Monday, June 22, 2020

New Music Arriving From Metal Blade Records Artists Falconer and Ensiferum

Swedish metal band, Falconer are preparing to release their new studio album "From A Dying Ember" on June 26th through Metal Blade Records. This is the band's ninth album of their nearly twenty year career. This latest release from Falconer features eleven tracks, beginning with the epic, thunderous blast of "Kings And Queens" and the swift pace of "Desert Dream," which continues to showcase the band's European heavy metal sound. They take a step back for their hardcore attack with the Viking-sounding melody of "Bland Sump och Dy," before returning to the metal forefront with the pounding rhythm and chugging guitar riffs of "In Regal Attire." Falconer wrap up their new album with the soft, emotional delivery of the piano-led ballad "Rejoice And Adored" and the progressive, Viking-metal adventure of "Rapture." To find out more about Falconer and their latest release "From A Dying Ember," please visit

Finnish metal band, Ensiferum are also preparing to release their new album "Thalassic" on July 10th through Metal Blade Records. This band is also preparing to take the heavy metal world by storm with their latest nine-track studio release. The slow-building, three-minute opener "Seafarer's Dream" feels like the calm before the storm, as the grand theme leads you to the aggressive, hardcore metal attack of "Rum, Women, Victory." Next, the screaming vocals tell us the tale of "Andromeda," while the guitars and drums power you through the song's sonic energetic blast. Ensiferum take their death metal sound to another level with the intense delivery of "Run From The Crushing Tide," before slowing down for the more melodic flow of "One With The Sea." They finish their new album with the energetic, folk-metal sing-along "Midsummer Magic" and the nearly nine-minute progressive metal epic "Cold Northland (Vainamoinen Part III)," which showcases their exceptional musicianship. To find out more about Ensiferum and their latest release "Thalassic," please visit

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