certainly turn you into an instant fan with his wonderful finger-picking as in the opener "Wonderbat" and the down-home, feel good sound of "Tobacco." Nate's voice simply warms your heart (like James Taylor) with the gentle folk ballad "Somewhere Far Away," before quickening the pace with the exciting bluegrass strumming of "All Along." His words in "Miner's Grave" paints the perfect picture in your mind with his dark lyrics and accompanying melody. Nate Lee finishes his new album with the up-tempo instrumental piece "Rook Roller" and the nostalgic roots music of "Love Medicine." To find out more about Nate Lee and his latest release "Wings Of A Jetliner," please visit

Another amazing new release to check out is the latest studio effort from singer/songwriter Marin Patenaude. Her new album titled "Sight Unseen" was released on May 29th and features eight glorious tracks, beginning with the short poetic opener "Sight Unseen Part 1." She continues with the gentle acoustics of "The Build," as you will instantly fall in love with Marin's voice. She adds a mellow country blues tone to the song "Don't Sell The Farm," before slowly building up the tempo of the simmering rocker "Gone Blind." Marin Patenaude delivers another country gem with "Paint It Green," then closes her new release with the quiet, gentle touch of "Cold Front" and the lush ballad "Sight Unseen Part 2." To find out more about Marin Patenaude and her latest release "Sight Unseen," please visit

Also released on May 29th is the latest studio effort from singer/songwriter Gina Sicilia. Her new album titled "Love Me Madly" features eleven tracks and was produced by North Mississippi Allstars' Cody Dickinson. She kicks things off with the steady pounding rhythm of "Like The World Has Never Seen," as Gina belts out the lyrics. Her sound gets more soulful on the swinging melody of "Hey Love," before diving into the slow blues of "For A Little While." Her voice perfectly matches the emotional sounds of "Misery With You," while "Give It Up" is a smoldering rocker that burns with passion. Gina Sicilia wraps up her new album with the classic, fun shuffle of "How My Dreams They Go" and the R&B flavor of "Answer The Phone." To find out more about Gina Sicilia and her latest release "Love Me Madly," please visit

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Discover New Music From Indie Artists The Jerry Cans, Rory Taillon, Fonkynson and Alexandra Lost

From just north of the border comes the latest release from the indie rock band, The Jerry Cans. Their new release titled "Echoes" features fourteen tracks, beginning with a quiet, sixty-five second instrumental ("Tukturjuk"), which leads you to the more upbeat melody of "On The Rocks." The Jerry Cans combine strings with their alternative-pop sound to create an addictive sound, as displayed in the songs "Qaumajuuusi" and "Atauttikkut." After the deep bass instrumental "Spring Tide," The Jerry Cans' sound gets darker on the spacey, Americana title-track "Echoes," which really shows the band's experimental side. The Jerry Cans close out their new album with the luscious piano instrumental "Akuttujuuk," along with the electronic, 80's pop vibe of "Kazabazua" and the light, airy flow of "Nameless." To find out more about The Jerry Cans and their latest release "Echoes," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Rory Taillon recently released his new album "Drifting." It features nine tracks, beginning with the gentle, folk ballad "Wonder," as his vocals are soothing among the song's quiet backdrop. Rory shows more passion in his vocals during "Alone," as you can tell he wants to rock out to the blues. He slowly climbs his way to your heart with the emotionally driven "Does It Matter?" and the poetic/classical nature of "Wilful & Blind." Rory Taillon finishes his new album with the stark, acoustic strumming of "Breathing" and the powerful delivery of "Welcome." To find out more about Rory Taillon and his latest release "Drifting," please visit

Experimental electronic artist Fonkynson recently released his latest effort titled "Falling." Fonkynson has become one of the top viral artists on Spotify and continues to ignite the imagination with his use of beats and melodies. Toronto bases artist Desiire lends a hand with the addictive dance beats of "Mind Games" and the album's lead single, the R&B flavor or "Giving U Up." The stellar vocals of Vaness lead the way of the deep bass groove of "You Got It," before Fonkynson finishes up his new album with the exotic experimental instrumental "Reefer Madness" and the club melody of "Atmosphere." To find out more about Fonkynson and his latest release "Falling," please visit

Singer/songwriter Jane Ehrhardt and composer Simon Paradis have come together for their debut release under the moniker Alexandra Lost. The duo's self-titled release features ten tracks that combine different elements of music to make their distinctive, but addictive sound, as in "Modern Feelings" and "A Good Thing." They incorporate a bit of funk into the groove of "Blue Line," before wrapping up their new album with the nostalgic pop tone of "Cut & Paste" and the mellow ballad "The Abyss." To find out more about Alexandra Lost and their new full-length self-titled album, please visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Discover New Music With A Pair Of Heavy Metal Releases From Lightworker and END

San Francisco metal band, Lightworker is ready to release their full-length debut album titled "Fury By Failure" on June 12th. It features ten tracks that just come out swinging, like the intense hardcore metal opener "Emprye" and the high-energy, electrifying delivery of "The Willing Martyr." Lightworker get more melodic with the less aggressive nature of "10/18," before the screaming vocals of "World Dissolve" ignite your sense of hearing with its blistering sonic attack. They let up slightly once again, giving us a more mainstream, hard rock sound with "Cholera," before finishing their new album with the quick pounding rhythm of "Remove The Earth" and the six-minute build-up of "Dissonance," which showcases the band's excellent musicianship. To find out more about Lightworker and their latest release "Fury By Failure," please visit

