Friday, July 31, 2020

The New Deep Purple Album "Whoosh!" Will Be Arriving Here In No Time

Arriving August 7th from earMusic/Edel is the brand new studio album from the legendary rock band, Deep Purple titled "Whoosh!" It is the band's 21st studio album and was produced by the equally legendary Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper). This album also features the magical line-up of Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Steve Morse and Don Airey, who have now been performing together for almost two decades.

The new album "Whoosh!' features thirteen tracks, beginning with "Throw My Bones," which carries that classic Deep Purple combination of strong guitar riffs and melodic keyboards. The powerful chorus of "Drop Your Weapon" matches the edginess of Deep Purple's hard rock sound, while also showcasing their prog-rock sound on the keyboard driven "Nothing At All." The bluesy guitar riff of "No Need To Shout" will simply blow you away with the song's stunning guitar and piano solos, before the band take their energy up another notch with the nostalgic rock and roll appeal of "What The What." Deep Purple return with some more progressive rock punch with the nearly six-minute "The Long Way Around" and "Man Alive," before finishing their new album with the raw, intense delivery of "Dancing In My Sleep." To find out more about Deep Purple and their latest release "Whoosh!," please visit

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Discover New Hard Rock Releases From Simon Says, Defy The Tyrant and Ditchwater

Canadian hard rock band Simon Says released their debut "Spin This" back in 1991. Their music was part of the glam rock movement of the late-eighties and early-nineties and received extensive airplay around the Montreal area. Since the release of their debut EP, it has since gone out of print and catches a hefty price on the resellers market. This new reissue from Escape Music Ltd. features the album's original six  tracks, along with six additional bonus tracks. Simon Says music was perfectly crafted for the times, as displayed in the songs "Love Thing," "Let Me Know" and "Love Don't Come Easy." They also delivered the traditional power ballad "When I See You Standing There," as Simon Says had the perfect mixture of powerful vocals, stellar harmonies and electrifying guitar solos. The bonus track also feature the band's edgier hard rock sound with uptempo numbers like "Simon Says" and "New Year's Resolution." This new reissue will be limited to only 1,000 numbered copies and will remind you of how great this band was during the hard rock heyday of the early nineties. To find out more about this new reissue of "Spin This" from Simon Says, please visit

Also on the horizon is the latest release from the hard rock band Defy The Tyrant. Their new album titled "Bones" will be released on July 31st through Pavement Entertainment and features only seven tracks, beginning with the aggressive attack of "Tight Rope" and the pounding rhythm of "Voices." The band's modern sound comes shining through on the energetic flow of "Fighting Gravity," while "Upside Down" is perfectly crafted for modern hard rock radio. This is only the band's second release, but they already seem to be making and impact with their powerful melodies. Defy The Tyrant close out their new album with the screams of hardcore screams of "Tear It Down" and the more melodic flow of the title song "Bones." To find out more about Defy The Tyrant and their latest release "Bones," please visit

Next, we get the latest from the hard rock band, Ditchwater, which has been a staple of the Chicago underground rock scene for close to three decades. On August 7, Pavement Entertainment will release the band's seventh studio album titled "Never Say Never." This new ten track release shows no signs of this band slowing down, as they come blasting right of the gate with the energetic romp of "Enemy Of The People" and the chugging guitar riffs of "My Last Breath." Ditchwater continue to display their edgier hard rock sound with the thunderous rhythm of "The End," before displaying a more mainstream rock appeal with "It's All About You." Ditchwater wrap up their new album with the aggressive, hardcore delivery of "How Many Times" and a spot on cover of the Motorhead classic "Iron Fist." To find out more about Ditchwater and their latest release "Never Say Never," please visit

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Blues Come Pouring Out Of The Latest Album From John Fusco and the X-Road Riders

Bluesman John Fusco and his band, the X-Road Riders wasted no time making their sophomore album "John The Revelator," which will be released on July 31 through Checkerboard Lounge Recordings. Not only was is written, recorded and produced in less than a year, it is also a double album that features two different line-ups of the band, the Southern Chapter and the Northern Chapter. Musician/producer Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi All-Stars) is once again behind the mixing desk producing the album and adding whatever special touches were need to make the blues come bleeding from your speakers.

The first disc of this new double album centers around the "Southern Chapter" and starts off with the traditional tale of "John The Revelator," as Fusco sings with a passion and anger that lifts the spirits of the past. The album continues with the stark, raw blues of "Baker Man," before the band adds an edgier rock vibe to "Bone Man." John Fusco does his best Randy Newman impression with the poetic-piano ballad "Ophelia (Oh I Feel Ya)," while "Don't Mess Up A Good Thing" has a swinging, New Orleans jazz feel, as Fusco and Risse Norman duet wonderfully on the track. The first disc wraps up with the slow-moving, ten-minute blues jam "Bad Dog" and the piano-solo "Snake Oil Man," which highlights Fusco's songwriting talents.

Disc two aims at the "Northern Chapter" of the blues, beginning with New York City-style blues of "Song For Peter," as John's ruff vocals adds that extra feel of emotion to the song's storied lyrics. The band brings in some of that southern style blues during the swampy sound of "Hottest Part Of The Flame," while "Fools Fire" carries a little touch of gospel mixed with the blues. John Fusco pours his soul and emotions into the heartfelt ballad "Baby, Let's Not Borrow," before finishing up his new double-album with the big rock sound of "Good Money After Bad" and the quieter, uplifting flow of "The Sun Also Rises." To find out more about John Fusco and the X-Road Riders and their latest release "John The Revelator," please visit

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New Jazz Albums From The Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet and Vocalist Sue Anne Gershenzon

Jazz saxophonist Benny Rubin Jr. returns with his second studio effort titled "Know Say Or See." The album features eight tracks that find a more mature Rubin Jr. performing six original new tunes and cover versions of Jimmy Van-Huesen's "Darn That Dream" and Horace Silver's "Kiss Me Right." The mellow vibe of "Know" allows you to ease into the album, as the Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet showcase their sound as one solid unit. The energy picks up on "Say" with a more intense jazz flow to the music, which carries a slightly chaotic/experimental sound. In between albums, Benny Rubin Jr. attended the New School of Performing Arts in New York and pays homage to the city with the hustle rhythm of "NYC Urge," while showing is passion (and maybe anger) toward his hometown of Flint, Michigan with the aggressive feel of "Flint Water Crisis." The Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet wrap up their new album with the classic jazz appeal of "Or See." To find out more about the Benny Rubin Jr. Quartet and their latest release "Know Say Or See," please visit

