Tuesday, July 21, 2020

American Singer/Songwriter Peter Himmelman Does "Press On" With His Latest Release

Award nominated singer/songwriter Peter Himmelman is preparing to release his new studio album "Press On" on July 31st. Himmelman invited his friends along to help him flesh out these new thirteen tracks that were recorded in the studio with minimal overdubs. This was in order to capture the instant feeling and emotion of each song. 

Peter Himmelman begins his new album with the acoustic, roots-based blues of "Suite For Tambourine And Hand Claps," as you easily get lost in the song's groove. He continues with the melodic build-up of each verse of "This Is How It Ends," before the tempo finally picks up with the rock and roll swagger of the title track "Press On." Peter digs in deep with the emotionally poetic lyrics of "A Place In You Heart" and then delivers the southern blues of "Straw And Kerosene" and "Flying Sideways 'Cross The Blacktop." The quiet touch of "Outside Looking In" allows you to really appreciate his amazing songwriting talents. Peter Himmelman finishes up his new album with the beautiful, heartfelt piano ballad "Big Red Moon" and the final words of "This Is My Offering", which may be the last statement from this powerfully elegant songwriter. To find out more about Peter Himmelman and his latest release "Press On," please visit peterhimmelman.com.

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