Saturday, May 2, 2020

Legendary Progressive Rockers Nektar Release Digital Only Live Album

The English progressive rock band, Nektar recently released a digital-only live album recorded this past March titled "Live From The Wildley Theatre." It features fifteen's tracks that span the band's entire 50 year career. Beginning with the short instrumental "The Light Beyond," it leads the way to the fifteen-minute epic "A Tab In The Ocean" which really rocks and proves that Nektar is still at the top of their game. The sound of this new release is not perfect, which only adds to this special live setting, making you feel as if you are right there in the audience for this special show. 

The performance continues to roll with the keyboard frenzy of "The Devils Door," before revisiting their first album with sonic melody of "The Dream Nebula/It's All In The Mind/Driftin'." One of the highlights of the set is the beautifully performed "SkyWriter" and the equally stunning "It's All Over," before returning to the pounding rock rhythm of "Remember The Future." Nektar finish the show with the British blues, guitar boogie of "I'm On Fire" and the passion of "Good Day." To find out more about Nektar and their new live album "Live From The Wildley Theatre," please visit

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