Jazz and musical theater vocalist Sue Anne Gershenzon is preparing to release her debut album "You Must Believe In Spring" on July 31st. It features eleven tracks that find Sue using her talents and experience of the Musical Theatre to deliver passion and emotion to each of the songs that she performs, beginning with the heartfelt ballad "I Thought About You." Her vocals are so pure and graceful during her rendition of "So Many Stars," that she simply makes the song her own. The arrangement of The Beatles' "The Fool On The Hill" is almost unrecognizable, but allows Sue Anne Gershenzon and her band to add a bit of energy and experimentation to their jazz sound. You can almost picture Sue performing the number "A Child Is Born" on stage, as she pours her all into this rendition of the song, while "Deed I Do" has an energetic, swinging melody to lift your spirits. Sue Anne Gershezon finishes up her new album with the nostalgic jazz vibe of "Straighten Up And Fly Right" and the beautiful piano ballad "You Must Believe In Spring." To find out more about Sue Anne Gershenzon and her latest release "You Must Believe In Spring," please visit

Monday, July 27, 2020

New Jazz Releases Will Lift Your "Human Spirit" and Keeps Your Musical Mind "At Play"

Acclaimed contemporary jazz pianist Michael Silverman recently released his new studio collaboration with keyboardist Jeff Lorber titled "Human Spirit." Silverman is one of the best-selling new age artists on iTunes and his latest release features some very special guests like David Benoit, Jimmy Haslip and Vinnie Colaiuta. The new nine-track release begins (and ends) with the title song "Human Spirit," which carries a very light-hearted flow to the melody, before Silverman and his band lock into a more traditional jazz vibe on "77th Street Uptown." The uplifting piano/keyboard interaction if "Interstellar" takes Silverman's music to new musical heights," while "Keys To The City" has a great, energetic funky backdrop. Michael Silverman finishes his new album with the relaxed feeling of "Piano By The Sea," as the melody flows along like the rising tide, along with and extended version of the title song "Human Spirit," which features a nice guitar solo outro. To find out more about Michael Silverman and his latest release "Human Spirit," please visit

Then, on August 14th, the Brazilian Jazz Quartet, which includes Romero Lubambo, Helio Alves, Edu Ribeiro and Reuben Rodgers will unveil their new album titled simply "At Play." This new nine-song release features the perfect chemistry that came about a chance meeting back in 2016. The album kicks off with the highly energetic jazz romp of "Bala Com Bala," followed by the more soothing, but equally adventurous flow of the seven-minute "Amazon River." The quiet ballad of "It's Clear" displays the quartet's softer, more elegant side, before the full-on energy returns for the quick-moving pace of "Cebola No Frevo." The Brazilian Jazz Quartet close out their new album with the wonderful finger-picking and piano melody of "Bebe," along with the chaotic rhythm of "Na Colada Do Dia." To find out more about the new release "At Play" from this amazingly talented foursome, please visit

Friday, July 24, 2020

Craft Recordings Celebrates The 70th Anniversary of the "Peanuts" With New Vinyl Releases

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the "Peanuts" comic strip, Craft Recordings is unveiling two new vinyl releases in celebration of this momentum occasion. First, arriving on July 24th, is a limited-edition picture disc of the "Peanuts Greatest Hits" album featuring Snoopy on one side and his pal Woodstock on the other. This will be limited to only 2,500 numbered units and features all of the well-known classic jazz pieces from the "Peanuts" television specials. The Vince Guaraldi Trio may be best known for songs "Linus And Lucy" and "Little Birdie," along with the songs from the timeless Christmas special "A Charlie Brown Christmas." A dozen of these well known songs are now available once again on a really sweet looking picture disc and can be purchased at

Then, arriving on August 21st is the very first vinyl pressing of the "Peanuts Portraits" album. On this album, the Vince Guaraldi Trio created themes for each of the main characters from the "Peanuts" gang. The bluesy guitar of "Blue Charlie Brown" and the swinging piano melody of "Frieda (With The Naturally Curly Hair)" captures the essence of each character's persona. The album also contains pianist George Winston's renditions of the songs "Masked Marvel" and "Linus And Lucy." The Vinyl Me Please label will also be releasing a limited edition red vinyl version of this special album later this year. To find out more about this new vinyl release of the "Peanuts Portraits" album, please visit

Thursday, July 23, 2020

New Music From Indie-Artists Jeffrey Halford & The Healers, Ketch Harbour Wolves and Heavy Hearts

Singer/songwriter Jeffrey Halford has recently delivered a new album titled "West Toward South" with his band The Healers. This new ten track release hits right into the root of American music, flowing between country, blues and just good old Americana sound. The album begins with the storied, spoken-word lyrics of the title song "West Toward South," as the music adds emotion to the song. The tempo quickens, only slightly, for the classic country vibe of "Deeper Than Hell," before taking the energy back down for the dark blues of "Dead Man's Hand" and "Three Quarter Moon." The gentle, acoustic ballad of "Sea Of Cortez" sounds as if it was recorded around the campfire one evening after a few beers. Jeffrey Halford and The Healers wrap up their new album with the slow, steady, Americana stomp rhythm of "Gallows" and the country tale of the "Ballad Of Ambrose And Cyrus." To find out more about Jeffrey Halford and The Healers and their latest release "West Toward South," please visit

Next up, is the latest release from the Toronto-based band, Ketch Harbour Wolves. Their new album titled "Avalon" feature a dozen tracks, beginning with the ambient pop energy of "I Will Take Your Word For It" and the explosive modern rock sound of "The Matador." The album's lead single "Little Magic" has an undeniable, addictive chorus and melody that easily gets stuck in your head with its simplicity. Ketch Harbour Wolves add a bit punk fury and energy to their sound with "Take Us To Your Leader," before delivering the new wave rock appeal of "Black 47." The band finish up their new album with the powerful blast of "Bloody Money" and the quiet, emotional ballad "Yours, Still." To find out more about Ketch Harbour Wolves and their latest release "Avalon," please visit

