Sunday, May 17, 2020

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Releases From Mani Neumeier, Mrs. Fun and Rocco Zifarelli

Legendary founding member of the German krautrock band Guru Guru, Mani Neumeier shows no signs of slowing down as he approaches his 80th birthday this December. He and his band Guru Guru recently released a new live album and now he teamed up with his friends in Okinawa for a new album titled "Galapagos." It features eight new tracks recorded in February 2019 that look to explore the outer-reaches of progressive music. The album begins with the title song "Galapagos," which experiments with the sounds of clanking glass among a backdrop of "jamband" type of space-rock exploration. Next, the band step into a more rock direction with the intense drumming of "Sitting On The Banyan Tree" and the sonically exciting rock boogie of "Groove Club Shuffle." Mani and his band then return to the more experimental, ten-minute, subtly build-up of "Sango Beach," before closing out the album with the free-form, psychedelic sound art project "Midori Roots." To find out more about Mani Neumeier and his releases with Guru Guru and solo, please visit

Avant-Garde jazz duo Connie Garuer and Kiim Zick have released their latest studio effort under the moniker Mrs. Fun. Their new album titled "Truth" is filled with exciting jazz grooves, infused with elements of funk, hip-hop and rock to make something special for your ears. Mrs. Fun begin their latest release with the deep bass groove of "19," highlighted by slick drum breaks and keyboard runs that makes every instrument stand out on its own in the spotlight. The album continues with the poetic, hip-hop lyrical flow of "Process Is The Purpose," as a jazzy backdrop keeps the energy flowing, before taking it up another notch with the swift sonic groove of "Tula's Turnaround." The duo lock in perfectly to cover the familiar melodies of "Soulful Strut" and "Light My Fire," which gives you a different view of the famous song by The Doors. Mrs. Fun finish up their new album with the international sounding jazz vibes of "Orange Grove," the intense pounding rock approach of "Space Port-Pinocchio" and the gentler, gliding melody of the "Calm Before The Storm." To find out more about Mrs. Fun and their latest release "Truth," please visit

Italian jazz guitarist Rocco Zifarelli recently released his new solo album titled "Music Unites." Zifarelli may be best known for his work along side legendary film composer Ennio Morricone and has continued that experience on his latest release. Rocco Zifarelli invited many friends to help with his latest project, as he takes center stage on these ten new songs. The album begins with the exciting, adventurous flow of "Northern Line," which feels like the theme for a new upcoming action movie. Rocco adds more electronics to his sound in the modern jazz approach to "Aural," while also paying tribute to his mentor by revisiting two Morricone classics by revisioning "Le clan des Siciliens" and "The Untouchables." Zifarelli and his band get funky with the bass line and guitar wizardry of "Essential Blues," before wrapping up his new album with the swift, worldly jazz fusion of "Abidjan" and an alternate take of the famous theme from "The Untouchables." To find out more about Rocco Zifarelli and his latest release "Music Unites," please visit

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