Another full length debut release arriving this June, comes from the extreme metal band END. Their new album titled "Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face" features eleven tracks that just blow the doors down with its hardcore metal attack. The opener "Covet Not" is a chaotic song that takes everything to the extreme, from the screaming vocals to the pounding drums. END keep that formula for the follow-up track "Pariah," while "Fear For Me Now" is two minutes of intense, aggressive music that will certainly make your ears bleed. All of the songs carry that same formula, as END close out their album with the solid pounding and buzzing guitars of "An Apparition" and "Every Empty Vein," before arriving at the closing track, a five-minute doom metal piece titled "Sands Of Sleep." To find more about END and their latest release "Splinters Of An Ever-Changing Face," please visit

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Get The Blood Pumping With New Music From Cro-Mags, Afterimage and Me & Munich

American hardcore punk band, Cro-Mags return with their first album of new material in over twenty years. The new album titled "In The Beginning," will be released on June 19th through Mission Two Entertainment and feels like a new start for the band, according to founding member Harley Flanagan. The band's new thirteen track release begins with the message of "Don't Give In," as Cro-Mags had to fight for every piece of recognition. The track slowly builds, until their punk nature takes over and injects an extra jolt of energy into their music. The song "Drag You Under" is 92-seconds of aggressive, hardcore music that will make your head spin, while "No One's Victim" is a full-blown, thrash metal attack on your ears. The bass of "No One's Coming" rumbles, as the anticipation builds-up to the songs explosive rhythm and a hard-hitting sound. Their music turns even darker with the howling vocals of "The Final Test," while "Two Hours" is their politically charged attack on society. Cro-Mags wrap up their new album with the nearly six-minute melodic instrumental "Between Wars," which also shows that they are more that just a hardcore metal/punk band, along with the final quick-hitting send-off of "What You Believed," which closes this next chapter in the band's evolution. To find out more about Cro-Mags and their latest release "In The Beginning," please visit

Next comes the latest release titled "Temperance" from the hard rock band Afterimage. Their new six-song EP kicks off with the aggressive touch of "Narcissus," as the band just blow you away with their stellar musicianship. Next, they slow the tempo down for the more melodic flow of "Don't Go Gently," while "Zeitgeist" carries a progressive metal tone along with the passionate vocals and tempo changes. Afterimage wrap up their new album with the raw, grunge-rock of "Thy Will Be Done" and the explosiveness of the title-song "Temperance." To find out more about Afterimage and their latest release "Temperance," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the debut release "Gaslighting" from the Danish rock band Me & Munich, which also arrives on June 19th on all digital platforms. Their new ten song release begins with the heavy pounding of "Radical" and the raw, alternative rock of "Peace Of My Mind," before bringing their complete sound together on the addictive buzz of "Searching For Something." Me & Munich finally slow the tempo down for the dark, acoustic power ballad "The Worst In Me," before delivering the nostalgic power, post-punk trip of "Whatever Comes My Way." The band close out their new album with the melodic, grunge-rock appeal of "Pain Goes Away With Silence" and the highly-energetic punk fury of "Right Shoulder Devil." To find out more about Me & Munich and their latest release "Gaslighting," please visit

Monday, May 25, 2020

Ex-Hawkwind Bassist Alan Davey Opens The Vaults For His "Four Track Mind"

Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey recently released a new 4CD box set of demos titled "Four Track Mind." The songs in this set date back to his days in Hawkwind and the music sounds amazing. Listening to these songs, you would never believe these were simply demos and not finished tracks. The opening track of the first disc is "Spiritual Modulator," which starts things off with an adventurous, exciting instrumental piece that feels like the theme of an eighties action movie. At times, the songs sound like space explorations, as in "R.E.M. Time" and "E-On Strings" This disc centers around Davey's 1986 to 1988 output, as many of the songs center around keyboards and synthesizers like "Dragon Chaser" and "Moody Motion." One of only a couple of the songs that does contain lyrics like "Sunrise Assassins," feel like a cross between Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

Disc two continues the eighties space rock vibe with epic pieces like the seven-plus minute instrumentals "The Call" and "Simulator." Alan Davey gets even more experimental on the electronic soundscape of "Drive," before showcasing his hard rock edge on the intense pounding of "Hitze Seeker V" and "Out Of My Box." One of the most experimental pieces in this set is "The Noise," which feels like getting pushed out to sea by a continuous wave of sonic vibes. The second disc closes with the worldly transcendental rock melody of "Tribal Daze."

