Thursday, May 14, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Rockers The Sunshine Boys and Quality Living

Chicago trio, Sunshine Boys recently released their sophomore effort "Work And Love" on May 1st. The band has been referred to in the Windy City as indie rock royalty and their new set of songs will certainly solidify that statement. Their new album begins with the up-tempo acoustic rocker "I Was Already Gone" and the addictive modern alt-pop melody of "Infinity Girl." The Sunshine Boys pick up the pace with the post-punk energy of "The World Turning Round" and the steady bass line of "The Serpent In Spring" continues the climb of the song's ever-building melody. They showcase their quieter side with the acoustic folk/pop strumming of "Every Step," before closing their new album with the beautiful pop vibes of "A Ghost, At Best" and the warming, sweet harmonies of "Keep It Right Where You Need It." To find out more about the Sunshine Boys and their latest release "Work And Love," please visit

Another new sophomore release arrives from the New Jersey independent band, Quality Living. Their new album titled "Something Softly Caught Me," mixes jazz breaks with indie-rock melodies and a touch of symphonic pop to give their sound a unique mixture of styles. The band's new eleven track release kicks off with "Wonder Man," which perfectly sums up the band's sound with addictive pop melodies and a jazzy backdrop of rock chord changes. Quality Living continue their new album with the nostalgic, Steely Dan-styled sounding "Marathon" and the laid-back, R&B vibe of "Roast Ghost." The band expand upon their sound with the beautiful horns of "Kite Violit," before jumping back in time to the classic seventies pop/rock tone of "Never Had To Do It This Way." Quality Living finish their new album with the relaxing floating jazz of "Mt. Oliv" and the funky breaks of "Riff On The Rabbit," which closes the album out on an energetic high note. To find out more about Quality Living and their latest release "Something Softly Caught Me," please visit

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