Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie Artists Custard Flux, Dinosaur Eyelids and Bish Bash

Arriving July 3rd is the new release "Oxygen" from Detroit artist Custard Flux. This is his third release and was recorded during the first few weeks of the "Great Quarantine of 2020." It features ten tracks that carry a similar vibe to his other band, The Luck Of Eden Hall, but with a more earthy, stripped down sound. The album begins with the eight minute opener of "Oxygen/Gelatinous Mass," which still brings in a psych-pop sound, with elements of early Frank Zappa and The Mothers, as a great blues jam closes out the song. The tempo and excitement picks up with the steady drumming of "You Can't Get Away," before the acoustic, psych-folk ballad "Quarantyne," about being stuck inside, alone during this pandemic. Custard Flux delivers a nostalgic sixties-rock vibe with "Monster Island," then floats down a psychedelic trip with the gentle melody of "Innocence And Peppermints." Custard Flux finishes his new album with the nearly nine-minute guitar-driven rocker "Capacity Overload," along with two bonus tracks, an alternate version of his song "She Opens Her Eyes" and the high-energy of "I'm Feeling So Much Better." To find out more about Custard Flux and his latest release "Oxygen," please visit custardflux.bandcamp.com.

Next, from New Jersey comes the latest release from the alternative rock/punk band Dinosaur Eyelids. Their new album titled "Sticker Famous" features eleven tracks, beginning with the dark, raw, grunge tone of "Shake" and "Nogward Spiral." They display their punk side with the high-energy attack of "Never Gonna Be Your Woman," which draws upon elements of The Stooges and that seventies punk vibe. The pounding rhythm of "Faded" becomes very addictive, while "Munchausen By Proxy" is soaked in all its nineties alternative-rock/grunge glory. Dinosaur Eyelids close out their new album with the intense, simple, short aggressive feel of "Dead Celebrities" and the raw, guitar buzz of "Shot To Shit." To find out more about Dinosaur Eyelids and their latest release "Sticker Famous," please visit dinosaureyelidsnj.com.

Finally, we travel to Tel Aviv for some new music from the pop/rock band Bish Bash. Their latest releases are a three song EP titled "Live At The Turkish House" and a new single called "Loop." The song has a gentle flowing melody, which continues to build into a loop. Their new live album is a blast of energy, as you get the full effect of their music, beginning with the new wave rock appeal of "Doctor." Next, they take on "Trump" with a more aggressive, alternative rock approach, which suites the song's political message. Bish Bash finish their new short live EP with the punk like fury of "Social Skills." To find out more about Bish Bash and some of their new music, please visit facebook.com/BishBashBand.

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