Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Releases Have Arrived From Clint Lowery, Tyler Carter, Make Them Suffer and Lightworker

Sevendust co-founder and vocalist Clint Lowery recently snuck out a new five-song EP titled "Grief & Distance" through Rise Records. The album's lead-off track "Distance" displays a quieter side to what fans may expect from Lowery, as he concentrates more on the song's melody, instead of the powerful energy that we usually find him delivering in Sevendust. The entire new EP follows that same path, with the emotional delivery of "I'm Wrong" and acoustic versions of "What's The Matter" and "Kings," which allows you to focus more on the song's lyrics and Lowery's amazing vocals. To find out more about Clint Lowery's new album "Grief & Distance," please visit

Issues vocalist Tyler Carter has also toned down his sound for his latest release "Moonshine." It features eight acoustic tracks, which allows you to focus more on his songwriting and stellar vocals. He begins with the graceful melody of "Drown" and emotional delivery of "Escape My Love," as Tyler shows us another side to his musical talents. He delivers a gentle touch to Stevie Nicks' "Landslide," while "Glow" carries a pop sound that becomes very addictive. Tyler Carter closes out his new album with the uplifting hope of "Good Things" and the R&B flavor of "Focus." To find out more about Tyler Carter and his latest acoustic release "Moonshine," please visit

Also earlier this month featured the arrival of the new album from the Australian metal band, Make Them Suffer. Their new album titled "How To Survive A Funeral" includes ten new songs that will certainly turn you into a fan of the band, if you are not one already. The opening instrumental "Step One" begins with a gentle melody, before flipping the switch to the band's signature hardcore metal sound. The energetic blast of music continues right through "Falling Ashes" and "Bones." Make Them Suffer add more melody to the chugging guitars and screaming vocals of "Drown With Me" and "Soul Decay," while "How To Survive A Funeral" features the perfect combination of aggressiveness and lush harmonies. The band wrap up their new album with the quieter approach of "The Attendant" and the final hardcore metal attack of "That's Just Life." To find out more about Make Them Suffer and their latest release "How To Survive A Funeral," please visit

San Francisco metal band, Lightworker recently released their full-length debut album "Fury By Failure." Born out of the ashes of former west coast metal bands, Lightworker's new release is a breath of fresh air in the hardcore metal community. They begin with the intensity of "Empyre," which kicks the album off with an addictive and equally energetic new metal anthem. They turn the tempo up another notch with the aggressive attack of "The Willing Martyr" and "Words Dissolve." Lightworker then add a more melodic backdrop to the modern metal energy of "Losing Ground," before adding more emotion to the more mainstream appeal of "Cholera." They finish off their new album with thunderous pounding rhythm of "Remove The Earth" and the solid, six-plus minute closer "Dissonance." To find out more about Lightworker and their latest release "Fury By Failure," please visit

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