Monday, May 18, 2020

Metal Blade Records Is Preparing To Unleash New Music From Sorcerer and Behemoth

On May 29th, Metal Blade Records will unleash two new albums from the bands Sorcerer and Behemoth. The roots of Sorcerer date back over thirty years, but their new album "Lamenting Of The Innocent" is only the band's third full-length release and expands upon the band's "epic doom" metal tag. The new nine-song release begins with a more energetic, progressive metal feel on "The Hammer Of Witches," as the band mix together a classic metal sound with a more modern edge to it. Their "epic" side shines on the nearly nine-minute metal pounding of the title-song "Lamenting Of The Innocent," while the gentle acoustics of "Deliverance" display the quieter side to the band's songwriting. Sorcerer finish their new album with the slow, chugging doom metal guitars of "Age Of The Damned" and the stellar, electrifying guitar solos of "Path To Perdition." To find out more about Sorcerer and their latest release "Lamenting Of The Innocent," please visit

The Polish extreme metal band Behemoth are also releasing some new music May 29th with a new four song EP titled "A Forest." It features two versions of the famous song by The Cure. First is a new studio recording of the song, featuring vocals by Niklas Kvarforth (Shining), as Behemoth showcase another dimension to their extreme metal sound by covering this dark gothic hymn. There is also a live version of the track, which also includes Niklas on lead vocals. The other two tracks are Behemoth originals ("Shadows ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha" and "Evoe") taken from the 2018 "I Loved You At Your Darkest" studio album sessions, with "Evoe" being the more exciting, aggressive and energetic of the two tracks. To find out more about Behemoth and their latest release "A Forest," please visit

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