Fellow Canadians Heavy Hearts also delivered a new album titled "Room With A View." It features nine new tracks, beginning with the short electronic instrumental "Trem," which leads you into the energetic blast punk fury of "Vexed." The album continues with the more, melodic, mainstream appeal of "Out Of Reach," before diving deep into the emo/ambient flow of "Kin." Heavy Hearts close out their short new album with the heavy alternative rock approach of "Safe Bet" and the addictive pounding rhythm of the title-song "Room With A View." To find out more about Heavy Hearts and their latest release "Room With A View," please visit

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The New Album From Heathcote Hill Tells Us About Their "Stories"

Arriving July 24th from 311 Music is the latest release from the New York-based band, Heathcote Hill. Their new album titled "The Stories We Are Told" features eleven tracks that are soaked in Americana melodies to simply just get lost in. It was produced and mixed by Timothy M. Hatfield (Keith Richards, Steve Earle) and mastered by Grammy-winner Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

Heathcote Hill begin with the bright, uplifting flow of the album's lead single "All I Remember Is You," which is the perfect opener to get you drawn into the band's roots-based sound. They pick the energy up with the rock infused rhythm of "Hey," before showcasing the more intimate side of their music with the gentle, flowing ballad "Everything Slipping Away." The volume gets turned up once again for the raw emotion of "Teddy Ray Blues ," while "Elegy For Mary Ellen" is an emotional instrumental piece based on an individual who had a positive effect on thousands of Catholic school kids. Heathcote Hill wrap up their new album with the big bluesy guitar chords of "Tell Me What You're Thinking" and the steady, country vibe of "Stories We Are Told." To find out more about Heathcote Hill and their latest release "The Stories We Are Told," please visit

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

American Singer/Songwriter Peter Himmelman Does "Press On" With His Latest Release

Award nominated singer/songwriter Peter Himmelman is preparing to release his new studio album "Press On" on July 31st. Himmelman invited his friends along to help him flesh out these new thirteen tracks that were recorded in the studio with minimal overdubs. This was in order to capture the instant feeling and emotion of each song. 

Peter Himmelman begins his new album with the acoustic, roots-based blues of "Suite For Tambourine And Hand Claps," as you easily get lost in the song's groove. He continues with the melodic build-up of each verse of "This Is How It Ends," before the tempo finally picks up with the rock and roll swagger of the title track "Press On." Peter digs in deep with the emotionally poetic lyrics of "A Place In You Heart" and then delivers the southern blues of "Straw And Kerosene" and "Flying Sideways 'Cross The Blacktop." The quiet touch of "Outside Looking In" allows you to really appreciate his amazing songwriting talents. Peter Himmelman finishes up his new album with the beautiful, heartfelt piano ballad "Big Red Moon" and the final words of "This Is My Offering", which may be the last statement from this powerfully elegant songwriter. To find out more about Peter Himmelman and his latest release "Press On," please visit

Monday, July 20, 2020

Take A Ride On A "Flaming Pie" With This Latest Reissue Of Paul McCartney's Solo Albums

Capitol has teamed up with UMe and MPL to release a new deluxe edition of the Paul McCartney album "Flaming Pie." McCartney and his team dug deep into the vaults for home recordings, rough mixes and unpublished photos to make this one of the most extensive Paul McCartney Archive box sets to date. It will be released on July 31st in a number of different formats, including a massive 4 LP, 5 CD & 2 DVD set which also includes a 128-page booklet with unpublished photos from Linda McCartney, track-by-track information and new interviews with McCartney, Ringo Starr, Steve Miller and Jeff Lynne.

Paul McCartney was on a creative high when he was writing and recording his tenth solo album "Flaming Pie." After being inspired by working on "The Beatles Anthology" a couple years before, McCartney wrote and recorded dozens of songs, fourteen of which appeared on the final album, with others appearing as B-sides for the singles "Young Boy," "The World Tonight" and "Beautiful Night." This album also features some of McCartney's most intimate songs like "Calico Skies," "Somedays" and "Little Willow."

One of the most exciting things about this new release is that it will be available again on vinyl, which it hasn't appeared on the format since it's initial release in 1997. The original fourteen-track album has been remastered at Abbey Road Studios and sounds simply stunning. Right from the opening acoustic chords of "Song We Were Singing," you can feel the plucking of the strings. This album seemed to have had a renewed energy for Paul, as he rocked out with songs like "The World Tonight" and "Flaming Pie." He also delivers a helping of the blues, with support from his friend Steve Miller on "Used To Be Bad," as the album shows us flashes of McCartney's past, whether it's through the lyrics or the music.

Now, let's get to the good stuff, like the raw home recordings, outtakes and episodes of his radio show "Oobu Joobu." The ten home recordings do not naturally sound the best, but the significance of them makes them all a must hear, as the melodies of the songs are in place. They make you feel as if you are hanging out with Paul, as his plays you some ideas for his latest album. One of the oldest recordings in this set is "Calico Skies," which was originally written and recorded back in 1991, six years before the "Flaming Pie" album will be released. 

There are also simple acoustic versions to a handful of songs that appear on the album. These sound much cleaner than the home recordings and also include a short playful idea called "C'mon Down C'mon Baby." The rough mixes to songs like "The Song We Were Singing" and "Heaven On A Sunday" showcase the development of these songs, by given a glimpse inside the musical mind of this legendary artist. The creativity that was flowing from Paul McCartney is highlight by the six part radio series "Oobu Joobu," which finds McCartney not only playing some new music, but also talking about ideas of how some of these songs came to him and some rare stories of The Beatles recording days.

The fifth and final CD in the set is an hour-long documentary titled "Flaming Pie At The Mill." It is also presented as a documentary on one of the two DVDs, along with music videos, behind the scenes meetings and a historic interview with David Frost. This new reissue of Paul McCartney's "Flaming Pie" album is also available as a double and triple vinyl LP set that includes the home recordings, as well as a 2 CD set that includes many of the studio outtakes that appear in the box set. To find out all you want to know about this new release of "Flaming Pie" from The Paul McCartney Archives, please visit

Friday, July 17, 2020

Between The Buried And Me Remix & Remaster "The Silent Circus" For New Vinyl Reissue

Craft Recordings continues its mission of reissuing albums from Between The Buried And Me onto vinyl. The latest one covers the band's sophomore effort, "The Silent Circus," which was originally released back in 2003. This new vinyl reissue features a newly remixed and remastered version of the album by the band's longtime collaborator, Jamie King.

