Thursday, June 11, 2020

Oracle Hoping Their "Hindsight Is 2020" & New Dilemma Are Beginning Their "Story"

Arriving June 12th, is the latest release from heavy metal trio Oracle. Their new album titled "Hindsight 2020" is the band's fifth full-length release in four years, and their first through Pavement Entertainment. It features nine tracks that will shake your skull, beginning with the raw, aggressive pounding of "We Won't Go Down Without A Fight," which just may have become the band's battle cry, fighting for every bit of recognition they rightfully deserve. Oracle's high-powered attack continues with the screams of "The Crow" and chugging guitar riffs of "Breaking Down The Walls." The band display a dark, more melodic side with the mystical flow of "Pandora's Box," before finishing their new album with the intensity of "Dear Friend" and the progressive metal nature of "Infinite Black." To find out more about Oracle and their latest release "Hindsight 2020," please visit

Two weeks later, we have the debut release from the Florida hard rock band New Dilemma. Their new album titled "Is Your Story Over" features only six tracks, but introduces you to another dimension of hard rock music. They kick things off with "Don't Lose Control," an electronic, new wave sound that crashes the rock party with an addictive chorus and intense pounding rhythm. Their sound get more aggressive on the dark metal approach of "Bury My Demons," before mixing their metal side with more melodic, electronic tone of "Playing Victim." New Dilemma finish up their new album with the pounding rhythm of "Is Your Story Over" and chugging guitar riffs of the energetic closer "It's Time To Move On." To find out more about New Dilemma and their latest release "Is Your Story Over," please visit

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