The feel of the third disc is that these songs are inspired by the early days of Hawkwind, as Davey rocks out to the classic, progressive feel of "Lost In The Smoke" and "Snake Charmer." The addictive nature of "Deep Space Rock" is hard to resist, as the song's groove has that nostalgic heavy metal tone to it, while "Blue Shift" takes you on a blissful sonic trip through sound. Disc four keeps the music exciting and aggressive with the masterful bass work of "Greenback Massacre" and "Assimilation," along with the wonderfully melodic touch of "Creamy." The song "Alien Fingers" sounds like the offshoot of an earlier track, "The Noise," as the sound is very sonically experimental. The set closes with the funky breaks of "In The Game" and the floating soundscape of "Reality Foil." To find out more about Alan Davey's new box set "Four Track Mind," please visit

Sunday, May 24, 2020

New Video Release Brings You Two Live Shows From Def Leppard Performing In London And Las Vegas

A brand new live video, CD and vinyl arrives May 29th from the immortal rock band, Def Leppard. The new release titled "Def Leppard: London To Vegas," finds the band performing their top-selling album "Hysteria" live for their hometown crowd at London's O2 arena. Then the second part finds the band back in Las Vegas, following their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for a new residency at Zappos Theatre in Planet Hollywood. This show covers some of the band's greatest hits, as well as some deep cuts.

The "Hysteria At The O2" concert was filmed in December of 2018, at Def Leppard's debut appearance at the arena. The filming is stellar and tries to get every member of the band involved, while also capturing glimpses of the sold out crowd, loving their British boys. By now, the "Hysteria" album is so well-known to fans, that they can pretty much recite the whole album, but to watch it performed live, brings the energy to another level. The first three tracks ("Woman," "Rocket" and "Animal") may be the best trilogy of songs that Def Leppard have ever recorded and they start the show off perfectly, showcasing the giant stage and screen. The boys are all business as they perform the album to a "T," still sounding timeless and passionate about their music. The London show is well crafted and sounds amazing on this newly released documentary of the concert. Def Leppard close out the London show with some sweet rarities, like "Wasted" and fan favorites like the iconic "Photograph."

Just last year, Def Leppard returned to Las Vegas for their second residency, but instead of performing the "Hysteria" album in full, they performed an enormous 28-song set. The hits were still their from the "Hysteria" and "Pyromania" albums, but fans will really get into the deep cuts that the band usually doesn't perform on a regular tour. The first thing you may notice when viewing the concert film "Hits Vegas, Live At Planet Hollywood" is how huge the stage is. It was specially built for the band for this residency and is equipped with bigger screens, lasers, lights and more. It also allows for the camera crew to capture every angle of the band, and they certainly do. Songs like "Billy's Got A Gun," "Too Late For Love" and "Paper Sun" sound refreshed and energized in this new live setting. The highlight is seeing the band perform an "unplugged" acoustic set with some rarities like "Let Me Be The One" and "We Belong" next to the classic ballads "Two Steps Behind" and "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad."

The bonus sections of both shows features a short behind the scenes documentary that gives a little insight into the creation of the these two great concerts. These concerts will be available as a double Blu-ray/2 CD set or double DVD/2 CD set, as well as stand-only copies that only feature the "Hysteria At The O2" show. Also available is a clear, double-vinyl release of Def Leppard performing "Hysteria" live at the O2 and a picture disc featuring the four-song acoustic set from Las Vegas. To find out more about the new Def Leppard concert documentary "London To Vegas," please visit

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Joe Louis Walker and Shirley King Invite Friends Along To Help Them Play The Blues

Veteran blues artist Joe Louis Walker will be releasing his latest work titled "Blues Comin' On," on June 5th through Cleopatra Records. Joe also invited some friends along to help him out with his new album. Walker kicks off his new twelve song release with "Feed The Poor," which is a strong, guitar jammy song, as Walker and fellow guitarist Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna) put their talents on display on this sonic, up-tempo blues track. Guitar prodigy Eric Gales (Raw Dawg) helps out with the vocals and guitars on the more laid-back acoustic/electric approach of the title song "Blues Comin' On."  Jesse Johnson (The Time) adds his funky guitar style to Walker's energetic dance track "The Thang," before Joe Louis Walker delivers that nostalgic, Chicago blues-style of "Old Time Used," supported by Grammy-winning blues artist Keb Mo. Fellow veteran blues artist Mitch Ryder takes the lead vocals on the classic R&B flavor of "Come Back Home," while Carla Cooke (daughter of Sam Cooke) sings her sultry little heart out on the duet ballad "Awake Me Shake Me." Joe Louis Walker finishes his new album with English guitarist Albert Lee lending a hand on the blues/rock vibe of "Seven More Steps," along with a fun, high-energy closing cover of Love's "7 & 7 Is," featuring American guitarist Arlene Roth and led by singer Charlie Harper. To find out more about Joe Louis Walker and his latest release "Blues Comin' On," please visit

Also arriving in June, is the new album from singer Shirley King, daughter of the late, great B.B. King. Her new album is appropriately titled "Blues For A King" and shines a light on her amazing vocal talents. On this album, she performs some traditional blues and classic rock numbers with the help of some special friends. The album begins with none other than Joe Louis Walker lending a hand on guitar on "All My Lovin'," while Duke Robillard steps in to turn Traffic's "Feelin' Alright" into a soulful blues romp. Shirley King calls on legendary guitarist Pat Travers to turn "That's Alright Mama" into a blistering, house-shaking rock attack. She brings us back to the blues with a spot-on cover of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home," featuring guitarist Martin Barre, then we turn to the dark side of the blues with the traditional tale of the "Gallows Pole," with Harvey Mandel helping out. Shirley King closes her new album with the dream team of Junior Wells and Joe Louis Walker performing "Hoodoo Man Blues," along with Steve Cropper adding an elegant touch to the Etta James classic "At Last." To find out more about Shirley King and her latest release "Blues For A King," please visit

Friday, May 22, 2020

The Music Of Diana Ross Gets A "Supertonic" Remix With A New Release

Arriving June 26th on CD and special clear vinyl and also next week digitally, is a new remix album featuring the work of the legendary Diana Ross. The new album titled "Supertonic Mixes" features nine classic Diana Ross numbers that have been remixed for the dance floor by producer Eric Kupper. Three of the songs on this new release have already topped the Billboard Dance chart and earlier this year, the album's lead single "Love Hangover 2020" is her fourth and most recent single to top the Dance Club Singles chart.

