Monday, May 4, 2020

New Hard Rock Releases From One Step From Falling and Elder

American art-rock band, One Step From Falling recently released their new studio album "Stuck On The Wayside." The band have performed on stage along with artists like Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust and Stone Temple Pilots. The band's new release features fifteen tracks that will take you on a journey with their stylized delivery of hard rock, beginning with the short island vibe introduction of "Lungo la Strada." Then things really get heavy with the chugging guitar riffs and intense vocals of "Wayside" and the more modern rock approach of "Black Cosstice," which feels perfectly built for radio airplay. The aggression builds back up during the pounding rhythm of "Stuck," while "Demons" has more melodic flow to the music that allows you to ride the wave of sonic energy. Their hard rock side shines once again during the dark sounding "Paroxysm," which feels as if it was influenced by progressive metal masters, Tool. One Step From Falling finish off their new album with the seven-plus minute rock epic "Left Behind," which seems to encompass the band's unique musical approach into this one song. To find out more about One Step From Falling and their latest release "Stuck On The Wayside," please visit

Back in April, progressive rockers Elder released their latest album "Omens" to rave reviews from Rolling Stone and Revolver magazines. Their new five song release begins with the nearly eleven-minute title song "Omens," which keeps a steady pace throughout, while also allowing the stellar musicianship of the band to shine. The band's sound ventures into "jamband" territory with the more atmospheric melody of "In Procession," before returning to the more aggressive hard rock approach of "Embers," which takes another musical path for fans of Elder to follow. The band wrap up their new album with the exciting, epic journey of "On Light Retreating," as the synthesizer plays just as an important roll as the rest of the instruments. To find out more about Elder and their latest release "Omens," please visit

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