Sunday, July 12, 2020

Check Out New Music From Experimental Artists Jon Durant, Robert Jurjendal and Billy Yfantis

Experimental guitarists Jon Durant and Robert Jurjendal have teamed up for the new musical journey "Across The Evening." The duo look for further expand upon the collaboration of jazz, world and ambient music on this latest nine song release. The album begins with the uplifting jazz fusion of "Early Evening Colors" and the more ambient sound collage of "Distant Groove." The gentle touch of the "Reflective Sea" displays the delicate touch that both John Durant and Robert Jurjendal have with their instrumentation. Their sound get more aggressive on "Mirage," before they take you on a worldly journey with the music of "Beguiling Eyes." The guitar duo wrap up their new album with the six-minute soundscape of "On The Water" and the experimental world jazz piece "Balkan Blue." To find out more about the new collaboration between Jon Durant and Robert Jurjendal, please visit

Fellow experimental musician Billy Yfantis has recently released a new album of instrumentals based on the solar system. His new album titled "Entering The Solar System" features ten tracks (based on the eight planets, the sun and a reworked instrumental from NASA) and was entirely recorded by Yfantis. The album begins with the spaced-out sounds of "Earth," as you begin your journey to the stars. I would also recommend listening to this album with headphones, in order to appreciate all the sounds swirling around your head. While the music of "Mars" keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is coming next, "Mercury" keeps you gliding along with subtle highs and lows. The "Sun" brings in exciting blends of music and sound, before Billy Yfantis closes out his latest trip with "Landing," which is a re-edit of sounds captured by NASA on the planet of Mars by InSight's robotic arm. To find out more about Billy Yfantis and his latest release "Entering The Solar System," please visit

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