Friday, May 29, 2020

Escape The Troubles Of Today's World With New Music From Nate Lee, Marin Patenaude and Gina Sicilia

Arriving June 12th is the latest release from International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) award-winner Nate Lee. His new album titled "Wings Of A Jetliner" will certainly turn you into an instant fan with his wonderful finger-picking as in the opener "Wonderbat" and the down-home, feel good sound of "Tobacco." Nate's voice simply warms your heart (like James Taylor) with the gentle folk ballad "Somewhere Far Away," before quickening the pace with the exciting bluegrass strumming of "All Along." His words in "Miner's Grave" paints the perfect picture in your mind with his dark lyrics and accompanying melody. Nate Lee finishes his new album with the up-tempo instrumental piece "Rook Roller" and the nostalgic roots music of "Love Medicine." To find out more about Nate Lee and his latest release "Wings Of A Jetliner," please visit

Another amazing new release to check out is the latest studio effort from singer/songwriter Marin Patenaude. Her new album titled "Sight Unseen" was released on May 29th and features eight glorious tracks, beginning with the short poetic opener "Sight Unseen Part 1." She continues with the gentle acoustics of "The Build," as you will instantly fall in love with Marin's voice. She adds a mellow country blues tone to the song "Don't Sell The Farm," before slowly building up the tempo of the simmering rocker "Gone Blind." Marin Patenaude delivers another country gem with "Paint It Green," then closes her new release with the quiet, gentle touch of "Cold Front" and the lush ballad "Sight Unseen Part 2." To find out more about Marin Patenaude and her latest release "Sight Unseen," please visit

Also released on May 29th is the latest studio effort from singer/songwriter Gina Sicilia. Her new album titled "Love Me Madly" features eleven tracks and was produced by North Mississippi Allstars' Cody Dickinson. She kicks things off with the steady pounding rhythm of "Like The World Has Never Seen," as Gina belts out the lyrics. Her sound gets more soulful on the swinging melody of "Hey Love," before diving into the slow blues of "For A Little While." Her voice perfectly matches the emotional sounds of "Misery With You," while "Give It Up" is a smoldering rocker that burns with passion. Gina Sicilia wraps up her new album with the classic, fun shuffle of "How My Dreams They Go" and the R&B flavor of "Answer The Phone." To find out more about Gina Sicilia and her latest release "Love Me Madly," please visit

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