Saturday, June 20, 2020

Check Out New Music From Indie-Rockers Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood, Silver Nightmares and Between The Rain

Arriving just last month on CD and limited edition vinyl is the debut album from the Chicago glam/punk band, Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood. Their new album titled "Gigantosaur" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the title-track, the guitar-driven instrumental "Gigantosaur," which leads you into the up-and-down chord changes of "Girl Over Here." They pick the energy up with the steady hard rock pace of "To Be Is Beautiful," before flexing their raw, punk muscle on the energetic blast of "Five Foot Heels." Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood showcase their softer, more melodic side with the Queen-inspired "Little People" and then take on the AC/DC anthem "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)," adding their own special touch to this classic rock song. The band wrap up their new album with the straight-up punk rock assault of "There Is Always More" and the relaxed, floating melody of "I'm A Big Deal." To find out more about Tiny Bit Of Giant's Blood and their latest release "Gigantosaur," please visit

Next, we travel to Italy for the debut release from the premier, independent Italian progressive-rock band, Silver Nightmares. Their new EP is titled "The Wandering Angel" and it contains six tracks that sound like this band has been around for decades in the classic rock community. Their sound has a nostalgic, classic rock appeal, as displayed in the melodic harmonies of the opening title track, "The Wandering Angel." They pick the tempo up with the more intense, hard rock delivery of the instrumental "D.D.(Dick Dastardly)," before reaching the grand, epic presentation of "David The King." Silver Nightmares finish up their new EP release with the explosive, harmonic, progressive delivery of "Dame Nature" and a radio edit of the album's lead single "The Wandering Angel." To find out more about Silver Nightmares and their latest release "The Wandering Angel," please visit

Finally, from New York City comes the new self-titled release from hard rockers Between The Rain. The history of this trio dates back quite a few years, but they finally have their first release through Pavement Entertainment. Even though it only features two songs, Between The Rain have their finger firmly on the pulse of modern rock sound. They begin with the aggressive, hard-hitting attack of "Mudroom," show how heavy their music can get, before slowing down for the more melodic alternative grunge of "Fox." If this is only a taste at what the band have to offer, I cannot wait to hear their full-length debut release. To find out more about Between The Rain, please visit

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