Between The Buried And Me took their music to another level, with the opening heavy attack of "Lost Perfection A) Coulrophobia" and the equally aggressive "B) Anablephobia." The band's intensity rises to the boiling point with the chaos with "Mordecai," while "Reaction" and "Shevanel Take 2" display a softer, more melodic tone their hardcore metal sound. Speaking of sound, this new vinyl reissue delivers an amazing range of dynamics, as the new remix seems to modernize the band's sound by strengthening the guitar riffs, while maintaining the perfect balance of power and energy. The solid rhythmic pounding of "The Need For Repetition" will certainly shake your speakers.

The new vinyl reissue of Between The Buried And Me's album "The Silent Circus" will be available on July 31st as a black double-vinyl set or an exclusive colored double-vinyl set from To find out more, please visit

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Music Arriving From Rockers Insight, Gardner & James and Jump The Fall

Back in 1989, Victory Records signed the Salt Lake City band Insight to their label, one the first punk bands to join the label. Now, fast forward three decades later and Mission Two Entertainment has gathered the band's original debut EP for a new release titled "Reflection," which also includes four brand new songs and a live set from the band when they support Social Distortion back in 1989. The new 19-track compilation begins with the raw, early days, when Insight was all about pure, youthful energy, as displayed in the songs "Believe," "Enough" and "Identity Crisis." The still showcase that punk edge the makes them one of the originators of hardcore punk with "Take It Back" and "Strength."

The seven-song live set that is included sounds decent for sitting in the vault for over 30 years and not being planned as a possible release. The band sounds hungry for attention, flexing their punk muscle with the power of "Walk Away" and the crazy, reckless deliver of "End Of Cruelty." Insight wrap up their short 15-minute set with a couple quick-hitting, aggressive numbers "Control" and "Tied Down." To find out more about Insight and their latest release "Reflection," please visit

Arriving August 7th from Pavement Entertainment is the new collaboration from Vixen vocalist Janet Gardner and guitarist/producer Justin James, who has worked with members of Staind and Collective Soul. The duo's new album titled "Synergy" contains eleven tracks, beginning with the high-energy rocker "Wounded," which kicks off the album on a creative high. The raw, hard-rocking delivery of "You Can Kiss This" and "Lonely We Fight," bring Gardner's vocals to another level, while the mainstream feel of "Running To Her" sounds like a Vixen outtake from the band's heyday. James' guitar work on "I Promise" lifts the song to new heights, as Janet's vocals simply soar. They wrap up their new album with raw, powerful rock attack of "Gone" and the nostalgic sounds of "Talk To Myself." To find out more about this new collaboration between Janet Gardner and Justin James, please visit

Another new release from Pavement Entertainment is the debut EP from the Boston rock band Jump The Fall. Their new release titled "Ten Year Guilt, Pt 1" features only four tracks, but it is certainly enough to become and instant fan of the band. They start things off with the edgy, hard rock attack of "Drown" and the addictive melody of "Connect." The second half of their new release delivers the dark, grunge appeal of "Say Goodbye" and a spot on, aggressive cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Terrible Lie." To find out more about Jump The Fall and their latest release "Ten Year Guilt, Pt 1," please visit

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

New Heavy Metal Releases From Bury Tomorrow, The Acacia Strain, Crown The Empire and Slaves

Hardcore metal band, Bury Tomorrow recently released their new studio album titled "Cannibal." It was originally planned for April 3rd, but the recent pandemic moved the date back a few months, but believe me, it was worth the wait. After their 2018 breakthrough album "Black Flame" catapulted them into the upper tier of heavy metal stardom, this new eleven track release builds upon the band's solid foundation of hard-hitting riffs, screaming vocals and adrenaline fueled melodies. Their new album kicks off with the aggressive one-two attack of "Choke" and "Cannibal," as Bury Tomorrow hold nothing back on these first couple tracks of the album. The energy continues to flow through the amazing musicianship of "The Grey (VIXI), before hitting the intense hardcore peak of power with "The Agonist." Bury Tomorrow take a step back for the more melodic flow of "Quake," before finishing their new album with the quick riffs and heavy pounding of "Voice & Truth," along with the thrash metal speed of "Dark Infinite." To find out more about Bury Tomorrow and their latest release "Cannibal," please visit

Fellow hardcore metal band The Acacia Strain are also preparing to release their new album "Slow Decay" on July 24th through Rise Records. The band began releasing parts of this album as two-song digital downloads and seven-inch singles. Now, all of the song have been gathered together for The Acacia Strain's new twelve-track release. The album kicks off with the steady pounding rhythm and vocal howls of "Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Crippling Poison." The intensity picks up for the aggressive, quick-hitting "Seeing God" featuring Aaron Heard, along with the powerful attack of "The Lucid Dream," as The Acania Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett is joined by fellow metal vocalist Jess Nyx. The band's hardcore sound picks back up with the high-powered drumming of "Chhinnamasta," before closing out their new album with the slower, doom metal feel of "Birds Of Paradise, Birds Of Prey" and the final growl of "Earth Will Become Death." To find out more about The Acacia Strain and their latest release "Slow Decay," please visit

American hardcore metal band Crown The Empire are taking a look back at their past for their latest release "07102010." The album features ten acoustic versions of songs from throughout the band's career and is a tribute to the band's first ever live show a decade ago. You be able to really discover the stellar songwriting behind these songs, during these stripped down versions. The album begins with soaring vocals of "Aftermath" and the harmonies of "Blury," as these songs may make you look at Crown The Empire's music in a different light. The emotions of "Hologram" come shining through, while "Voices" is as powerful in this acoustic setting as the original is. Crown The Empire close their new album with the deep, meaningful lyrics of "Second Thoughts" and a brand new song, the lush piano ballad "Everything Breaks." To find out more about Crown The Empire and their latest release "07102010," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new album "To Better Days" from the modern metal band Slaves. It will be releases on August 7th through the SBG label and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the high-energy of "Prayers," as the band's melodic-filled sound is easy to wrap your mind around. Slaves continue to deliver their addictive, modern rock sound with the power of "Talk To A Friend," before mixing in a more electronic rhythm to the music explosive chorus of "Heavier." The band's gentler side comes shining through the heartfelt ballad "Footprints," before finishing their new album with high-energy build-up of "Wasting My Youth" and the most intense song on this new release "Like I Do." To find out more about Slaves and their latest release "To Better Days," please visit