As soon as the needle touches the first groove of the medley "I'm Coming Out/Upside Down," your house is turned into a dance party, as Eric adds a bigger beat to all these hit songs. The rhythm is simply undeniable with "The Boss," before being transported back to the seventies with the disco vibe of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Eric Kupper really showcases his skills with the high-powered remix of "No One Gets The Prize," before closing with the bright, energetic delivery of "Touch Me In The Morning" and the empowering "Remember Me." In addition to these new remixes being available on all digital formats on May 29th, there will also be an accompanying album title "Supertonic: Instrumental Mixes" featuring all the remixes appearing as instrumentals. To find out more about this new Diana Ross remix album, please visit

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Drummer Nick D'Virgilio Turns "Invisible," Tony Montana Reissues "Tombstone Shuffle" and Sandy McKnight Teams Up With Fernando Perdomo For The "San Fernando Beat"

Progressive rock drummer Nick D'Virgilio is preparing to release his new solo album "Invisible" in late June. The album features members of Dream Theater, King Crimson, Suptertramp, Cheap Trick and others. It comes out almost twenty years after his debut solo album "Karma." Nick's new album begins with the beautiful acoustics of the title-song "Invisible," as you are allowed to really appreciate D'Virgilio's vocals. Things really begin to heat up with the more intense, modern progressive rock appeal of "Turn Your Life Around," before delivering a total re-arrangement of the classic "Money (That's What I Want)." Nick shows us his skills once again on the solid pounding rhythm of "Snake Oil Salesman," while "Where's The Passion" displays Nick's outstanding songwriting on this uplifting number. The album closes with the excitingly energetic rockers "In My Bones" and "Wrong Place Wrong Time," along with the pop sensibilities of "I Know The Way." To find out more about Nick D'Virgilio and his latest release "Invisible," please visit

Former Great White bassist Tony Montana is reissuing his only solo album "Tombstone Shuffle" on CD and digitally through Deadline Music. Tony was a core member of Great White during their rise to superstardom in the late-eighties and is now a member of Jack Russell's Great White touring band. This new version of Tony Montana's solo album features twelve tracks that include the bonus tracks from both the French and Japanese releases of the album. Fans of Great White will no doubt love the sound of this album, as songs like "Little Queen," "Thunderbird" and "Skin And Bones" have the pure rock appeal. Tony also incorporates the blues into the emotional power ballads "Prayer" and "Netherworld," before closing the album with the fun, loose, acoustic blues of "Shuffle '97." To find out more about the new reissue of Tony Montana's "Tombstone Shuffle" album, please visit

Singer/songwriter Sandy McKnight has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo for a new six song EP cleverly titled "San Fernando Beat." It is the first time that these two have teamed up to create new music and it features some timeless melodies that will turn you in to and instant fan of this duo. They begin with the upbeat, nostalgic vibe of "Facing The End Of The World" and the equally addictive pop tone of "Single Flowers." Their new short release finishes with the steady, bluesier sound of "Heart In Your Hands" and the more intense rock approach of "Fake." To find out more about this new team-up between Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo, please visit

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Harmed Brothers Ride "Across The Waves" Of Their New Release

Arriving June 5th on the Portland indie music label, Fluff and Gravy is the new album from Americana darlings, The Harmed Brothers. Their new release is titled "Across The Waves" and features ten new tracks soaked in American roots music. The Harmed Brothers' history dates back ten years when the group was just a duo, before releasing their first full band effort in 2013. Now, this new album begins a new chapter in the band's existence, as this release will take their sound to a wider audience.

The album begins with "Skyline Over," which feels as if it was created especially for these uncertain times, and reminds you to keep going and keep pushing on to something better. The Harmed Brothers keep the energy flowing with the upbeat love story of "Picture Show," while "Funnies" has a great southern country-rock groove that draws up memories of The Band in their heyday. The band continue that nostalgic touch with the feel-good melody of "Born A Rotten Egg," before slowing down for the emotional lyrics of "Where You're Going." The Harmed Brothers wrap up their new album with the acoustic, Americana rocker "All The Same" and beautiful seven-minute ballad "Time." To find out more about The Harmed Brothers and their latest release "Across The Waves," please visit

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Witnesses, Dismalimerence, Stygian Crown and Pale Divine

As the weather begins to warm up, so does the release schedule for heavy metal music. First, arriving at the end of the month is self-released sophomore album titled Doom II" from the progressive metal band from New York City, Witnesses. If features only six tracks, but each one is an epic trip to the dark side, beginning with the explosive, hardcore grind of "On This Black Ocean." Witnesses mix together doom and classical metal on the eleven-minute collage of "I Hope Their Prayers Aren't Answered," followed by the slow-moving metal buzz of "Worse With Time." They finish their new album with the aggressive build-up of "Who Were You Before All This" and the mainstream metal appeal of "An Ending." To find out more about Witnesses and their latest release "Doom II," please visit

