Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Catch The Blues With New Albums From The Nighthawks and Evelyn Rubio

The legendary blues/rock band The Nighthawks are preparing for their 50th anniversary with a new studio album "Tryin' To Get To You." It was released back in April and features a mix of originals and covers that showcase the band's classic sound. They start things off with the gallop blues rhythm of "Come Love," followed by the jazzy vibe of T-Bone Walker's "I Know Your Wig Is Gone." The Nighthawks try to bring out the funk of James Brown's "Tell Me What I Did Wrong," while adding a country vibe to the Elvis Presley classic "Tryin' To Get To You." The album continues with the swift pace of the original "Baby It's Time," before slowing everything down for the big blues sound of "Rain Down Tears." They pick the energy back up with another original "Somethin's Cookin'," before finishing their new album off with the pounding blue romp of "Don't Worry Baby" and the backporch acoustic blues of "The Cheap Stuff." To find out more about The Nighthawks and their latest release "Tryin' To Get To You," please visit

Blues/rock singer/saxophonist Evelyn Rubio is preparing to release her latest studio effort "Crossing Borders" on May 15th through SeaSpeed Productions. The album was produced by Grammy-Award winner Larry Fulcher and features fifteen tracks. Evelyn's new release kicks off with the energetic blast of "One More Last Time," as her voice simply explodes with emotion. The album continues with the bluesy swagger of "Still On Your Side" and the Latin infused rhythm of "Just Like A Drug," which features Evelyn on alto sax. The classic blues appeal of "He Did Me Wrong But He Did It Right" has that nostalgic feel that allows Evelyn's vocals to steal the show. This song also appears again at the end of the album in Spanish, along with the songs "Cruel" and "Border Town." Evelyn's sax playing shines once again on the ballad "I Don't Understand," before finishing her new album with the rock jolt of "Mistake," the swinging melody of "Cruel" and a stripped-down, swampy acoustic English/Spanish cover of "Besame Mucho." To find our more about Evelyn Rudio and her latest release "Crossing Borders," please visit

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