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving In August From Faceless Burial and Bull Elephant

Your summer is heating up with new heavy metal music arriving next month from Faceless Burial and Bull Elephant. Australia's Faceless Burial is prepared to release their sophomore album "Speciation" on August 7th through Dark Decent Records. This band is waving the flag for classic nineties, death metal, ever since their 2015 demo caught the attention of the metal world. Their new six song release carries on this quest, beginning with the exciting, energetic rhythm patterns of "Worship," as the vocals growl with mostly unrecognizable lyrics. The trio's hardcore musicianship is top notch, as they look to blow you away with the intensity of "Limbic Infirmary" and the even more sped up chaos of "Irreparably Corpsed." Faceless Burial finish their new album with the high-speed bashing of "Spuming Catarrhal Gruel" and the rhythmic growling vocals of "Ravished To The Unknown." To find out more about Faceless Burial and their latest release "Speciation," please visit

Next, comes the arrival of the second studio effort from the U.K. hardcore metal band Bull Elephant. Their new album titled "Created From Death" features eight tracks and is considered part two of the band's album trilogy about the war between Nazi Germany and Allied forces over control of "supernatural" powers in order to win the war. The album kicks off with the thrash metal attack of "Created By Death," followed by the more melodic flow of "Oneironmatic Rites." Bull Elephant look to tell the tale of "Lebensraum" with the song's music, as much as their words, with the combination of intensity and gentle rhapsody. Next, the band deliver the doom metal bashing of "Last Defilement," before closing their new album with the quick-hitting, high-energy chaos of "Perverted Science" and the stellar, prog-metal musicianship of "Wayfarer." To find out more about Bull Elephant and their latest release "Created From Death," please visit

Monday, July 13, 2020

Soft Machine Bring You "Live At The Baked Potato" & Gary Husband Teams Up With Markus Reuter To Give Us "Music Of Our Times"

The English progressive rock band, Soft Machine started out on their adventure over five decades ago. Line-up changes and band name changes would carry the band through the seventies, eighties, nineties and even into the two-thousands, before settling back to Soft Machine in 2015. Three of the four band members from their seventies "heyday" reunited to release their first studio album ("Hidden Details") in over thirty-five years and Soft Machine have just released a brand new live album titled "Live At The Baked Potato.

This new twelve-track release highlights their more jazzy, progressive side, beginning with the swinging rhythm of "Out Bloody Intro," which flows into "Out Bloody Rageous Pt 1." Drummer John Marshall wastes no time taken his solo early in the set with "Sideburns," before the band jump into the classic "jammy" sounds of "Hazard Profile Pt 1." The Soft Machine travel back to 1971 to deliver the soft flowing ballad "Kings And Queens" and the equally soothing, and more recent "Heart Off Guard." They slowly bring the energy back with the six-minute jazz romp of "Fourteen Hour Dream," before finishing with the early days of "The Man Who Waved At Trains" and the uptempo jazz fusion of "Hidden Details." To find out more about Soft Machine and their latest release "Live At The Baked Potato," please visit

Jazz/rock drummer Gary Husband has performed with a number of English artists from Jeff Beck to Robin Trower to Jack Bruce to Andy Summers. Now, Husband is switching gears (or instruments) to the piano for his latest release with fellow musician/composer Markus Reuter titled "Music Of Our Times." This new six track release begins with the gentle touch of piano on the graceful melody of "Colour Of Sorrow." Reuter works alongside Husband's piano work, giving the music of "Across The Azure Blue" more support with his guitar. The music of "White Horse (For Allan)" has a very stark, but adventurous sound, as you follow every note that is played. Gary Husband and Markus Reuter close out their new album with the quiet, classical sounding flow of "Illuminated Heart." To find out more about this latest collaboration titled "Music Of Out Times," please visit

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Check Out New Music From Experimental Artists Jon Durant, Robert Jurjendal and Billy Yfantis

Experimental guitarists Jon Durant and Robert Jurjendal have teamed up for the new musical journey "Across The Evening." The duo look for further expand upon the collaboration of jazz, world and ambient music on this latest nine song release. The album begins with the uplifting jazz fusion of "Early Evening Colors" and the more ambient sound collage of "Distant Groove." The gentle touch of the "Reflective Sea" displays the delicate touch that both John Durant and Robert Jurjendal have with their instrumentation. Their sound get more aggressive on "Mirage," before they take you on a worldly journey with the music of "Beguiling Eyes." The guitar duo wrap up their new album with the six-minute soundscape of "On The Water" and the experimental world jazz piece "Balkan Blue." To find out more about the new collaboration between Jon Durant and Robert Jurjendal, please visit

Fellow experimental musician Billy Yfantis has recently released a new album of instrumentals based on the solar system. His new album titled "Entering The Solar System" features ten tracks (based on the eight planets, the sun and a reworked instrumental from NASA) and was entirely recorded by Yfantis. The album begins with the spaced-out sounds of "Earth," as you begin your journey to the stars. I would also recommend listening to this album with headphones, in order to appreciate all the sounds swirling around your head. While the music of "Mars" keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is coming next, "Mercury" keeps you gliding along with subtle highs and lows. The "Sun" brings in exciting blends of music and sound, before Billy Yfantis closes out his latest trip with "Landing," which is a re-edit of sounds captured by NASA on the planet of Mars by InSight's robotic arm. To find out more about Billy Yfantis and his latest release "Entering The Solar System," please visit

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Craft Recordings Reissues New Vinyl From James Booker and Irma Thomas