Fast-forward to June and a trio of new heavy metal releases are being unleashed, beginning with the full-length debut album from Chicago's death metal outfit Dismalimerence. Their album titled "Tome: 1," features eight tracks, beginning with the nearly twelve minute progressive metal attack of "Crimson Glow," which also showcases the band's melodic side. Things get down to business with the more intense heavy metal pounding of "Sequestered Hearts" and the thrash-like speed of "My Only Love." Dismalimerence mixes in even more melody to the explosive start of "Negligence Of The Forgotten," before closing their new album with the roller-coaster aggression of "Destined For Solitude." To find out more about Dismalimerence and their latest release "Tome: 1," please visit

Another debut release arrives from fellow death metal band Stygian Crown. Their new self-titled album kicks things into high gear right away with the hardcore pounding of "Devour The Dead" and the more progressive metal nature of the eight-plus minute mystical approach of "Through Divine Right." Stygian Crown show flashes of intense hardcore metal during the songs "Flametongue" and "When Old Gods Die," while "Two Coins For The Ferryman" carries a classic, powerful metal sound to close out the band's debut album. To find out more about Stygian Crown and their new self-titled release, please visit

Lastly we arrive at the new album "Consequence Of Time" from heavy metal veterans Pale Divine. The band are celebrating twenty-five years with a new studio album that easily ranks up their as one of their best. They start off their new eight-song release with the nostalgic sounding chugging guitars of "Tyrants & Pawns (Easy Prey)" and the steady, solid pounding rhythm of "Shadow's Own." Their sound turns dark on the deep bass groove of "Broken Martyr," along with the slower doom metal feel of "Phantasmagoria." Pale Divine wrap up their new album with the ten-plus minute epic progressive metal adventure of the title song "Consequence Of Time," along with more classic metal riffs during "Saints Of Fire." To find out more about Pale Divine and their latest release "Consequence Of Time," please visit

Monday, May 18, 2020

Metal Blade Records Is Preparing To Unleash New Music From Sorcerer and Behemoth

On May 29th, Metal Blade Records will unleash two new albums from the bands Sorcerer and Behemoth. The roots of Sorcerer date back over thirty years, but their new album "Lamenting Of The Innocent" is only the band's third full-length release and expands upon the band's "epic doom" metal tag. The new nine-song release begins with a more energetic, progressive metal feel on "The Hammer Of Witches," as the band mix together a classic metal sound with a more modern edge to it. Their "epic" side shines on the nearly nine-minute metal pounding of the title-song "Lamenting Of The Innocent," while the gentle acoustics of "Deliverance" display the quieter side to the band's songwriting. Sorcerer finish their new album with the slow, chugging doom metal guitars of "Age Of The Damned" and the stellar, electrifying guitar solos of "Path To Perdition." To find out more about Sorcerer and their latest release "Lamenting Of The Innocent," please visit

The Polish extreme metal band Behemoth are also releasing some new music May 29th with a new four song EP titled "A Forest." It features two versions of the famous song by The Cure. First is a new studio recording of the song, featuring vocals by Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), as Behemoth showcase another dimension to their extreme metal sound by covering this dark gothic hymn. There is also a live version of the track, which also includes Niklas on lead vocals. The other two tracks are Behemoth originals ("Shadows ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha" and "Evoe") taken from the 2018 "I Loved You At Your Darkest" studio album sessions, with "Evoe" being the more exciting, aggressive and energetic of the two tracks. To find out more about Behemoth and their latest release "A Forest," please visit

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Releases From Mani Neumeier, Mrs. Fun and Rocco Zifarelli

Legendary founding member of the German krautrock band Guru Guru, Mani Neumeier shows no signs of slowing down as he approaches his 80th birthday this December. He and his band Guru Guru recently released a new live album and now he teamed up with his friends in Okinawa for a new album titled "Galapagos." It features eight new tracks recorded in February 2019 that look to explore the outer-reaches of progressive music. The album begins with the title song "Galapagos," which experiments with the sounds of clanking glass among a backdrop of "jamband" type of space-rock exploration. Next, the band step into a more rock direction with the intense drumming of "Sitting On The Banyan Tree" and the sonically exciting rock boogie of "Groove Club Shuffle." Mani and his band then return to the more experimental, ten-minute, subtly build-up of "Sango Beach," before closing out the album with the free-form, psychedelic sound art project "Midori Roots." To find out more about Mani Neumeier and his releases with Guru Guru and solo, please visit

Avant-Garde jazz duo Connie Garuer and Kiim Zick have released their latest studio effort under the moniker Mrs. Fun. Their new album titled "Truth" is filled with exciting jazz grooves, infused with elements of funk, hip-hop and rock to make something special for your ears. Mrs. Fun begin their latest release with the deep bass groove of "19," highlighted by slick drum breaks and keyboard runs that makes every instrument stand out on its own in the spotlight. The album continues with the poetic, hip-hop lyrical flow of "Process Is The Purpose," as a jazzy backdrop keeps the energy flowing, before taking it up another notch with the swift sonic groove of "Tula's Turnaround." The duo lock in perfectly to cover the familiar melodies of "Soulful Strut" and "Light My Fire," which gives you a different view of the famous song by The Doors. Mrs. Fun finish up their new album with the international sounding jazz vibes of "Orange Grove," the intense pounding rock approach of "Space Port-Pinocchio" and the gentler, gliding melody of the "Calm Before The Storm." To find out more about Mrs. Fun and their latest release "Truth," please visit

