Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists Starpainter, Wray and Chris Bell

Just last month we saw the arrival of the debut album "Bury Me By My Family" from the alternative country band, Starpainter. Their sound draws strong similarities to Ryan Adams' late-nineties band, Whiskeytown, as they find that space between rock and country music that make their music cross genres. Starpainter start off their new ten-song release with the addictive, mid-tempo flow of "Mark Of Cain," before heading into nostalgic country territory with "Strange Corridors." They add a bit blues into their sound with the steady pace of "Slammin' On The Brakes," while the uptempo, roots-rock combo of "Windowsill" certainly shows the band finding the right sound to grow into something special. Starpainter wrap up their new album with the dark country tones of "Cemetery" and the laid-back Americana vibe of "County Line." To find out more about Starpainter and their latest release "Bury Me By My Family," please visit facebook.com/StarpainterBand.

Next up is the latest release titled "Stream Of Youth/Blank World" from the Alabama pop/rock band Wray. Their new nine-song release are two-records in one, beginning with the futuristic, electronic pop melody of "Jogging." The ambient flow of "Neon Forming" has a subtle touch of music, as you calm down to song's mellow vibe, before the energy picks up with the pop/rock delivery of "Limelight." The blues/jazz touch of "Nebulous" takes you on a seven-minute journey of relaxation, before Wray dive back into the pop elements of "Blank World." They finish up their new album with the gentle musical path of "Good Time" and the New Wave approach of "Superior." To find out more about Wray and their latest release "Stream Of Youth/Blank World," please visit facebook.com/wraymusic.

Musical artist Chris Bell has taken his years of experience as a member of the band, Wintersleep and working as a sound engineer for others like Broken Social Scene and Arkells. Bell's new album titled "Division Street" features ten tracks, beginning with the alternative folk experiment "Central Nervous System" and the gentle strumming of "Searching In The Dark." The energy picks up with the addictive alt-pop melody of "Effoff A G," before the simply acoustics of "A Plain Name" shines a light on to Chris Bell's stellar songwriting. He closes new album with the shuffle rhythm of "Empty Row Boat" and the alternative rock approach of "Whispering Town." To find out more about Chris Bell and his latest release "Division Street," please visit facebook.com/chrisbellsongs.

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