Arriving July 31st from Craft Recordings are a pair of essential releases from James Booker and Irma Thomas. R&B/Jazz piano virtuoso James Booker only recorded three solo albums during his lifetime, before drugs and alcohol ended his life early at the age 43. Booker's final album "Classified" is getting reissued on vinyl and will remind the world of his wonderful talent. The New Orleans flavor of "One For The Highway" and his covers of "King Of The Road" and "Baby Face" will only leave you wanting to discover more from this musical genesis. James Booker shows us his love for classical music with "Swedish Rhapsody," also the blues with "Angel Eyes" and finally rock and roll with the energy of "Hound Dog." Also, having this album once again on vinyl will no doubt be an improvement to any music collection. To find out more about the new vinyl reissue of Jame Booker's "Classified" album, please visit

Next, we have the Grammy-award winning album "After The Rain" from soul singer Irma Thomas, which is being released as a double-vinyl LP. This covers-filled album shows Irma's amazing vocal talents on doo-wop ballad "I Count The Tears" and the country backdrop of "Another Lonely Heart," while also rocking out with "Another Man Done Gone." Irma digs deep into the blues of "Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor" and "Soul Of A Man," before she finishes the album with Stevie Wonder's "Shelter In The Rain," which finds Irma's vocals simply soar with strength. Hearing this album on vinyl once again will have your speakers shaking with the album's amazing music that is only topped by Irma Thomas' stellar singing. To find out more about the vinyl reissue of "After The Rain," please visit

Friday, July 10, 2020

Make Sure You "Please Leave Your Light On" For Paul Kelly & Paul Garbowsky

Australia's premier singer/songwriter Paul Kelly has teamed up with award-winning composer/pianist Paul Grabowsky for the new release titled "Please Leave Your Light On." The album features a dozen tracks, most of which have already existed in the Paul Kelly catalog, but are newly redone live in the studio with just a piano and vocals. The album tries to capture the magic of other essential collaborations like Frank Sinatra & Nelson Riddle or Tony Bennett & Bill Evans.

The album begins with the love song "True To You" and the graceful melody of "Petrichor," as you begin to ease into this collection of emotional numbers. Grabowsky's piano work supports Kelly's poetic lyrics of "When A Woman Loves A Man," while the classic jazz appeal of "Young Lovers" leaves you wanting a swinging rhythm section to be added to this song. The duo pay tribute to Cole Porter with the slow, peaceful telling of "Every Time We Say Goodbye," before finishing their new album with the heartfelt ballad "You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed" and the honest prayer for forgiveness with "If I Could Start Today Again." To find out more about this latest collaboration between Paul Kelly and Paul Grabowsky, please visit

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Tawny Ellis Wants You To "Love Life" & The Furious Seasons Deliver New Acoustic Songs With "La Fonda"

Arriving July 24th is the latest release from singer/songwriter Tawny Ellis. Her new album titled "Love Life" features ten tracks, along with help from some very special guests like Ted Russell Kamp, Jesse Sienbenburg (Lukas Nelson) and Gio Loria (Jack Johnson). Tawny starts off her new album with the addictive pop melody of the title song "Love Life," which reintroduces you to her soulful vocal style. She slows down for the country backdrop of "Moonshine" and the emotional ballad "Pretend Love," as her singing simply shine among the stark backdrop of music. You can feel the passion in Tawny's vocals during the gentle touch of "Spark Of Love," before picking the energy back up with the guitar-driven, country rocker "I Believe." Tawny Ellis wraps up her new album with the heartfelt lyrics of "Daddy," sung so passionately by Ellis, along with a slowed-down, countrified version of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work." To find out more about Tawny Ellis and her latest release "Love Life," please visit

Then, two weeks later, on August 7th comes the new album titled "La Fonda" from the acoustic-pop trio The Furious Seasons. Their new ten track release was inspired by love and heartbreak, as they use minimal acoustic instrumentation to deliver their heartfelt messages, beginning with the poetic lyrics of "As A Matter Of Fact." Next, they hook you in with the melody of "Figure It Out," before showcase their amazing harmonizing vocals during the storied tale of "Burn Clean." The Furious Seasons pick the tempo up for the strumming, country sounds of "I Was An Actor," before the emotions of "Pitch Black" bring the energy back down, in order to concentrate on the lyrics of this powerful song. The trio finish up their new album with the country-pop melody of "Vast Divide" and the gentle ballad "I Want To Be Sure." To find out more about The Furious Seasons and their latest release "La Fonda," please visit

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Mark Lofgren Sings From The "Black Moon Book," While Hurricane Ruth Celebrates The "Good Life"

From Chicago comes the second solo album from singer/songwriter Mark Lofgren (The Luck Of Eden Hall, Thin Cherries). His new release titled "Black Moon Book" features ten tracks that ride the same vein as his psychedelic-pop/rock band The Luck Of Eden." Mark begins the album with the gentle strumming of "Binary Memories," which carries an acoustic, alt-country vibe, before delivering a more pop oriented sound with "Passengers." He keeps showing us the quiet, vulnerable side to his songwriting with the flowing melody of "Fall Underneath The Scene," along with the ambient backdrop of "Maypole." The energy finally picks up with the alternative-pop sounds of "Origami Letterbomb," before Mark closes his new album with the up-tempo rhythm of "Waiting For The Past Now" and the poetic lyrics of "Afterthoughts." To find out more about Mark Lofgren and his latest release "Black Moon Book," please visit

Next, arriving on July 10th, is the new studio effort from singer/songwriter Hurricane Ruth titled "Good Life." It features ten exciting new tracks, beginning with the blazing energy of "Like Wildfire," which will get your adrenaline pumping right from the opening guitar chords. Hurricane Ruth continues her new album with the raw, electrifying guitar work and powerful vocals of "Dirty Blues," along with the rockabilly swing of "What You Never Had." She slows down for the storied lyrics of the bluesy title song "Good Life," then travels down down for the southern swagger of "She's Golden." Hurricane Ruth comes roaring back with the intense rocker "Black Sheep," before finishing her new album with the country-boogie style romp of "Late Night Red Wine" and the emotional ballad "I've Got Your Back." To find out more about Hurricane Ruth and her latest release "Good Life," please visit

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Guitarist Anthony Phillips Revisits "The Living Room Concert" Along With New Music Staring Into Nothing

