Thursday, July 30, 2020

Discover New Hard Rock Releases From Simon Says, Defy The Tyrant and Ditchwater

Canadian hard rock band Simon Says released their debut "Spin This" back in 1991. Their music was part of the glam rock movement of the late-eighties and early-nineties and received extensive airplay around the Montreal area. Since the release of their debut EP, it has since gone out of print and catches a hefty price on the resellers market. This new reissue from Escape Music Ltd. features the album's original six  tracks, along with six additional bonus tracks. Simon Says music was perfectly crafted for the times, as displayed in the songs "Love Thing," "Let Me Know" and "Love Don't Come Easy." They also delivered the traditional power ballad "When I See You Standing There," as Simon Says had the perfect mixture of powerful vocals, stellar harmonies and electrifying guitar solos. The bonus track also feature the band's edgier hard rock sound with uptempo numbers like "Simon Says" and "New Year's Resolution." This new reissue will be limited to only 1,000 numbered copies and will remind you of how great this band was during the hard rock heyday of the early nineties. To find out more about this new reissue of "Spin This" from Simon Says, please visit

Also on the horizon is the latest release from the hard rock band Defy The Tyrant. Their new album titled "Bones" will be released on July 31st through Pavement Entertainment and features only seven tracks, beginning with the aggressive attack of "Tight Rope" and the pounding rhythm of "Voices." The band's modern sound comes shining through on the energetic flow of "Fighting Gravity," while "Upside Down" is perfectly crafted for modern hard rock radio. This is only the band's second release, but they already seem to be making and impact with their powerful melodies. Defy The Tyrant close out their new album with the screams of hardcore screams of "Tear It Down" and the more melodic flow of the title song "Bones." To find out more about Defy The Tyrant and their latest release "Bones," please visit

Next, we get the latest from the hard rock band, Ditchwater, which has been a staple of the Chicago underground rock scene for close to three decades. On August 7, Pavement Entertainment will release the band's seventh studio album titled "Never Say Never." This new ten track release shows no signs of this band slowing down, as they come blasting right of the gate with the energetic romp of "Enemy Of The People" and the chugging guitar riffs of "My Last Breath." Ditchwater continue to display their edgier hard rock sound with the thunderous rhythm of "The End," before displaying a more mainstream rock appeal with "It's All About You." Ditchwater wrap up their new album with the aggressive, hardcore delivery of "How Many Times" and a spot on cover of the Motorhead classic "Iron Fist." To find out more about Ditchwater and their latest release "Never Say Never," please visit

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