Sunday, June 14, 2020

Darlin' Brando Wants You To Enjoy His New Album "Also, Too..."

Arriving June 19th is the debut studio album from Darlin' Brando titled "Also, Too..." Darlin' Brando is the pseudonym for singer, songwriter and drummer Brandon Goldstein, who also self-produced the album. Brandon, while recording in Nashville, invited The Streise Bar Band to help him flesh out most tracks on this honky-tonk country release.

The album begins with the nostalgic country duet between Brandon and his wife Edith Freni on "When You Don't Fight," which feels like it has the perfect chemistry of energy and harmonies to start things off with a fun, exciting song to sing along to. Darlin' Brando delivers even more southern swagger with the steady pace of the country rocker "Therapy," while "Weeds & Flowers" is a sweet, gentle, folk-sounding ballad. Brandon's friend, A.J. Croce (son of Jim Croce) lends a hand on the classic Sun Records sounding, early rock and roll vibe of "Last Call," before Darlin' Brando finish up his new eight-song album with the strumming acoustic tale of "The Old Man And The Kid." To find out more about Darlin' Brando and his latest release "Also, Too...," please visit

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