Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Get Your Head-Banging With New Releases From Old Roger's Revenge and Shade

Italian "sludge metal" band, Old Roger's Revenge is preparing to release their first full-length album "Vengeance Of Blackbeard," since forming in 2014. The band sings of the tales of fighting the oppressive system of today, but with a pirate's image and thunderous sound. They begin their album with the pounding bass line and screaming vocals of "Dead Men Tell No Tales," followed quickly by the thrash metal attack of "The Sealane." The chugging rhythm of the title-song "Vengeance Of Blackbeard" has Old Roger's Revenge right in the mix of some of the top new heavy metal bands of 2020. The eerie instrumental "Never Set Sail On Friday" leads you down the path to the hardcore, heavy metal attack of "Down In The Depths," which carries a deep raw energy. Old Roger's Revenge wrap up their new twelve-song release with the intense, aggressive delivery of "Light House Of Death" and then showcase their progressive metal side with "Marooned." To find out more about Old Roger's Revenge and their latest release "Vengeance Of Blackbeard," please visit

Canadian rock band, Shade recently released their debut album "Combat Rave" earlier this month. It features ten tracks that will get your blood pumping with their grunge-like, punk-infused addictive sound, beginning with fuzzed out guitars of "Brain Suck." The album continues with modern psychedelic vibe of "Morningmaker" and the high-energy, punk-like blast of "Colour Of Dreams." They take their foot off the punk-rock pedal for the steady, heavy pounding of "Easy Evil" and add some more "neo-psychedelia's mind-melting hooks" to the buzz of "Controller." Shade finish their new album with the swirling acoustics of "Tell Me" and the raw, pure energy of "GTFO." To find out more about Shade and their latest release "Combat Rave," please visit

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