Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Walk-A-Bout See "20/20" On Their Latest Release

Arriving June 5th on Shred The Evidence Records is the latest release from the New York rock band, The Walk-A-Bout. Their new album titled "20/20" features ten tracks that look to continue the success of their last album "Things Are Looking Up." The album kicks off with the mature rock approach of "Victory Parade," followed by the genuine New Orleans-style groove of "Date Nut Porridge," which will certainly have you take notice of The Walk-A-Bout.

The band get funky with the breakdown of "Timeless," as you can just picture the band extending this song into a massive jam. They incorporate an island vibe into the bluesy style of "Get Me To The Station," before picking the energy up for the hard rocking "Hero." The Walk-A-Bout finish their new album with the exciting swampy, rock/blues instrumental of "Trash Talkin'" and the acoustic country blues ballad "Taking It West." To find out more about The Walk-A-Bout and their latest release "20/20," please visit walkaboutband.com

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Unknown said...

I can't wait to get the vinyl version!!