Monday, May 25, 2020

Ex-Hawkwind Bassist Alan Davey Opens The Vaults For His "Four Track Mind"

Former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey recently released a new 4CD box set of demos titled "Four Track Mind." The songs in this set date back to his days in Hawkwind and the music sounds amazing. Listening to these songs, you would never believe these were simply demos and not finished tracks. The opening track of the first disc is "Spiritual Modulator," which starts things off with an adventurous, exciting instrumental piece that feels like the theme of an eighties action movie. At times, the songs sound like space explorations, as in "R.E.M. Time" and "E-On Strings" This disc centers around Davey's 1986 to 1988 output, as many of the songs center around keyboards and synthesizers like "Dragon Chaser" and "Moody Motion." One of only a couple of the songs that does contain lyrics like "Sunrise Assassins," feel like a cross between Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

Disc two continues the eighties space rock vibe with epic pieces like the seven-plus minute instrumentals "The Call" and "Simulator." Alan Davey gets even more experimental on the electronic soundscape of "Drive," before showcasing his hard rock edge on the intense pounding of "Hitze Seeker V" and "Out Of My Box." One of the most experimental pieces in this set is "The Noise," which feels like getting pushed out to sea by a continuous wave of sonic vibes. The second disc closes with the worldly transcendental rock melody of "Tribal Daze."

The feel of the third disc is that these songs are inspired by the early days of Hawkwind, as Davey rocks out to the classic, progressive feel of "Lost In The Smoke" and "Snake Charmer." The addictive nature of "Deep Space Rock" is hard to resist, as the song's groove has that nostalgic heavy metal tone to it, while "Blue Shift" takes you on a blissful sonic trip through sound. Disc four keeps the music exciting and aggressive with the masterful bass work of "Greenback Massacre" and "Assimilation," along with the wonderfully melodic touch of "Creamy." The song "Alien Fingers" sounds like the offshoot of an earlier track, "The Noise," as the sound is very sonically experimental. The set closes with the funky breaks of "In The Game" and the floating soundscape of "Reality Foil." To find out more about Alan Davey's new box set "Four Track Mind," please visit

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