Saturday, June 6, 2020

Spend More Than "One Nite Alone" With This Latest Set Of Prince Reissues On Vinyl & CD

Just last week, the next wave of Prince reissues hit stores, which covered the first live album release of Prince's career, along with the album that led to that tour and the infamous late-night jams. After the turn of the century, Prince felt renewed to use his name again, instead of just a symbol, plus at this time his music was heading into a more jazz fusion direction with the release of his 2001 album "The Rainbow Children." The tour that followed found Prince enjoyment to be back on the road. The release of this live album led to the box set titled "One Nite Alone...Live!," which has long been out of print and has become a high-priced collectors item.

On May 29th, Legacy Entertainment (a division of Sony Music Entertainment) and The Prince Estate released four new reissues of the albums "The Rainbow Children," "One Nite Alone...," "One Nite Alone...Live!" and "One Nite Alone: The Aftershow...It Ain't Over!" on vinyl and on CD. After years of being out of print and catching big bucks on the resellers market, "One Nite Alone...Live!" has finally been reissued on CD as a box set titled "Up All Nite with Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection." It features five discs that include all the music from the original box set, plus the "One Nite Alone" piano album and the special addition of the DVD "Prince Live At The Aladdin Las Vegas," originally released straight to video in 2003.

Prince's jazz album "The Rainbow Children" is also reissued on CD and for the first time, issued on crystal clear vinyl. The music just jumps from the speakers, as the bass grooves are deep, but not too overpowering, while the guitar, horns and drums all have their separate place to reside. This album was made to be heard on vinyl, right from the opening ten-minute jam of "Rainbow Children" to the funky beats of "Family Name" to the positive message of "Last December," which may have more meaning today than when Prince recorded it almost two decades ago. The gatefold packaging and rainbow colored slipmat are also big pluses for this new vinyl reissue that comes with a lyrical booklet to support the double flawless clear vinyl.

During this period in Prince's life, he also took time to just reflect on his songwriting, with the solo piano piece "One Nite Alone." This was also released on May 29th on purple vinyl for the very first time, "officially." The album shows the delicate touch that Prince gave to these emotional ballads. The sound of this new vinyl release is so quiet, that it was if you were in the room, and Prince was playing these songs just for you. This release gives you an intimate feel to Prince's music and is a catalyst for what would end up being his final tour of performing live on stage with just him and a piano.

On the flipside, another release receiving it's debut on purple vinyl is the legendary Prince after concert parties title "One Nite Along...The Aftershow: It Ain't Over!" This new double vinyl features Prince with The New Power Generation (The NPG) jamming on whatever they please at area clubs, following Prince's full-length concerts. The music is loose, funky and jammy, as Prince leads the band through whatever comes to to mind. The ten-minute "Joy In Repetition" features some of Prince's best guitar work captured live, while "Alphabet St." is a funky jam, that just flies along a warp speed because of the energy and excitement of not having to follow a set list and just see where the music takes them.

Finally we arrive at the creme-de-la-creme of this latest set of Prince remasters and vinyl reissues, his first official live album "One Nite Alone...Live!" As I mentioned earlier, it was reissued on CD, as a box set with the "One Nite Alone" album and "One Nite Alone...The Aftershow: It Ain't Over!," but it finally gets its debut on vinyl, as a four LP set. It was recorded during Prince's 2002 tour, and has him breathing new life into catalog classics, like "When You Were Mine" and "Raspberry Beret." This only gives you a slight insight as to what to expect at a Prince show, but the music is only half of it. I was lucky enough to see Prince perform live and just watching the man work onstage is as amazing as the music being performed. He conducts every element of the show, knowing that his band will follow his masterplan. Prince tackles every genre of music from the jazz fusion of the concert opener "Rainbow Children" to the funk of "Xenophobia" to the guitar rock solo of "Family Name" to the beautiful ballads of "The Beautiful Ones" and  "Nothing Compares 2 U." The vinyl is clear and punchy and will give you the most clarity of this release that you've ever heard. The purple vinyl is also really nice touch and very professionally executed. To find out more about these new Prince reissues on vinyl and CD, please visit

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