Italian jazz guitarist Rocco Zifarelli recently released his new solo album titled "Music Unites." Zifarelli may be best known for his work along side legendary film composer Ennio Morricone and has continued that experience on his latest release. Rocco Zifarelli invited many friends to help with his latest project, as he takes center stage on these ten new songs. The album begins with the exciting, adventurous flow of "Northern Line," which feels like the theme for a new upcoming action movie. Rocco adds more electronics to his sound in the modern jazz approach to "Aural," while also paying tribute to his mentor by revisiting two Morricone classics by revisioning "Le clan des Siciliens" and "The Untouchables." Zifarelli and his band get funky with the bass line and guitar wizardry of "Essential Blues," before wrapping up his new album with the swift, worldly jazz fusion of "Abidjan" and an alternate take of the famous theme from "The Untouchables." To find out more about Rocco Zifarelli and his latest release "Music Unites," please visit

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Mike Peters Of The Alarm Recounts His Past With New "Stream (Hurricane Of Change)" Release

Arriving June 12th is the brand new double album from Mike Peters, singer and guitarist for the classic Welsh rock band, The Alarm. Peters' new album titled "Stream (Hurricane Of Change) is broken down into two acts, the "Downstream Act One" and the "Upstream Act Two," in which he tells his autobiographical tale with words and music.

Act one begins with a mix of words and music as Peters' reads exerts from his story that he lived with The Alarm between 1986-1990. The songs are just as powerful as his words, beginning with the passionate, acoustic tale of "A New South Wales" and the more aggressive folk/rock energy of "New Town Jericho." Mike Peters can't help but write addictive pop melodies as with "Ghost Of Rebecca," as he continues the story of his early days of his Welsh upbringing. The energy picks up with the fuzzed-out rocker "Hallowed Ground" and the bluesy explosive vocals of "Shelter." Peters goes all out with the emotional ballad "Rescue Me," which leads up to the addictive chorus of "Only Love Can Set Me Free" and the pounding rock rhythm of "Permanence In Change." Mike Peters closes out the first disc with the simmering ballad "Presence Of Love" and acoustic folk strumming of "Elders And Folklore."

Act two begins with the more energetic delivery of "Where A Town Once Stood" and the post-punk rawness of "New Frontiers." Many of the songs on the second disc are shorter acoustic excerpts, while other songs like "Sold Me Down The River" and "Devolution Working Man Blues" show that Mike Peters can still rock out with the best of them with these new high-powered anthems. The addictive pop melody of "The Rock" and the modern sounding, southern rock of "Change" showcase the creative force behind this musical genius. To find out more about the new double-album "Stream (Hurricane Of Change)" from Mike Peters, please visit

The Alarm themselves are planning on special vinyl release for Record Store Day this year featuring previously unreleased live recordings from their 1988 "Celtic Folklore Tour." The new release titled "Celtic Folklore Live" will be available on one of the newly announced Record Store Days in either August, September or October. Stay tuned to for updates. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Take A "Field Trip" With The Latest Live Release From New Riders Of The Purple Sage

What may have started out as a Grateful Dead side project, grew into one of the most underrated bands of the seventies. I'm talking about New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Their studio albums where filled to the brim with sweet melodies, while their live shows became a fun, country rock jamboree. Last year, Omnivore Recordings released a newly discovered live show from New Riders Of The Purple Sage to co-inside with Record Store Day back in November. This time around, Omnivore Recordings has dusted off another live gem from the band to be released on vinyl for one of the Record Store Drops dates (August 29, September 26, October 24).

Let us travel back to August 1972, where New Riders Of The Purple Sage are performing at a benefit show, headlined by the Grateful Dead in Veneta, Oregon. The concert became known as the "Field Trip," which is the perfect title for this release. The show kicks off with a swift-moving, energized cover of Buck Owens' "Truck Drivin' Man," followed by a couple tracks ("Rainbow" and "Lockinvar") from their sophomore album "Powerglide." Their fourteen-song set is made up of originals ("Runnin' Back To You" and "Louisiana Lady") and covers, including a countrified version of Gene Pitney's "Hello Mary Lou" and the New Riders adventure into funk with the Ashford & Simpson classic "I Don't Need No Doctor." The show sounds too good to be locked away in the vault for so long. I'm glad that it is finally seeing the light of day as a 2-LP set on Record Store Day and recently released as a stand-alone CD. The highlight of the set is a nearly ten minute version of the band's cover of Johnny Otis' "Willie And The Hand Jive," which closes the show and features some amazing guitar work and stellar drumming. To find out more about the new live album "Field Trip" from New Riders Of The Purple Sage, please visit

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Rockers The Sunshine Boys and Quality Living

