Monday, June 15, 2020

Jazz Trumpeter John Lake Flies With "Seven Angels" On His Debut Release

On June 26th, New York based trumpeter and composer John Lake will be releasing his debut studio effort titled "Seven Angels" on the Outside In Music label. John has played in a number of large jazz ensembles, but is now ready to break-off on his own (with the help of a handful of fellow rising jazz musicians). Lake's new eleven song release is a mixture of contemporary originals and modernized versions of some traditional jazz classics.

The new album begins with the exciting build up of "The Bet," which feels like the perfect introduction to John Lake and his band. The music continues to build and crest with each solo. The album continues with the graceful melody of "Nightwatch" and the energetic, swinging rhythm of "Whelmed." Contemporary composer/pianist Steven Feifke lends a hand with his magical working of the key on "Intro To Pearls," which leads into "Pearls Of The Tartar," which is a wonderful collaboration between the two artists, respecting each others outstanding talents. Another jolt of energy arrives with the pulses of rhythm and brass during "A Shade Of Jade," before John Lake finishes his new album with classic sounding solo runs of "Signal Changes" and the gentle, sweeping flow of "Everything I Love." On June 26th, there will also be a live stream of John Lake's "Seven Angels" album release. To find out more, please visit

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