Thursday, May 28, 2020

Discover New Music From Indie Artists The Jerry Cans, Rory Taillon, Fonkynson and Alexandra Lost

From just north of the border comes the latest release from the indie rock band, The Jerry Cans. Their new release titled "Echoes" features fourteen tracks, beginning with a quiet, sixty-five second instrumental ("Tukturjuk"), which leads you to the more upbeat melody of "On The Rocks." The Jerry Cans combine strings with their alternative-pop sound to create an addictive sound, as displayed in the songs "Qaumajuuusi" and "Atauttikkut." After the deep bass instrumental "Spring Tide," The Jerry Cans' sound gets darker on the spacey, Americana title-track "Echoes," which really shows the band's experimental side. The Jerry Cans close out their new album with the luscious piano instrumental "Akuttujuuk," along with the electronic, 80's pop vibe of "Kazabazua" and the light, airy flow of "Nameless." To find out more about The Jerry Cans and their latest release "Echoes," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter Rory Taillon recently released his new album "Drifting." It features nine tracks, beginning with the gentle, folk ballad "Wonder," as his vocals are soothing among the song's quiet backdrop. Rory shows more passion in his vocals during "Alone," as you can tell he wants to rock out to the blues. He slowly climbs his way to your heart with the emotionally driven "Does It Matter?" and the poetic/classical nature of "Wilful & Blind." Rory Taillon finishes his new album with the stark, acoustic strumming of "Breathing" and the powerful delivery of "Welcome." To find out more about Rory Taillon and his latest release "Drifting," please visit

Experimental electronic artist Fonkynson recently released his latest effort titled "Falling." Fonkynson has become one of the top viral artists on Spotify and continues to ignite the imagination with his use of beats and melodies. Toronto bases artist Desiire lends a hand with the addictive dance beats of "Mind Games" and the album's lead single, the R&B flavor or "Giving U Up." The stellar vocals of Vaness lead the way of the deep bass groove of "You Got It," before Fonkynson finishes up his new album with the exotic experimental instrumental "Reefer Madness" and the club melody of "Atmosphere." To find out more about Fonkynson and his latest release "Falling," please visit

Singer/songwriter Jane Ehrhardt and composer Simon Paradis have come together for their debut release under the moniker Alexandra Lost. The duo's self-titled release features ten tracks that combine different elements of music to make their distinctive, but addictive sound, as in "Modern Feelings" and "A Good Thing." They incorporate a bit of funk into the groove of "Blue Line," before wrapping up their new album with the nostalgic pop tone of "Cut & Paste" and the mellow ballad "The Abyss." To find out more about Alexandra Lost and their new full-length self-titled album, please visit

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