Chicago trio, Sunshine Boys recently released their sophomore effort "Work And Love" on May 1st. The band has been referred to in the Windy City as indie rock royalty and their new set of songs will certainly solidify that statement. Their new album begins with the up-tempo acoustic rocker "I Was Already Gone" and the addictive modern alt-pop melody of "Infinity Girl." The Sunshine Boys pick up the pace with the post-punk energy of "The World Turning Round" and the steady bass line of "The Serpent In Spring" continues the climb of the song's ever-building melody. They showcase their quieter side with the acoustic folk/pop strumming of "Every Step," before closing their new album with the beautiful pop vibes of "A Ghost, At Best" and the warming, sweet harmonies of "Keep It Right Where You Need It." To find out more about the Sunshine Boys and their latest release "Work And Love," please visit

Another new sophomore release arrives from the New Jersey independent band, Quality Living. Their new album titled "Something Softly Caught Me," mixes jazz breaks with indie-rock melodies and a touch of symphonic pop to give their sound a unique mixture of styles. The band's new eleven track release kicks off with "Wonder Man," which perfectly sums up the band's sound with addictive pop melodies and a jazzy backdrop of rock chord changes. Quality Living continue their new album with the nostalgic, Steely Dan-styled sounding "Marathon" and the laid-back, R&B vibe of "Roast Ghost." The band expand upon their sound with the beautiful horns of "Kite Violit," before jumping back in time to the classic seventies pop/rock tone of "Never Had To Do It This Way." Quality Living finish their new album with the relaxing floating jazz of "Mt. Oliv" and the funky breaks of "Riff On The Rabbit," which closes the album out on an energetic high note. To find out more about Quality Living and their latest release "Something Softly Caught Me," please visit

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Get Your Head-Banging With New Releases From Old Roger's Revenge and Shade

Italian "sludge metal" band, Old Roger's Revenge is preparing to release their first full-length album "Vengeance Of Blackbeard," since forming in 2014. The band sings of the tales of fighting the oppressive system of today, but with a pirate's image and thunderous sound. They begin their album with the pounding bass line and screaming vocals of "Dead Men Tell No Tales," followed quickly by the thrash metal attack of "The Sealane." The chugging rhythm of the title-song "Vengeance Of Blackbeard" has Old Roger's Revenge right in the mix of some of the top new heavy metal bands of 2020. The eerie instrumental "Never Set Sail On Friday" leads you down the path to the hardcore, heavy metal attack of "Down In The Depths," which carries a deep raw energy. Old Roger's Revenge wrap up their new twelve-song release with the intense, aggressive delivery of "Light House Of Death" and then showcase their progressive metal side with "Marooned." To find out more about Old Roger's Revenge and their latest release "Vengeance Of Blackbeard," please visit

Canadian rock band, Shade recently released their debut album "Combat Rave" earlier this month. It features ten tracks that will get your blood pumping with their grunge-like, punk-infused addictive sound, beginning with fuzzed out guitars of "Brain Suck." The album continues with modern psychedelic vibe of "Morningmaker" and the high-energy, punk-like blast of "Colour Of Dreams." They take their foot off the punk-rock pedal for the steady, heavy pounding of "Easy Evil" and add some more "neo-psychedelia's mind-melting hooks" to the buzz of "Controller." Shade finish their new album with the swirling acoustics of "Tell Me" and the raw, pure energy of "GTFO." To find out more about Shade and their latest release "Combat Rave," please visit

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hawkestrel's Alan Davey Goes "Pre-Med" With New Reissues Of Three Previous Albums

Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey recently released a new deluxe package of his progressive rock side project, Pre-Med. The band is led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Danny Fulkner and this new release titled "Hawkestrel Presents Pre-Med" collects the band's first three critically acclaimed albums.

Thirty tracks make up this set, beginning with their 2006 album "Medication Time." It showcases the band's experimental side, featuring the heavy metal energy of "Up All Night," along side the swirling space rock of "No Smoking." The musicianship on songs like "Man Eggs From Mars" and "Once Upon A Line" is simply amazing and will turn you into an instant fan of the music of Pre-Med.

Their second album, 2008's "The Truth About Us" begins with the intense rocker "Cerebral Escape," which leads the way to the more keyboard and guitar collaboration of "Wallpaper Warriors." Pre-Med have that classic metal sound working during the steady pace of the nearly seven-minute "The Crowning Of The Acid King," while "Death Of A Star" displays a more melodic tone to their progressive side. The experimental soundscapes are less present on this album, but the closing song "Debouch" does showcase the band's electronic sound.

After a five year break, Pre-Med returned with their 2013 release "Einstein's Day Off," which combines all of the elements of space, hard and industrial rock on this album, beginning with the high energy of "Bang Goes The Theory." Their heavier sound has a more mainstream appeal with songs like "Fear Is Temporary" and "The Stargazer's Apprentice," while "Energise" is a pure sonic blast of hard rock energy. Pre-Med save their experimental, ambient sound for the final track, the spaced-out synthesizer of "The Event Horizon." The "Hawkestrel Presents Pre-Med" set was released May 8th through Purple Pyramid Records (Cleopatra Records) and is available at

Monday, May 11, 2020

Between The Buried And Me Celebrate 20 Years With New Vinyl Reissue Of Debut Album

American progressive metal band, Between The Buried And Me are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new vinyl reissue of their self-titled debut album. It will be released on May 15th from Craft Recordings on black and special limited edition clear vinyl. It features a new remix of the album with newly remastered audio that makes this one of the band's best sounding releases of their twenty year career.