Arriving July 24th from Genesis guitar legend Anthony Phillips is a remastered and an expanded edition of his release "The Living Room Concert." After being released in May 1995, it quickly disappeared and has become unavailable for many years. The concert was originally recorded on March 21st, 1993 for the "Living Room Concert Series" and features Phillips performing his solo pieces on acoustic guitar ("Reaper" and "Field Of Eternity") and on piano ("Last Goodbyes" and "Collections"). The highlight of the set was his 1976 composition "Conversation Piece," which has never been recorded, but was originally written for his Guitar Quintet for the "Private Parts & Pieces" album. The three bonus tracks consist of the short 78-second acoustic instrumental piece "Jaunty Roads," the wonderful classical piano piece "Let Us Now Make Love" and the folk ballad "Lucy: An Illusion." To find out more about Anthony Phillips and his latest release, the new remastered, expanded version of his album "The Living Room Concert," please visit

The Southern California based progressive rock ensemble Staring Into Nothing recently released their second full-length album titled simply "Love." It features a dozen tracks and some special guests like King Crimson's Trey Gunn, Gregg Bissonette from Ringo Starr's All Star Band and also Mike Keneally (Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani). The new album kicks off with the enlightening melody of "Winter," before picking up the tempo with the rocking season of "Spring." Staring Into Nothing also gives their all with the nostalgic sounding pop/rock feel of "Summer," while "Autumn" is an all-out prog-rock assault with energy and passion. The band finally expand upon their sound with the lush piano chords and soaring guitar solos of "Beautiful Delusion," before finishing up their new album with the addictive, energetic rocker "Find Our Way Back," the seven-plus minute musical epic "Ashes" and the emotional ballad "Amazing Grace." To find out more about Staring Into Nothing and their latest release "Love," please visit

Monday, July 6, 2020

Guitarist Extraordinaire Trevor Rabin Dives Into His Archives For New 10-Disc "Changes" Box Set

Guitar legend Trevor Rabin took a look back at his nearly 50 year career for his latest release, a ten-disc box set titled "Changes." It features songs from his four solo albums ("Beginnings," "Face To Face," "Wolf" and "Can't Look Away"), as well as his work with Yes, which he was a part of from 1983-1994. Fans of Trevor Rabin's music will be especially interested in the bonus tracks associated with his 1989 album "Can't Look Away." They include a demo version of his hit single "Something To Hold On To," as well as live versions of the Yes classic "Changes" and a nearly ten minute version of Rabin's instrumental piece "Etoile Noir."

Also included in this set are Trevor's demos that would end up being used to create Yes' best selling album "90125." Trevor's compilation "90124" includes unpolished, sometime acoustic run troughs of Yes classics, "Hold On," "Changes" and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." This new box set also expands upon Trevor Rabin's only live solo album "Live In L.A.," (originally released in 2003) with a second part "Live In Boston," which was also recorded live in 1989. It features more amazing guitar work from Trevor Rabin in songs like "Cover Up" and "Carry On-Promises," along with a powerful drum solo during "Sludge." While the sound may not be a professional recording of the show, it is a great partner to the "Live In LA" album and showcases the fire and passion that Rabin was performing with during the late-eighties.

Rounding out this new box set are two discs that contain "lost soundtrack" songs, since Trevor Rabin scored over 40 soundtracks during his career. One disc is the complete "Jack Frost Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" for the movie starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston. The only song that was featured from Rabin's on the "Jack Frost" soundtrack was the uplifting instrumental "Frostbite." The other nine songs that Trevor Rabin created for the movie was never released before on CD. The final disc in this set contains nine "lost" soundtrack instrumentals for some amazing movies like "Remember The Titans," "A Beautiful Mind" and "Gettysburg."

Each box set is signed with a numbered certificate, along with two photo books, posters and promotional photo cards. To find out more about this latest release from Trevor Rabin's archives, please visit

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Guitarist/Singer Bill Kirchen Collects His Most Recent Albums For The New Release "The Proper Years"

The king of the Telecaster guitar, Bill Kirchen's career has surpassed five decades, dating back to the birth of the Americana genre with his first band, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. Kirchen has been nicknamed "The Titan of The Telecaster" and performed along side some of the coolest artist in music like Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and Gene Vincent just to name a few. His latest release titled "The Proper Years" collects the music from his three recent solo albums ("Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods," "Word To The Wise," "Seeds And Stems"), with a few bonus tracks to round out this new 38-track, double-disc set.

Bill Kirchen starts things off with the eleven tracks that made up his "Hammer Of The Honky-Tonk Gods" album, featuring Nick Lowe on bass and backing vocals. He mixes the energy of the title song with the emotional ballad of "Skid Row In My Mind," to give us a glimpse to his country influences. All the fun comes pouring out of the rockabilly sound of "Working Man" and the doo-wop flow of his cover of "Devil With The Blue Dress," before heading out to the country backroads for "Hear Of Gold."

Kirchen's follow-up album "Word To The Wise" features his old bandmate, Commander Cody on piano, while Nike Lowe and Paul Carrack join him on the nostalgic harmonies of "Shelly's Winter Love." Then, Bill Kirchen comes roaring back with the pounding rock rhythm of "Man In The Bottom Of The Well," which finds Elvis Costello taking on the lead vocals. The first disc wraps up with the classic country ballad of "Husbands And Wives" featuring Chris O'Connell on vocals, along with the guitar twang of "Arkansas Diamond."

The second disc continues with the songs "Word To The Wise" with Dan Hicks on acoustic guitar and vocals, and "Ain't Got Time For The Blues" featuring the beautiful vocals of Ms. Maria Muldaur. Bill Kirchen's album "Seeds And Stems" includes a more concise band that is ready to rock, as on the up-tempo numbers "Too Much Fun" and "Semi-Truck." He brings back his classic Americana sound on the guitar boogie of "Rockabilly Funeral" and the jazzy vibe of "Swing Fever." Kirchen pays tribute to one of his idols with a heartfelt cover of Bob Dylan's "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry," before finishing the album with the Commander Cody and His Lost Airmen classic "Hot Rod Lincoln" and the fun, honky-tonk delivery of "Talkin' About Chicken."

The three bonus tracks that appear on this release are all covers, including Jimmy Donley's "Think It Over," Butch Hancock's "Oxblood" and once again, a sped up cover of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'." To find out more about Bill Kirchen and his latest release, the 2-CD set "The Proper Years," please visit

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Ted Russell Kamp Emerges From "Down In The Den" With Some Brand New Music

American roots/soul artist Ted Russell Kamp is preparing to release his new studio album "Down In The Den" on July 24th. It features fourteen tracks that finds Kamp lending his vocals to every song, as well as providing the bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards and percussion on most of the tracks.

