Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Witnesses, Dismalimerence, Stygian Crown and Pale Divine

As the weather begins to warm up, so does the release schedule for heavy metal music. First, arriving at the end of the month is self-released sophomore album titled Doom II" from the progressive metal band from New York City, Witnesses. If features only six tracks, but each one is an epic trip to the dark side, beginning with the explosive, hardcore grind of "On This Black Ocean." Witnesses mix together doom and classical metal on the eleven-minute collage of "I Hope Their Prayers Aren't Answered," followed by the slow-moving metal buzz of "Worse With Time." They finish their new album with the aggressive build-up of "Who Were You Before All This" and the mainstream metal appeal of "An Ending." To find out more about Witnesses and their latest release "Doom II," please visit facebook.com/witnesses.nyc.

Fast-forward to June and a trio of new heavy metal releases are being unleashed, beginning with the full-length debut album from Chicago's death metal outfit Dismalimerence. Their album titled "Tome: 1," features eight tracks, beginning with the nearly twelve minute progressive metal attack of "Crimson Glow," which also showcases the band's melodic side. Things get down to business with the more intense heavy metal pounding of "Sequestered Hearts" and the thrash-like speed of "My Only Love." Dismalimerence mixes in even more melody to the explosive start of "Negligence Of The Forgotten," before closing their new album with the roller-coaster aggression of "Destined For Solitude." To find out more about Dismalimerence and their latest release "Tome: 1," please visit facebook.com/Dismalimerence.

Another debut release arrives from fellow death metal band Stygian Crown. Their new self-titled album kicks things into high gear right away with the hardcore pounding of "Devour The Dead" and the more progressive metal nature of the eight-plus minute mystical approach of "Through Divine Right." Stygian Crown show flashes of intense hardcore metal during the songs "Flametongue" and "When Old Gods Die," while "Two Coins For The Ferryman" carries a classic, powerful metal sound to close out the band's debut album. To find out more about Stygian Crown and their new self-titled release, please visit facebook.com/stygiancrown.

Lastly we arrive at the new album "Consequence Of Time" from heavy metal veterans Pale Divine. The band are celebrating twenty-five years with a new studio album that easily ranks up their as one of their best. They start off their new eight-song release with the nostalgic sounding chugging guitars of "Tyrants & Pawns (Easy Prey)" and the steady, solid pounding rhythm of "Shadow's Own." Their sound turns dark on the deep bass groove of "Broken Martyr," along with the slower doom metal feel of "Phantasmagoria." Pale Divine wrap up their new album with the ten-plus minute epic progressive metal adventure of the title song "Consequence Of Time," along with more classic metal riffs during "Saints Of Fire." To find out more about Pale Divine and their latest release "Consequence Of Time," please visit facebook.com/serpentspath

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