Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Discover New Music With A Pair Of Heavy Metal Releases From Lightworker and END

San Francisco metal band, Lightworker is ready to release their full-length debut album titled "Fury By Failure" on June 12th. It features ten tracks that just come out swinging, like the intense hardcore metal opener "Emprye" and the high-energy, electrifying delivery of "The Willing Martyr." Lightworker get more melodic with the less aggressive nature of "10/18," before the screaming vocals of "World Dissolve" ignite your sense of hearing with its blistering sonic attack. They let up slightly once again, giving us a more mainstream, hard rock sound with "Cholera," before finishing their new album with the quick pounding rhythm of "Remove The Earth" and the six-minute build-up of "Dissonance," which showcases the band's excellent musicianship. To find out more about Lightworker and their latest release "Fury By Failure," please visit

Another full length debut release arriving this June, comes from the extreme metal band END. Their new album titled "Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face" features eleven tracks that just blow the doors down with its hardcore metal attack. The opener "Covet Not" is a chaotic song that takes everything to the extreme, from the screaming vocals to the pounding drums. END keep that formula for the follow-up track "Pariah," while "Fear For Me Now" is two minutes of intense, aggressive music that will certainly make your ears bleed. All of the songs carry that same formula, as END close out their album with the solid pounding and buzzing guitars of "An Apparition" and "Every Empty Vein," before arriving at the closing track, a five-minute doom metal piece titled "Sands Of Sleep." To find more about END and their latest release "Splinters Of An Ever-Changing Face," please visit

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