He begins his new album with the boogie-shuffle country rocker "Home Sweet Hollywood," which also features Shooter Jennings adding some vocals. The tempo slows down for the quiet blues of "Have Some Faith," before bringing back the joy with the light-hearted southern roots romp of "Waste A Little Time With Me." Singer/guitarist Gordy Quist (Band Of Heathens) harmonizes with Kamp on the gentle acoustic ballad "Hold On,"before Ted Russell Kamp goes solo with the poetry of "Rainy Day Valentine."

The tempo picks back up with the country swagger of "The Good Part" and "My Turn To Cry," before singer Shane Alexander joins in the delivery of the emotional ballad "Only Son."  Ted Russell Kamp finishes up his new album with the built-up melody of "Every Little Thing You Need" and the mellow, country acoustics of "Take My Song With You," which is highlighted by the sweet vocals of Kirsten Proffit. To find out more about Ted Russell Kamp and his latest release "Down In The Den," please visit

Friday, July 3, 2020

Fellow Yes Members Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman Go Solo With New Releases

Founding YES member and long-time vocalist Jon Anderson is re-issuing his latest studio album "1000 Hands" on July 31st. After signing a new deal with Blue Elan Records, Anderson's album will be released on CD, on deluxe 180-gram double vinyl and on all streaming platforms. The origins of this album date back to 1990, for an album that Anderson was working on with Brian Chatton, who plays keyboards on the album. Fellow YES members Chris Squire and Alan White also perform on the album, as well as a number of guests including Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Carmine Appice and Chick Corea just to name a few. The album was originally released in March of 2019 and was followed up with a tour in August. Fans of the band YES will no doubt fall in love with this album, with songs like "Ramalama" and "Activate." Anderson also adds a pop element to his sound with addictive melodies on "First Born Leaders" and "Makes Me Happy," with the help of horn supplied by Tower of Power. Jon's voice is so time and unique that you will instantly get wrapped up in the beautiful ballad "Twice In A Lifetime," before his closes out the album with the progressive sounding "1000 Hands (Come Up)" and the gentle acoustic touch of "Now And Then." To find out more about Jon Anderson and his latest studio album "1000 Hands," please visit

Fellow YES member Rick Wakeman also recently released a new solo album titled "The Red Planet." It features eight fully composed instrumentals that echo the ideas that Wakeman released back in 1973 on his debut solo album "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII." The album begins with the grand, electronic keyboard driven opener "Aseraeus Mons," which also carries a touch of classical music, before finishing with an electrifying guitar solo. The album continues with "Tharsis Tholus," which is what YES fans may come to expect from Wakeman, as this could have appeared on any YES album in the last few decades. Wakeman fully embraces the progressive nature of his music with the tempo changes of "Arsia Mons," before taking the energy up another notch with the high-energy rocker "Olympus Mons." Rick Wakeman finishes his new album with the floating keyboard melody of "South Pole" and the epic, ten-minute prog-rock closer "Valles Marineris." To find out more about Rick Wakeman and his latest release "The Red Planet," please visit

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Blues Pianist Anthony Geraci "Daydreams In Blue" On His New Studio Album

American Blues Award nominee, Anthony Geraci is preparing to release his latest studio effort titled "Daydreams In Blue" on July 10th. The album features the amazing guitar work of Monster Mike Welch, along with guest guitarist Walter Trout (Canned Heat, John Mayall's Blues Breakers).

Anthony kicks off his new twelve track release with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of "Love Changes Everything" and the nostalgic, doo-wop groove of "Tomorrow May Never Come." The blues come alive with the stellar guitar work of Mike Welch and the playful keys of Geraci on the classic plea of "No One Hears My Prayers." Singer Dennis Brennan does double-duty with his voice and harmonica on the blues romp of "Mister," while "Tutti Frutti Booty" is inspired directly by "The Originator" of rock and roll, Little Richard. Anthony Geraci then takes the tempo down to showcase his work on the keys during the six minute ballad "Jelly, Jelly." He finishes up his new album with country blues of "Dead Man's Shoes" and slow, southern swagger of "Crazy Blues/Mississippi Woman," along with the short, jazzy instrumental "Ode To Todd, Ella and Mike Ledbetter." To find out more about Anthony Geraci and his latest release "Daydream In Blue," please visit

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah Bring You Out To Cosmic California & The Jason Daniels Band Deliver A Sweet, Southern Rock Groove

Arriving later this month are a pair of new releases that capture the sounds of their surrounding and upbringings, beginning with the latest full-length studio effort from Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah titled "L.A. Yesterday." If features ten tracks that center around the soulful, cosmic rock of the California coast. The album starts off with the cruising melody of "Highway 10," which carries a blues vibe mixed with an Americana feel to create an attractive opening to the album. Lee Gallagher lifts up his sound and emotion with the big, raw guitar chords of "Goodnight Sweet Marie," as you find yourself latching on to Lee's soulful vocals and The Hallelujah's stellar musicianship. The band hone in perfectly to the classic rock sound of the seventies with the steady rocker "California Divide," before finishing their new album with the Tom Petty feel of "County Line" and the mellow, laid-back bluesy ballad "Rollin' Out." To find out more about Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah and their latest release "L.A. Yesterday," please visit

Next, we get the latest release from soulful, southern rockers The Jason Daniels Band. Their new album titled "Downloads From The Universe" features ten new tracks that cross musical genres, as Daniels brings together his west coast and Midwestern influences mixed with blues, soul and funk. The new release begins with the jammy, funky rhythm of "I'm Not Going Down," along with the message of living life to the fullest, because as Daniels sings "It All Can Slip Away." The energy picks up with the southern harmonies of "I've Been Ramlin'," which contains a blazing harmonica solo from Scott Albert Johnson. The Jason Daniels Band simply just jam to the perfect rhythm of "39202," before they wrap up their new album with the funky melody of "Dead And Gone," the country-roots influence of "Breathe" and the uplifting, sing-along of "Prayer To The World." To find out more about The Jason Daniels Band and their latest release "Downloads From The Universe," please visit