The original eight song release comes blasting right from the beginning with the hardcore metal attack of "More Of Myself To Kill." During the song's melodic break is where you will get a feeling for how good this new vinyl reissue sounds. The layered harmonies mesh together perfectly, while the drums are strong and pack a punch to your speakers. The guitars take center stage on the intense song "Arsonist," as every note is heard with this new remastered sound. Side one closes with the hardcore growls of "What We Have Become," while side two continues the band's metal attack with the heavy pounding of "Fire For A Dry Mouth," which will definitely shake your windows with the volume turned up on this new vinyl. The nine-minute album closer "Shevanel Cut A Flip" is where you get all of Between The Buried And Me's sound in one complete song. The transitions between the chaotic attacks the melodic breaks will certainly grab your attention on this new vinyl reissue of the album. To find out more about the newly remixed and remastered vinyl edition of Between The Buried And Me's debut album, please visit

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Relive "The Outlaw Performance" From Country Legend Waylon Jennings With New Video Release

Arriving May 15th is a new concert experience from the legendary country artist Waylon Jennings. His new film titled "The Outlaw Performance" was documented at a sold-out performance at the Opry House in Nashville, TN in 1978. It features a young, strong Waylon Jennings and his band performing a sixteen song set, which includes many of his #1 the classics like "Amanda," "This Time" and "Good Hearted Woman."

This concert finds Waylon Jennings in his prime, as his voice is stellar and his band is outstanding. What makes this concert performance film different, is Waylon's voice overs during the performance of songs, telling stories of being roommates with Johnny Cash, falling in love with his wife Jesse and playing cards with Willie Nelson. Waylon's stories are just as timeless as his music, as you will feel that everything's gonna be alright, listening to songs like "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" and "Are You Sure Hank Does It This Way."

The quality of the footage is what you would expect from a video of a show from 1978. It's not in high quality, but it gives you that nostalgic touch which makes watching this film extra special. One of the best parts about this new release is during the film credits, when Waylon plays an acoustic instrumental, while you also see him giving us his heartfelt goodbye.

The bonus features on this new concert documentary features the entire show without Waylon's voice overs and a special 1990 interview segment titled "Friends Remember The Outlaw." It includes interviews with George Jones, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, as well as Waylon's longtime drummer Richie Albright talking about the aritst. To find out more about "Waylon Jennings: The Outlaw Performance," please visit

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Willie Nile Brings You The Sounds Of "New York At Night" With His Latest Release

New York native Willie Nile is preparing to release his latest homage to The Big Apple with his new album "New York At Night." This is Nile's 13th studio album and will be released on May 15th. It features a dozen tracks that find Willie backed by his longtime live band.

The album kicks off with the swinging guitar-boogie of "New York Is Rockin'," which is the perfect classic rock tribute to the big city. Next, Willie slithers by with the bluesy vibe of "Backstreet Slide," while "Doors Of Paradise" is simply adult pop/rock gold with it mellow tone and nostalgic feel. The energy picks back up with the swift rhythm of "The Fool Who Drank The Ocean" and punk-like fury of the title-song "New York At Night." Willie showcases his softer side with the beautifully written ballad "The Last Time We Made Love," before wrapping up his new album with the melodic, gentle acoustics of "Under This Roof" and explosive, inspirational rocker "Run Free." 

Willie Nile was planning on a short Canadian, East Coast tour following the release of his album, but the shows have been postponed at the moment. To find out more about his new album "New York At Night" and to find out when his shows will be rescheduled, please visit

Friday, May 8, 2020

Victor Wainwright & The Train's Next Stop Is "Memphis Loud" & Justin Hayward Dreams Of "One Summer Day"

Grammy-nominated artists Victor Wainwright and The Train are ready to release their latest album titled "Memphis Loud." It features a dozen tracks, all co-written by Wainwright, who also co-produced the album along with Dave Gross. The album starts off with the build-up of "Mississippi," which carries a steady rhythm section as Victor casts a spell on your ears with his bluesy vocals. The southern, boogie-woogie vibe of "Walk The Walk" and the energy of title-song "Memphis Loud" will certainly get your body moving, before the band slow down for honky-tonk flavor of "Sing" and the burning ballad "Disappear." 

The second half of the album kicks off with the Americana flow of "Creek Don't Rise," before the band gets funky with the horns of "Golden Rule." Victor Wainwright and The Train find inspiration in the gentle touch of "America," before finishing their new album with the exciting, energetic romp of "My Dog Riley" and the laid back country blues jam of "Reconcile." To find out more about Victor Wainwright and The Train and their latest release "Memphis Loud," please visit

Back on March 27th, Justin Hayward, lead singer and guitarist for the classic rock band, The Moody Blues, released a new two-song EP. It features Hayward with an acoustic guitar, accompanied by another instrument or two in order to give you that vulnerable, close feeling to his music. The first song is the thoughtful, emotional ballad "One Summer Day." It is the perfect song to fall in love to, as you get lost in his heart-filled lyrics. The flip-side is the song "My Juliette," which is slightly more upbeat, as Justin Hayward pays homage to spending his childhood days growing up around the theater. Both songs are available on all digital platforms. To find out more about Justin Hayward and his music, please visit