Sunday, June 21, 2020

New Music Has Arrived From Zanov, Steinar Karlsen, Pablo Embon and Moon Over Mountain

French electronic artist Zanov returns with another new album titled "Chaos Islands." It's his third album in the last decade, but only his sixth full-length since his debut in 1977. His new full-length release features seven tracks, beginning with the energetic beats of "Edge Of The Chaos Island." It's seven minutes of mind-expanding electronics, as you follow Zanov's music into the rabbit hole for a unique instrumental journey. The music of "Inception Island" simply glides along as you drown in Zanov's ambient delivery. Subtle changes in sound during "Three Body Island" keeps you on alert, following whatever direction the music takes you. Zanov closes out his new album with sonic atmospheric trek of "Phase Space Island" and the steady flowing pace of "Emergence Island." To find out more about Zanov and his latest release "Chaos Islands," please visit

Next, Norwegian guitarist Steinar Karlsen recently released his latest studio effort titled "Destination Venus." Karlsen may be best know as a surf-guitar instrumentalist, but on his new twelve-track release, he lays down a more earthy, blues tone as displayed in the opening track "The Goodbye." He picks the energy up with the fiery, blazing guitar instrumental "Night Flight," while "Weightless" has a slinky, sultry way of reaching out and grabbing your rock and roll soul in less than a minute. Steinar adds a bit of surf-style guitar work into "Space Camel," while "The Trip" is an exciting, energetic instrumental to get the body moving. He finishes up his new album with the jazzy flow of "A Billion Stars" and the spaced-out, sonic build-up of "Acid Rain." To find out more about Steinar Karlsen and his latest release "Destination Venus," please visit

Israel-based, multi-instrumentalist Pablo Embon dives into the genres of jazz, funk, blues, rock and Latin music for his latest release "Harmony Tales." The album features twelve tracks, beginning with the graceful, jazzy melody of "Vintage Lover" and the more upbeat, bluesy-touch of "Calling Out." His music quietly glides along the natural sounds of "Nothing Left Behind," before displaying a more exciting, worldly flow to "Song Of India." The Latin flair of "Taste Of Freedom" showcases many of Pablo's musical talents," as does the elegant touch of "My Little Magic Box." He closes his new album with the funky rhythm of "Our Time" and solo piano piece "The Best Of Me." To find out more about Pablo Embon and his latest release "Harmony Tales," please visit

Finally, we arrive at the sophomore effort from the Colorado duo, Moon Over Mountain. Their new album titled "Champagne & Brass" features twelve tracks, beginning with the full-on synthesizer instrumental "Champagne & Brass." The elegant vocals of "The First Snowfall" gives their music an ambient, floating melody, which adds another dimension to their electronic-based music. The spiritual feel of "Close To My Heart" has an inspired sound, while "Kyoto 21" has a pop beat that doesn't match the angelic singing of Megan Buness. Moon Over Mountain wrap up their new album with the beautiful sounds of "Passing Sacred Ground" and the electronic dance beats of "AOC." To find out more about Moon Over Mountain and their latest release "Champagne & Brass," please visit

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