Wednesday, June 24, 2020

New Metal Music Arriving Soon From Torrefy, Northern Crown, Lantern and Drops Of Heart

From Canada comes the new self-released album from the death metal/speed metal band Torrefy. The band's new release titled "Life Is Bad" features nine tracks, beginning with the intense, piercing vocals and thunderous rhythm of "Sarcophony. As you are taken along the song's nine minute journey, you discover the musical depths that this band deliver at every turn and chord change. The melodic beginning of "Eye Of The Swarm," simply explodes into the song's hardcore, machine gun drumming attack. Torrefy hit you with the quick, thrash metal bashing of "GFYD," while "Arborequiem" takes you on another nine-minute journey of intense, hardcore death metal music. They finish up their new album with speedy chaos of "Cells" and the final juggernaut of "Plague Of Empires." To find out more about Torrefy and their latest release "Life Is Bad," please visit

Also arriving at the beginning of July is the new self-release from one of Florida's premier underground metal bands, Northern Crown. Their new album titled "In a Pallid Shadow" features only five tracks, but displays a maturity in their sound that is well beyond their seven year career. They begin with the epic, progressive metal appeal of "Leprosarium," as Northern Crown delivers their iconic nostalgic metal sound. Their musicianship is stunning on the follow-up "The Last Snowflall," before they wrap up their new album with the chugging metal riffs of "8 Hours" and the grand, intense delivery of the adventurous nine-minute closer "Observing." To find out more about Northern Crown and their latest release "In A Pallid Shadow," please visit

Arriving July 10 on Dark Descent Records is the third full-length release from Finnish death metal band, Lantern." Their new album titled "Dimensions" features six tracks, beginning with the seven-minute attack of "Strange Nebula." Instead of simply trying to pound their message into your brain, they deliver a more melodic metal sound, as displayed in the follow-up track, "Beings." Lantern pick-up the energy with the intense, thrash-metal blast of "Cauldron Of Soul," before finishing their new album with a fourteen-minute progressive metal piece "Monolith Abyssal Dimensions," which shows that Lantern are more than just your average death metal band. To find out even more about Lantern and their latest release "Dimensions," please visit

Then, at the end of July we see the arrival of "Stargazers" from the Russian melodic, death metal band, Drops Of Heart. This is the band's second full-length release and features a dozen tracks that display another side to the death metal genre. They begin their new album with "Echoes," which features a grand opening melody that leads you down the path of screaming vocals and pounding drums that will surely quicken your heartbeat. Next, Drops Of Heart come blasting down the walls with the intense attack of "Frost Vice," before showcasing their best attempt at a more mainstream metal sound with "Lull." They continue with the sonic blast "Modern Madness" and the thunderous rhythm of "Exodus," before wrapping up their new album with their quieter, more melodic touch of "Death Lover" and the addictive closer "Stargazers." To find out more about Drops Of Heart and their latest release "Stargazers," please visit

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