Friday, July 3, 2020

Fellow Yes Members Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman Go Solo With New Releases

Founding YES member and long-time vocalist Jon Anderson is re-issuing his latest studio album "1000 Hands" on July 31st. After signing a new deal with Blue Elan Records, Anderson's album will be released on CD, on deluxe 180-gram double vinyl and on all streaming platforms. The origins of this album date back to 1990, for an album that Anderson was working on with Brian Chatton, who plays keyboards on the album. Fellow YES members Chris Squire and Alan White also perform on the album, as well as a number of guests including Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Carmine Appice and Chick Corea just to name a few. The album was originally released in March of 2019 and was followed up with a tour in August. Fans of the band YES will no doubt fall in love with this album, with songs like "Ramalama" and "Activate." Anderson also adds a pop element to his sound with addictive melodies on "First Born Leaders" and "Makes Me Happy," with the help of horn supplied by Tower of Power. Jon's voice is so time and unique that you will instantly get wrapped up in the beautiful ballad "Twice In A Lifetime," before his closes out the album with the progressive sounding "1000 Hands (Come Up)" and the gentle acoustic touch of "Now And Then." To find out more about Jon Anderson and his latest studio album "1000 Hands," please visit

Fellow YES member Rick Wakeman also recently released a new solo album titled "The Red Planet." It features eight fully composed instrumentals that echo the ideas that Wakeman released back in 1973 on his debut solo album "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII." The album begins with the grand, electronic keyboard driven opener "Aseraeus Mons," which also carries a touch of classical music, before finishing with an electrifying guitar solo. The album continues with "Tharsis Tholus," which is what YES fans may come to expect from Wakeman, as this could have appeared on any YES album in the last few decades. Wakeman fully embraces the progressive nature of his music with the tempo changes of "Arsia Mons," before taking the energy up another notch with the high-energy rocker "Olympus Mons." Rick Wakeman finishes his new album with the floating keyboard melody of "South Pole" and the epic, ten-minute prog-rock closer "Valles Marineris." To find out more about Rick Wakeman and his latest release "The Red Planet," please visit

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