Monday, May 11, 2020

Between The Buried And Me Celebrate 20 Years With New Vinyl Reissue Of Debut Album

American progressive metal band, Between The Buried And Me are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new vinyl reissue of their self-titled debut album. It will be released on May 15th from Craft Recordings on black and special limited edition clear vinyl. It features a new remix of the album with newly remastered audio that makes this one of the band's best sounding releases of their twenty year career.

The original eight song release comes blasting right from the beginning with the hardcore metal attack of "More Of Myself To Kill." During the song's melodic break is where you will get a feeling for how good this new vinyl reissue sounds. The layered harmonies mesh together perfectly, while the drums are strong and pack a punch to your speakers. The guitars take center stage on the intense song "Arsonist," as every note is heard with this new remastered sound. Side one closes with the hardcore growls of "What We Have Become," while side two continues the band's metal attack with the heavy pounding of "Fire For A Dry Mouth," which will definitely shake your windows with the volume turned up on this new vinyl. The nine-minute album closer "Shevanel Cut A Flip" is where you get all of Between The Buried And Me's sound in one complete song. The transitions between the chaotic attacks the melodic breaks will certainly grab your attention on this new vinyl reissue of the album. To find out more about the newly remixed and remastered vinyl edition of Between The Buried And Me's debut album, please visit

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