Thursday, May 21, 2020

Drummer Nick D'Virgilio Turns "Invisible," Tony Montana Reissues "Tombstone Shuffle" and Sandy McKnight Teams Up With Fernando Perdomo For The "San Fernando Beat"

Progressive rock drummer Nick D'Virgilio is preparing to release his new solo album "Invisible" in late June. The album features members of Dream Theater, King Crimson, Suptertramp, Cheap Trick and others. It comes out almost twenty years after his debut solo album "Karma." Nick's new album begins with the beautiful acoustics of the title-song "Invisible," as you are allowed to really appreciate D'Virgilio's vocals. Things really begin to heat up with the more intense, modern progressive rock appeal of "Turn Your Life Around," before delivering a total re-arrangement of the classic "Money (That's What I Want)." Nick shows us his skills once again on the solid pounding rhythm of "Snake Oil Salesman," while "Where's The Passion" displays Nick's outstanding songwriting on this uplifting number. The album closes with the excitingly energetic rockers "In My Bones" and "Wrong Place Wrong Time," along with the pop sensibilities of "I Know The Way." To find out more about Nick D'Virgilio and his latest release "Invisible," please visit

Former Great White bassist Tony Montana is reissuing his only solo album "Tombstone Shuffle" on CD and digitally through Deadline Music. Tony was a core member of Great White during their rise to superstardom in the late-eighties and is now a member of Jack Russell's Great White touring band. This new version of Tony Montana's solo album features twelve tracks that include the bonus tracks from both the French and Japanese releases of the album. Fans of Great White will no doubt love the sound of this album, as songs like "Little Queen," "Thunderbird" and "Skin And Bones" have the pure rock appeal. Tony also incorporates the blues into the emotional power ballads "Prayer" and "Netherworld," before closing the album with the fun, loose, acoustic blues of "Shuffle '97." To find out more about the new reissue of Tony Montana's "Tombstone Shuffle" album, please visit

Singer/songwriter Sandy McKnight has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Fernando Perdomo for a new six song EP cleverly titled "San Fernando Beat." It is the first time that these two have teamed up to create new music and it features some timeless melodies that will turn you in to and instant fan of this duo. They begin with the upbeat, nostalgic vibe of "Facing The End Of The World" and the equally addictive pop tone of "Single Flowers." Their new short release finishes with the steady, bluesier sound of "Heart In Your Hands" and the more intense rock approach of "Fake." To find out more about this new team-up between Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo, please visit

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