Thursday, May 7, 2020

Guru Guru Are Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary With A New Release "Live In China"

German krautrock (cosmic rock) band Guru Guru recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and original founding member Mani Neumeier will be celebrating his 80th birthday this December. In honor of these two accomplishments, Guru Guru are planning on an extensive 50 date tour (once the pandemic is over) and have also recently released a new CD & DVD set titled "Live In China." It was recorded at the Tomorrow Festival in 2019 and has that raw, in the moment feel, without all the slick remastering that sometimes ruins live albums. The band has released over 30 studio and live albums throughout it's 52 year history and this new release is the next chapter in the band's evolution.

The show starts off with the intense seven-minute space rock instrumental "Dark Blue Star," followed by the jazz fusion of "Iddli Killer." Guru Guru breakout the classic rock sounding "Read Air," before delivering the adventurous, experimental tale of "Living In The Woods." They keep the excitement flowing with the bluesy sonic blast of "Space Baby" and the rockabilly feel of "Magic Tree." Guru Guru finish the show with a jump back in time to their early days with the pounding rhythm of "Ooga Booga Special" and the jazz fusion return of "Digital Analog." To find out more about Guru Guru, their upcoming tour and their latest release "Live In China," please visit

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