Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pinnacle Point's Sophomore Release Conducts A New "Symphony Of Mind"

Progressive rockers Pinnacle Point are returning July 17th with a brand new studio album titled "Symphony Of Mind." The band's 2017 debut release "Winds Of Change" turned many fans onto the band and this latest set of eleven tracks will certainly spread their music to a larger audience.

They start things off with the highly energetic instrumental "Ascent To The Point," which is exciting, rocking and very well structured. Pinnacle Point continues with the melodic rock of "So Alive," that ranks the band up there with some of classic rock's greatest like Styx and Asia. Next, they inject a shot of adrenaline into the swift pace of "Weight Of The World," before pulling back the reins for the emotional power ballad "Hero." The beautiful violin solo during "Shadows Of Peace" adds a symphonic element to their hard rock sound, along with the high-powered rock attack of "Prodigal." Pinnacle Point finished their new album with an epic, seven-minute progressive rock masterpiece titled "Symphony Of Mind." To find out more about Pinnacle Point and their latest release "Symphony Of Mind," please visit

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