Friday, June 12, 2020

L. Shankar Goes Solo Once Again With Help From Some Friends, While The Intelligent Music Project Releases Album V

Legendary rock violinist Lakshminarayana Shankar, better known as L. Shankar is preparing to release his latest studio effort titled "Chepleeri Dream." For some, the name L. Shankar may not be commonly known, but he has worked with an all-star cast of artists like Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and many more. His latest album finds L. Shankar working along side Korn's Jonathan Davis, bassist extraordinaire Tony Levin, Scott Page of Supertramp and Toto, along with many others. The album begins with Davis handling the vocals, on the ambient flow of "In My Heart," which is also the album's lead single. The song's melodic body is a relaxing, electronic progressive rock piece, which introduces you to L. Shankar's all-star band. The album picks up a little more energy with the steady beat of "Faith," highlighted by Page's exciting saxophone solo. World renowned vedic chanter P.N. Sivarama Krishnan introduced us to a deeper, worldly sound with his vocal chants at the beginning of the album's title song "Chepleeri Dream," before returning to the straight-up rock of "Suppose." L. Shankar wraps up his new album with his stellar violin work on the contemporary pop/rock feel of "Ocean Waves" and the gentle floating melody of the instrumental "Emotions." To find out more about L. Shankar and his latest release "Chepleeri Dream," please visit

The Intelligent Music Project V recently released their new all-star studio album titled "Life Motion." The album features members of Toto, Rainbow, Asia and the River Hounds. It kicks off with the steady climb of classic rock music, as the opener "A Kind Of Real Life" is addictive and energetic and full of progressive excitement. The music gets even more intense with "Don't Let Them Win," with the perfect combination of guitar riffs, harmonies and powerful drumming. The band's rock and roll passion burns on "Letting Me In," before taking the energy up another notch with the aggressive, hard rocker "We Keep On Running." The members grab hold of your heart with the emotions of "By The Side Of The Minute" and "The Final Act," before closing out their new album with the swagger of "Rising" and the graceful power ballad "The Things In Your Mind." To find out more about the Intelligent Music Project V's latest release "Life Motion," please visit

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